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I am Bernd Fehrenbach, cuckoo clock carver from Schonach in the Black Forest of Germany and owner of Fehrenbach Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks and German Gifts at Peddler’s Village in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  My family has been making cuckoo clocks for five generations in the traditional methods of the Black Forest craftsmen.

This site will give you all of the information you need before you buy a cuckoo clock and what to do if the cuckoo clock you already have is not working properly.

Feel free to ask your cuckoo questions on any page of the site. If you need to show a picture, you can post to our Facebook page or find me on Twitter @GermanCuckoo. You can also add us to your circles on Google+

If you are looking for a monetary value on an older cuckoo clock, you would do best by contacting an antique dealer or an auction house as that is outside the scope of this website. However, one of the best features of a cuckoo is that they can last for decades or longer and be passed down over generations. This in turn puts a premium on only special or very old cuckoo clocks.

One of the most common questions we get in our store is “Where can I get my cuckoo clock repaired?”  The best place to start is always with the manufacturer. If the clock origin cannot be determined, then a local clock repairman is often your best bet. But ask them first about their experience with cuckoo clocks! Hopefully your problem can be resolved here first.

If you would like to see our authentic Black Forest cuckoo clocks or other German Gifts we can be seen in our German Gift Shop or our online store.  I will also be attending several German festivals around the U.S. in 2013 including Christkindlmarket Chicago. I look forward to forward to seeing you!

Thanks for stopping by,

Bernd Fehrenbach


307 thoughts on “Cuckoo Clocks Home

  1. Hi. I have an eight day Black Forest cuckoo-clock that was purchased new about 2 months ago. Everything worked perfectly until two days ago when we pushed the switch up to silence the cuckoo for the night. The switch was pushed back down the next morning but it has not cuckooed since. We have used the switch before with no problems. The switch does seem harder to move now as well. Thank you for your help! Sharon

    • Hi Sharon – I would call the place you bought it from immediately while not running the clock. Maybe it is something minor but you don’t want to try fixing a clock you just purchased blindly.

  2. I have a german cuckoo clock with swiss music movement, dancers and waterwheel. Everything works except
    the pendulum stops after a short time. If I manually move the hands to the hour everything works, music, cuckoo
    waterwheel and the weights move down. The clock was working fine before I went to a vacation home and left
    it unwound for 6 months. Now the pendulum works for a few minutes and stops. Is this something I can cure for
    myself. A check online of prices to repair these clocks is over three hundred dollars. I don’t know how much this
    clock is worth but I bought it in Germany about 20 years ago for $400.00. Seems silly to spend in excess of $300.00 to repair a $400.00 clock. Please advise.

    • Hello Charles, this is usually (but not always) a mounting and balancing issue. Make sure the pendulum can swing freely and there are not outside forces like a fan that is causing the pendulum. While possible, this is probably not a repair center issue.

  3. I have a German cuckoo clock that keeps accurate time, however the cuckoo chimes exactly 8 minutes before the hour and half-hour. Can you help?

  4. Hello Bernd,

    A warm greetings from Indonesia! 🙂 I’ve got 2 questions regarding my cuckoo clock which has been stopped since the last time I unpacked and hung it on my bedroom’s wall.

    At first I set the pendulum, it worked well for about a day then suddenly stopped and never comes up with a better movement.
    Second, after one day passed without any further correction of it, one of the steel pinecone falling down into the lowest level (it didn’t come off, still hanging) accidentally, thing that made me wondering what might be happen to my beloved cuckoo clock that I bought in Germany in 2011.

    Really need your step-by-step explanation to make it all clear, and hopefully I don’t need to see the clock-master. Vielen dank Herr Bernd! Good day

    • Hi Michael, If the pedulum stopped and won’t move then there is an issue in the mechanism that needs to be resolved. If it works and then stops after a short while, it is probably just a mounting and balancing issue. The pine cone weight sounds like the chain is off the wheel in which case it should really be fixed professionally.

  5. My bird and pendulum work, but the hands don’t. If I want them to move I have to move them manually. This was purchased in Germany in 2006, and is battery operated. Any ideas for me?

