Traditional Cuckoo Clocks

There are 2 styles of traditional cuckoo clocks that can most often be seen today – Station House (bahnhausle uhren) and Hunter Piece (Jagdtstuck). All traditional cuckoo clocks are typified by their carvings and dark wood stain.

Traditional station house cuckoo clock

Station House Cuckoo Clock


Station House cuckoo clocks are designed to resemble a guardhouse from an old train station. This look began to be used after a famous clock school in Bavaria sponsored a clock design contest with the idea of making cuckoo clocks more popular. The Station House design won and created a demand for the style. The Station House cuckoos possess an architectural style and tend to be more geometric than the free form Hunter clocks. The Station House models are signified by ivy pattern tracery work along the sides and roof. The carved leaves do not over-hang the eaves of the roof as in a Hunter clock.





Hunter Cuckoo clock

Hunter cuckoo clock with carved birds



Hunter style cuckoo clocks are a staple of the Black Forest. The wood carvings tend to be more ornate than Station House cuckoos in terms of subject matter. Hunter clocks also carry are more artistic design in contrast to the architectural design of the Station House cuckoos clocks. These clocks usually depict nature and subjects such as animals, flowers and leaves are typical. The leaves will often drape over the roof to give it even more of ‘part of the forest’ feel. The Hunter style cuckoo clocks will often, but not always, include more directly hunter centric themes including guns and the prizes of the hunt.


45 thoughts on “Traditional Cuckoo Clocks

  1. Hi,

    I brought cuckoo clock in black forest,Germany last year March. I took it to India where it worked well for few months & then all of a sudden it stopped 🙁 I dont think there is a service centre near my place. Please let me know how & where to repair it.


  2. Hi,
    I have an 8 day traditional cuckoo clock that is missing the 2 chicks in the nest. Will you be able to identify the manufacturer of the clock if I were to send you a picture of the clock? I am trying to find replacements parts for the missing chicks. How and where should I proceed to look?

    Thanks and regards

    • Hello Den, You can try and post a picture on our cuckoo clock Facebook page but it is often difficult to identify the manufacturer. If you had the model number on the box it would help.

  3. I bought my Cuckoo some years ago and to be honest I have never had problems until when my grandson now 2 years old pulled one of the chains that drives the clock and ion the process damaged it. I need this part if you can help me. I thinks its the winder. I live in Kenya but I have a friend who is willing to come with it. She lives near Frankfurt or do you have a shop where she can get it for me. I am so used to my clock that trust me I can’t sleep without it. Thank you

  4. Hi,
    I have had an old 1day 5 mapleleaf clock rebuilt and it keeps good time and the cuckoo coos exactly on the half hour but at each hour it coos a minute later so that eventually ends up cooing 10 to 12 minutes after the hour over the course of 24 hours. The minute hand has a square center where it fits over a square spindle/shaft this so I can’t move the minute hand backwards without setting the time back. Are some sprockets bring skipped on the cuckoo chain or? Do I need to see a repair shop?
    Thanks, Paul

    • Hello Paul, Yes, I would take it to repair shop. It shouldn’t be off incrementally for the hour for the cuckoo call at the same time it is accurate on the time and the half.

  5. Hello again, Bernd.

    What is meant by the term “self-adjusting pendulum” and how exactly does that work?

    Thamk you for your time and insight.

  6. Hello once again, Bernd…

    I only have one more question for you. I have been looking for a cuckoo clock t-shirt or some kind of apparel for a long time with the brand and logo on it like Hekas, Hones, Hubert Herr or any other quality cuckoo maker, even a shirt with the vds schwarzwalduhr association logo. Is there any one brand that you know of that would sell a shirt with their signature on it?

    Thank you, again, Bernd.

  7. Hello again, Bernd.

    Yes there is one model I’m definitely interested in from Hones…it is model #890/5. It’s a 19 inch carved. Will this be part of your dispaly and to purchase for Kristkindl Market this year?

    Thanks for the info, Bernd.
    Look forward to seeing you this November.

    • Hi Jesse, Yes – I will have both that one and also the new 8690/5 which is the same clock but with music and dancers. See you in November – it’s coming up fast!

  8. Helo Bernd,

    I would just like to know if you will be attending Krstkindl Market in Chicago this year, 2014? And if so, will you be bringing Hones cuckoo clocks as part of your display and sales?

    Thanks, Bernd

  9. Good day,
    I inherited a small black forest cuckoo clock from my father and remember it from a child working. Does it need a key? I do not have one and wonder if I can obtain one somewhere. Is there a way to send a photo?
    Thanks for your reply.

