Chalet Cuckoo Clocks

Chalet cuckoo clocks are a “newer” style of the Black Forest clocks.

There are 3 types of Chalet style cuckoo clocks – Schwarzwald (Black Forest), Bavarian and Swiss. The difference in these clocks are in their style, each being a different chalet or house.  Mainly, it is the roof and balconies that set them apart from each other. It is important to note that even the Swiss style that copies the look of houses in Switzerland are still hand carved in the Black Forest region of Germany.

Chalet cuckoo clocks are signified by articulated figurine movement such beer drinkers and servers, woodchoppers, waterwheels, animals and more. They also tend to be much more colorful than traditional clocks, with more paint and less exposed wood. Due to these features, The ‘clock portion’ of the piece tends to be less important to the buyer than in a traditional cuckoo clock.  The attraction of a Chalet cuckoo is more about what it does, the figurine movement and the scene it depicts.

Schwarzwald – Black Forest style chalet cuckoo clock

Bavarian style chalet cuckoo clock

Swiss style chalet cuckoo clock

20 thoughts on “Chalet Cuckoo Clocks

  1. Would like to buy Bier Garten from Bavarian style. May I know further details.

    Best Regards,

  2. I can not find a picture of the cuckoo that I have , trying to find the value of it. on the back it has 10-70 west Germany, think that’s right hard to read. it has two men with cross saw cutting a log, and another man on the other side splitting wood.It has three chines hang down with cone shape weights on the ends. any thoughts? all part seem to work.

    • Hello Pat, I don’t know but I can give you some valuable information. That is, that in cuckoo clock terms it is not old or rare and likely would not have extra collector value. The other part is that unless there is a distinguishing mark it could very difficult or impossible to identify the manufacturer or model.

  3. Bought a chalet type cuckoo clock that is supposed to have 3 st Bernard’s on the front of it but one is missing. Where can i find these little carvings?

  4. Dear Bernd

    This is Abrar from india Karnataka state . i want to buy a cuckoo clock could you plz tell me what is the Basie price it start from i really want to buy for my home …,,,

    Thanks & Regards

  5. hello,
    I bought the original black forest cuckoo clock (bird, dancers, fisherman, wheel and two trees behind the cottage – three weights), the problem is the purchase was made in a rush in Frankfurt International Airport Duty Free Area, we had to boarding on the plane, so the result is we have no any documentation, invoice + very important pendulum was absent in the box as well. As you can understand I even can not identify the clock I have bought. According to the information from the inside of this clock, pendulum shall be 23.5cm. I wanted to make a present for my relatives and it was very important purchase for me. So, could you render assistance to me in this issue and try to identify the clock and select the required pendulum (and source where I can buy and order the pendulum). Thank you in advance for any help!

    • Hello Igor, Does it give any identifying characteristics on the clock or box? You can survive without the documentation and you can buy a similar size pendulum. But to get everything that was originally included you would need to identify the manufacturer. Doing from the scene on the clock will be almost impossible as there are a lot of common themes.

  6. Hi there,
    My cuckoo clock fell off the wall and now it only runs for a few minutes. I’m assuming that something on the inside was damaged. Can I send it to you for repair? If so, how much does the cost usually run? Thank you.

    • Hello Andrea, We only repair clocks that come from our store originally. If it is running ok and then stops a few minutes later it is usually an issue with balancing or the pendulum being impeded. Try watching the the videos on our site, especially number 4. Repairing a clock professionally can often run into the hundreds of dollars depending what is involved.

  7. Dear Sir
    I have seen your website and your products are very interesting.
    We are looking for a clock size roughly 2 m. high with machanic and movement.
    Since, we are Shopping plaza and office tower center of Bangkok Thailand.
    We need something different to attrack people on the road.
    I do not know how and where to start , if you have any idea please recommend.
    We would like to have movement clock with sound that will chime (melody) every hour.
    Wait for your reply.
    best regards

  8. Where do I search to find the coo coo clocks that you sell. Am interested in 7/8 day since I have a one day one already.
    John K.

  9. I just purchased a chalet style cuckoo clock the clock runs when the pendulum is not attached, but when the pendulum is attached it swings for about 30 seconds then stops. I have adjusted the pendulum up and down but still it does stay swinging. I remove the pendulum and it starts to tick on its own.

    • Hi Kathy – Something is impeding the swing. This is usually the pendulum hitting the chains or weights or the pendulum wire touching the opening wall. It could also be a bent wire. The first thing to do is to make sure the clock is flush and balanced on the wall.

  10. I have a Resburg cuckoo clock but I can’t find any information about the manufacturer.
    There are 3 cones, and carved figures.
    I believe it to be chalet style.
    The music and cuckoo noises do not work.
    Can you please help with any information?
    I have pictures.

    • Hi Steve, The only thing I can suggest without someone looking at it, is that the night shutoff is “On”. If the time works correctly it’s probably either that or needs a mechanical repair.

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