    • Hello Diane – There isn’t really enough information to go on. It would need to be determined if the issue is in the hands and stem are or the electronic mechanism itself. My questions would be how much you paid for the clock, do the hands move easily and does the clock cuckoo on the hour when you move it manually.

  6. hello,
    I bought an original black forest cuckoo clock(1-day) from Heidelberg-Germany 2 weeks ago.The clock is working but I realised that when the door opens the cuckoo dosen’t come out well. I mean it is hard to see the cuckoo when it it normal? Could you please tell me what to do because I live in Turkey and there’s no chance to go to Germany again:( thank you.

    • Hello Tugba – I would contact the place you got it from immediately if you think it is not working correctly. The standard procedure is for the door to open and you can see the bird. It doesn’t pop way out like in the cartoons though. Watch the end of video 4 here: cuckoo bird

  7. I just received a cuckoo clock for my birthday. It’s an 8 day carved. The chain is very long and touches the floor. Is it supposed to be this way? Can it be hooked up shorter?

    • Hello Charla – Happy Birthday! Yes, it is supposed to be this way. As the weight drops, the chain will start to move up. If you want, you can put the end of the chain on the hook where the weight is and loop the chain so it is off the floor. but you will need to wind the clock every 3-4 days then instead of 8.

  8. Hi. I have an old 70s one day cuckoo clock with music. Everything works,the music use to work but last time I went to wind up the music it moved really easy and wouldnt stay it just fell to the floor with the weight. What can I do? Did something just come loose? Thanks

    • Hello Mike – If the weight fell all the way to the floor, then the chain is off probably. I’m not sure what else fell but this is beginning to sound like a repair center issue.

  9. Hi

    Just bought cuckoo clock from engelberg in Switzerland last week. Came back last night and opened the box. The clock is working but nothing else. Have checked the back switch for music on or off and it is set at ON. Still no luck. Please help!

      • I also purchased a battery operated cuckoo clock from engelberg. It says it has automatic night mode but it still cuckoos at night! Help its driving me mad!!

        • Hello Sandy – Try putting it somewhere completely dark like a closest and see if it still happens. Also, make sure there is not button on the side for night shutoff to be “on”. If this is a Swiss cuckoo clock then who knows!

  10. Dear sir
    after I unpack the cuckoo clock, the pendulum only work for a few mins and then stop swing. Additionally there is no cuckoo coming out and no music when the minute hand at 12.
    I have removed the paper and clip according to the instruction already
    Looking forward to your help

  11. Hello Bernd

    I have a general question about cuckoo clocks. Is there any big difference between german and swiss cuckoo clocks? I have heard that the swiss use Black forest made clockwork in their clocks. Do you know anything about that? Because in Switzerland one can find a lot of different cuckoo clocks in shops and usually the swiss made (Lötscher) is more expensive than the german ones (of course i know that it has to do with CHF vs EURO and other things, but still). I just wonder if there are any quality difference between the clocks? I know its difficult to answer but thanks for your help anyway.


    • Hello Karl – Officially, all certified cuckoo clocks are not only Germany but also from the Black Forest specifically. Swiss made clocks are their own variety probably with some German parts. Of course the German ones are better! Ideally you are always looking for a cuckoo clock that is certified by the VdS. That one is very easy to answer!

  12. hello,
    I have just unpacked a cuckoo clock my friend bought me from the Black forest. I have used the night quiet lever so now the cuckoo does cuckoo….but only once on the half hour and once on every hour instead of counting out the hours. any ideas for a remedy??
    ruth cheshire

    • Hello Ruth – That is probably the rack not falling into place. You can try and carefully jostle the clock a bit and hope that it drops into place. Otherwise someone would need to go inside to the mechanism.

  13. I have a kuckuck clock its maker seems to be Schlagabschaltung its serial number is00801358036 where might I find more information about this particular brand and model

    • Hello Richard – that means “night shut-off”. There are many cuckoo clocks from Germany for where the make and model are not defined. The number is likely just for the mechanism.

  14. My cuckoo bird is not chiming the correct amount for the hour on the clock, it is a genuine black Forrest cuckoo clock.