  10. I have a German made clock that has a deer (buck with antlers) and a hanging rabbit & grouse. It stopped working after 6 months from its repair date. I was able to restore it back to working but i cannot figure out how to sync the cuckoo bird coming out and then the “tiny dancers” with its music to come next? I have the cuckoo bird announcing.I opened up the back & the melody driver is coordinated with the cuckoo bird. However, with some tinkering, the melody will play non stop all the time. On the side of the melody maker there is a small hole opening for a piece of metal wire that is connected to coordinate with cuckoo. i put the wire in the hole and now it will not play at all. If I take it out it plays non-stop?? I can send pixs but i see no where on your site where it is possible. Thanks B

    • Hello Bruce, That is because where you are passes the point to where I would suggest people attempt the repair on their own rather than have a professional cuckoo clock repair center do it. It is very easy to turn a small fix into a big (expensive) fix without meaning to. At around 5 of the hour when the clock prepares its process a metal lever moves away from the wheel turning the music box. That gear has a small hole in it. At the time for the song is to complete a part of that lever should go through that hole and essentially catch it and stop it. It might be hard to see but watch that part first and then work backwards toward the cuckoo bird. Tread lightly.

  11. I have an 8 day German Hunter carved bird cuckoo clock and the small hand does not move as if a spring is broke. It sways like the hand needs to be tighten. The big hand seems o.k. Anny ideas on how to fix it or do I need to take it out to get repaired and where would I take it, someone who specializes in these kind of clocks. The cheapest route please.

  12. Dear sir,
    i purchased a cuckoo clock recently from frankfurt airport about 3 months back. from the begining the following problems have been experienced.
    1) pendulum stops due to air from ceiling fan in india.
    2) clock was running slow by at least 10 min per day.
    3) i whitewashed my home and after that when i restored my clock on wall it doesn’t ring cuckoo and bell. only click sound comes.
    kindly advice if any repairs or adjustments can be done at home.

    • Hello Sameer, 1) There is nothing you can for this other than move the clock or lower the ceiling fan speed. 2) Go to our cuckoo troubleshooting page to resolve this. 3) I don’t think this has anything to do with whitewash unless it happened in moving the clock. Does the time work ok still? Are the chains still in place? Are there any impediments like the cuckoo door wire or bellow clips on? The click you hear is normal, now it has to be determined why it doesn’t execute.

  13. I have an 8 day clock, lost the pendulum, what size do I replace it with, 3″, 2 1/2″, or 2″. All sizes are available at Amazon. This clock is 14″ tall, 11″ wide and 6 1/2″ deep.

    Thanks for the help.


    • Hi John, I don’t think it will make much of a functional difference. I would go with the one that would fit best relative to the clock size. That’s assuming you’re referring to the piece that slides. If it is the complete piece, that sounds too small.

  14. Hallo Dave,

    I would like to buy a original eight day hunter style cuckoo clock, where can I get styles and prices? My original cuckoo clock fell of the wall while moving and I would like to replace it.

    Your help will be appreciated.

    Kind regards

  15. Dear Sir

    I bought a hunter cuckoo clock from Triberg in Aug 2012. I have installed it in my home now in Aug 2013 and I have observed that when I remove the pendulum, the clock starts working but stops when I hang the pendulum. I tried to adjust the pendulum slide but the clocks stops after a day or two. can you please advise and guide me please.


  16. The Hunter style cuckoo clock, which I brought from you on the 14.07.2012 has been stopping for the last few weeks now without anything blocking the clocks movements, it has stopped altogether now is there anything you can do to help? Danke Philip

  17. Hello,
    I was able to get a my latest cuckoo clock that was a 2 door “station house” style that has 2 doors and a very ornate, detailed and well preserved case and scrollwork. The movement has 2 strikes. Can you give me some details on the clock, it’s value and worth. The movement is square, nothing fancy, no maker-mark and is a very large clock.

    Do you need to see pictures ?


  18. Hi Bernd
    Is it possible to visit your shop or workshop?How do i get to your place from Bredebro?How long is the journey?I am only have one weekend to spend there…
    Hope to hear from you soon
    Thank u very much

  19. i want to repair an old cuckoo clocks , sixties years old.
    Are you accept it for repair and where can i send it.
    Sincerely yours,
    K. Kakavias

  20. we have a hunter style clock, my dad brought it home from Germany when he was in the Army back in the early 60’s i believe. its been running flawlessly untll just a few months ago. now the weight chain that operates the bellows, etc free falls. the other chain, that runs the pendulum works fine still. is this something i can correct myself?

  21. Where do I look internally to activate the bellows for my 8 day cuckoo clock? I can’t find the lever to do so. Thankyou Dave

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