  15. I bought a original cuckoo clock from Germany. First two days it worked fine but now bird doesn’t comes out but it keeps time. How do i solve this?

  16. ok I have a west German three weight clock, that has a few issues with it. I had to add 2oz worth of fishing weights to the first weight just to make it run , my water wheel wont turn anymore when it chimes or cuckoo’s , and when I put the weights on it just runs and runs until the weights are all the way down (the music and the cuckoo)…ill take good ideas on any of these problems. thank you

    Chase B. Pensacola Fl.

    • Hello Chase – The first thing that should be done is to take in for professional service so that the clock can be properly oiled and to determine if the correct weights are being used. If you need to add weight then that issue needs to be resolved before any other and it may end up being the only problem that needs to be resolved.

  17. Hi,

    I have a black forest made real Cuckoo clock.

    1.It stops. Pendulum stops swinging.
    2. Cuckoo comes out in NOW very lazy, comes out very slowly and cuckoo sound is also not sharp.

    Pl. advise.

    • Hello Carmen – It would need to be reattached. It isn’t exceptionally difficult but you don’t want to bend a wire. If you think it will be difficult, it would be better to take it to a repair facility.

  18. My wife picked up a Coo Coo clock at a garage sale. I am rather competent as I completely rebuilt a 1800ish grandfather clock and machined some parts it needed. This Coo Coo is marked Regula, which seems rather common. It is missing its back and coil chime. I can make the back but where can I get a coil chime?

    Its seems to be battery operated (but not quartz). I think the motor just winds the spring. The motor just has terminals attached to its leads, there is no battery holder. A 1 1/2 V ‘D’ size battery seems to run the motor. I am under the impression the motor runs until the spring is wound than a mechanism turns off the motor, it this correct?

    • Hello Paul, Regula is the mechanism manufacturer and they make the vast majority of them. Unfortunately I don’t have a source where you can buy just parts like that. Your best bet may be buying something cheap on eBay and discarding what you don’t need. I’m not entirely sure on your clocks function. I have seen them but usually we deal with entirely quartz or mechanical clocks. Most cuckoo clocks are not of the hybrid type.

  19. Hello,
    I found this Clock in a dumpster that was used for “spring cleaning” in our Mobil-home park I believe all the parts are here and had a question or two on how to use it. Also I believe one of the
    Chains may be caught up in the mechanism inside the clock please look at the photo. I will post the photo to your fb page and will use my name so you will identify who it is who’s asking the question… and please advise… Many Thanks for your time.

  20. My sister got me the clock in germany i moved when i put my clock back up it cockoo at 15 ane 45 instead of on the hour and on the 1/2 hour how do i fix this?

  21. I got a cuccoclock with dancers the problem is that when the time comes the cucco sounds contiously till the weight reaches the ground also it cuccos while the bird is inside and just the opens,ofcourse the dancers dont dance as the cucco sonds continuosly pls advise

  22. I have a one day chalet cuckoo with music and three weights. The clock is working fine but the cuckoo only works sometimes and often needs downward pressure on the weight to make it finish the cuckoo process

    • Hello Tom, Try and avoid the downward pressure. It could just need to be oiled, but there is a better chance it needs to be adjusted also and it is something better completed at a repair facility.

  23. Hi sorry for distrubing but recently my cuckoo doesnt stop making the cuckoo sound until the pendulum (im not really what’s the one hanging that you have to pull it once in a while) goes all the way down. If possible could you please give me an advice of stoping that problem. Thank you 😉

  24. my clock is keeping the correct time but it is the cuco is not sounding until 5 minutes after the hour. how can i fix the problem. thank you for your help GIOVANNI

  25. Hi
    I am gauri from India. I bought this original cuckoo clock in2009 from black forest Germany. I started using it in2013 earlier it was not working properly like not showing proper time pendulum use to stop in between but all the problems were solved by trial and error and it worked properly for about 2months. One day I pulled the change and it got stuck somewhere d clock was showing time but the chain connected to cuckoo was stuck n so cuckoo stopped chirping…. Please provide the solution to the problem.

    • Well Gauri, It could be a lot of things but from the description the 2 most likely problems are that there is a kink in the chain or the chain is off of the wheel. If it is a kink, then sometimes by tugging gently on the corresponding weight you can free it. If the chain is off the wheel (or any other issue) you are best to take it to a repair center.

  26. I have an 8 day black forest vintage cuckoo clock. The clock keeps time just fine however i notice when i turn the night silence on around 7pm that the clock stops roughly 3 minutes after 1am. When trying to start the pendulum it has a weak tick and the clock will only run for 1 min. If release the night silence the bird pops out of the door, does its chirping and i regain a strong tick and the clock runs as if nothing is wrong. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Hi Aaron, This would require someone looking at the mechanism of the clock to see what is going on when it is running. However, it sound like it may be a lubrication issue.

  27. I have a 35 to 45 year old Black Forest Coo Coo. It runs fast. Online directions from your website tells me to unhook the pendulum & slide the pendulum carving up a bit on the pendulum stick. The pendulum is a thin metal rod about 3″ long. It does not have any carving on it of any kind. So apparently there is no fast or slow adjustment???? Please advise soon as possible directly to me email if you will please. Thanks. Monte

    • Hello Monte, If it runs fast you would need to slide the piece on the pendulum down. It sounds like you are missing the part altogether though which would definitely cause it move fast. You would likely need a new pendulum.

    • Hello,
      My parents just bought me a clock from Germany, from what they said is the store of the original maker of cuckoo clocks! One of the chains came out of the clock completly, and I cannot figure out how to get it back into the clock and on the right track. Any ideas of how I can fix this?

      • Hi Katherine, you really need to have a service center repair it and put the chain back on the wheel. This isn’t really a fix it yourself problem. If it was just purchased, I would return it to the company as it sounds like it wasn’t packed properly.

  28. Hi there,

    Our cuckoo clocks runs behind by couple of hours and shows incorrect time. Despite setting the correct time it tends to run behind. The clock is aligned properly.
    Please help

    • Hello Niki, You need to slide the weight on the pendulum up. Move it up around 1 mm for every 10 minutes it’s off. Then watch it for 24 hours and repeat the process until you narrow it down.

  29. Hi, I have a cuckoo clock from Vietnam. I have no background info on it because it was in an auction box. The ticking of the pendulum surges louder and quieter. I had to tweak the position of the clock to get it to keep running, otherwise it stops after 10 seconds of running. Do you know why the ticking surges?

  30. Hello! I just purchased a German cuckoo clock fro Ebay. I was told that everything works except the dancers. It cuckoos. Their are 3 brass pine cones. The one on the left doesn’t go down & the time this morning was about 10 minutes slow. Would the reason for that have to do with the dancers not working? The seller told me that the plastic gear for the dancers is cracked.

    I truly would appreciate your advice on this. I lived in Germany as a child. We all had our own cuckoo clocks and loved them. I now have 4 grandchildren & this cuckoo clock means a lot to me. I would love to have it working properly.

    Thanks again,
    Carol Dawn

    Plastic gear slightly cracked.

    • Hello Carol, When a cuckoo clock has 3 weights each is associated with certain functions. Usually 1 is for the time and another is for the functions. If there is a 3rd it is for the music. Does it play music? If not, then there could be a problem there too. I’m assuming this is a 1-day clock and it isn’t moving at all. Why the dancers do not move would need to be investigated inside the clock. There really shouldn’t be a plastic piece. As for the time being off, the pendulum probably just has to be adjusted. If you wanted to get it fixed correctly these are the repair centers recommened by the VdS:

  31. Hi, My wife held the short hand while turning the long one. Now the hours chime once and the 1/2 hours chime multiples. Any easy fix for this? Thank you.

  32. I am from India. I am planning to buy a new cuckoo clock for my new house. My requirements are the clock should have 8 days movement, No tick-rock sound but authentic cuckoo chime, some good moving pieces in clock to make it look live, authentic make and reasonably prices colourful clock. I think this should be the one which I would be proud to pass on to my son.
    Please advise shall I look for mechanical or Quartz movement? Which make shall be good with minimal maintenance problem.

    • Hello Biren, It sounds like you are destined for disappointment. I would go with an 8-day Chalet clock. You can see some here: 8-day Chalet cuckoo clocks.
      However, like all mechanical clocks it will tick. You could go with a Quartz but if you want to pass the clock down and have it for generations then you want a mechanical clock.

  33. Good day.

    I would like to enquire about a cuckoo clock that I received as a 15th wedding anniversary gift. The sticker on the back says: Romance, Der fröhliche Wanderer, Edelweiss, R. Rogers, 22 Ls, 2708. I am battling to find out anymore information about this clock, as I am concerned that the weights are too heavy for the clock. When purchasing, we were told that it was an 8 day movement, but it ran down really quickly, so we figured the seller made a mistake and it was actually a 1 day movement. The problem is that the clock runs down even faster than that. If I wind the clock before going to bed (10ish), and I forget to check it in the morning, by between 7 and 8, the clock has run down completely. The birds cuckoo also sounds faster than other clocks I have listened to. Is this right? Or do I need to return the clock for new weights? I specifically chose this clock because I liked the carved wooden weights instead of the pine cones, but now wonder if in fact they are not the right ones.
    Kind regards,
    Tamsyn Strydom

    • Hello Tamsyn, Something isn’t right but I’m having trouble determining what is going on. Did you just get this clock? If so, I would contact the place it came from immediately. It is necessary to have either 8-day or 1-day weights depending on the clock. You could actually be doing damage to the clock if 8-day weights are on a 1-day as you seem to be suggesting.

  34. I have a cuckoo clock and it keeps time alright but the chimes are a half an hour off from what the clock reads and I have tried to reset it to no avail
    Like a 430 it will chime for 400

  35. My 1 day Cuckoo clock works fine until 6 o’clock. At six o’clock the bird comes out to cuckoo but gets stuck there. Every time. Is there a way to fix this?

  36. I have purchased a Lotcher clock while visiting Switzerland 20 years ago. In moving two of the decorative pieces were broken. A Christmas tree similar to what you have shown on your Black Forest Chalet plus a figure of a man. There are only the shoes left from the man. Can send you a photo of the clock if that would help. Can not find parts in USA.

    Thanks for your help.


  37. Hi, My name is Sam ,from Thailand . I bought electric cuckoo early thisyear and just use it for the first time today.The clock run ok ,bird comes out on time but no sound (music too) . I ‘ve check the switch on /off
    but problem still the music. Please advise.

    • Hello Sam, most of the time it is a battery issue. Make sure they are fresh, going the right way and have good contact on the metal inside. You can also check if the sound is turned off. If it has a light sensor, it could be too dark where you have it. If it is none of those things then it is likely defective.

  38. my clock was purchased in east germany around 1968, the third weight that drives the dancers and the cuckcoo when the half hour or hour strikes, the weight speeds to the floor and the dancers spin like tops, it didn’t use to do that but after the last move I made, it has no longer worked properly. any suggestions?


  39. Hello thanks so much for keeping what seems to be a dying art alive. I come from Regensburg, Germany and try to keep my roots alive in my Kids here in Nj. I recently hung after many years my father and my 8 day Hunting clock. It has 3 weights and working rather great after many years in hibernation. One big issue lies with 22 month old son who wakes up on the hour to the beautiful sounds. Now wife says not so beautiful. Is there a way or will I do damage removing the weights on music and cuckoo at night but keeping clock in action. I would like to maintain its use but also stayed married;). Thanks again and we will be by the shop soon now I know u are so close. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving. Tschüss

  40. I recently came across a cuckoo clock with an apparently hand carved cuckoo bird. Is the any indication of the clock’s age?

  41. Hi, I have two cuckoo clocks and one does not cuckoo at all. I have check almost everything and pretty sure that the problem lies on the Night Shut-off lever. The good cuckoo clock has a “click” or”release” feeling when the minute hand is turn to the position 6 or 12 when the lever is set to OFF i.e. to cuckoo. This same feeling is not there when the lever is set to ON i.e. to off the cuckoo. As for the cuckoo clock that does not cuckoo, there is no “click” or “release” feeling in either the position of the Night Shut off lever. Can you teach me what to do to the lever to enable to cuckoo clock to cuckoo when the Night Shut-off is switch to off? By the way, the lever of this not cuckoo clock is very smooth when pull or push i.e. no effect at all. Appreciate your advise.

    • Hello Albert, There are 2 main types of shut offs – the pull down kind under the clock or more commonly the lever on the side. But for either the end result should be the same. If the shutoff in “off” then the clock should make sound and you will hear a click at 5 minutes of as it sets. If the shut off is on (no sound) you should not hear the sound or the click. Maybe there is something not functioning properly.

  42. We have a 24 hour Black Forest Cuckoo. If we turn the switch for the Cuckoo on it will Cuckoo until the chain weight fall to the ground. If we add a little tension to the chain in the direction of the weight down, the clock will stop Cuckoo. Any thoughts, the time runs fine and the music plays as long as the Cuckoo is running.

  43. Thanks for the great article, I was hunting for details like this, going to check out the various other articles.

  44. I have a Cuckoo Clock Mfg Co Inc. clock and I believe the model number is 420 — I know the company is long out of business. Can you advise me where i can purchase a SUBSTITUTE MOVEMENT. No one on the business internet seems to want to help me.

    Thank you

  45. We just received our Black Forest 8 day cuckoo clock. It did not come with a manual. We watched one of your videos on uTube for unpacking and set up. We have the clock hanging and it ran for about 2 1/2 hours and then the pendulum stopped and the bird is stuck outside. Can we correct the problem ourselves?

    Thank you

    • Hello Charla, I would definitely contact the place you got it from if you just received it. The cuckoo clock should always come with instructions and you should not be having these issues with a new clock. The answer to whether you can correct yourself is maybe – but you shouldn’t have to and you should be doing it over the phone so the person knows what to ask as you go.

  46. Hi, I have a Black forest Cuckoo clock. The clock works fine except the door with the cuckoo bird is stuck open. I have checked that the wire in the back is still under the birds tail, which it is. How else can I fix this? It happened all of sudden whilst adjusting the time. Thanks.

    • Hello Tash, It depends if you are you able to gently push it closed. There is a wire system that goes from the door down to the bellow and to the mechanism base. Either you or a professional would need to determine where along the path the problem lies.

  47. I just purchased a used 1 day german cuckoo clock. It came with three weights all the same weight but on has a hook on it. There are only two chains and two places for a weight. What could the third one be for? The clock is running fine.

    • Hi Tracey, that sounds like an extra from a different clock – unless you see a hole for a another chain. The 3rd weight would be for a chain that powers the music function of a clock. Not every cuckoo clock plays music though.

  48. Bernd,

    You probably get this often but I am interested in the art of building cuckoo clocks. Is there anything you might recommend in getting started. A school or classes or something of that nature.



    • Hi Robert,

      My real answer would be to head to the Black Forest and start learning at one of the shops! Save that, there are really 2 parts to the cuckoo clock, the mechanism and the outside frame. For the mechanism you would need to be trained like a clock repairman. For the outside, if you took classes on wood carving you could build decorative outside. Then you could buy a mechanism and put it inside. Please realize I’m making it sound easier than it is and you would have a lot of trials and errors.

  49. I have a Hermes grandfather clock with no weights on itI found in my garage form a previous owner. Is this clock worth fixing? From the Hermes clock Company.


  50. I have a 3 weight clock. If I remove the arm that starts the music the clock runs fine and cookoo’s every half hour and on the hour. But if I relocate the arm the minute stops at 5 to the hour and the clock continues to operate. What causes the minute Han to stop and the hands do not continue to move and the pendulum continues to operate. This clock was given to me and is about 20 years old.

    • Hello Wayne, At 5 min to the hour, the clock “sets” to prepare it’s cuckoo (and song on some clocks). This should somewhat independent of the time. If the issues are related, it would have to be the music arm interrupting the normal function of the clock. I would recommend taking it in for repair. If you are going to try it yourself, you would need to watch from the back of the clock to see what the music arm is doing/not doing as it sets for it’s function.

  51. Hi I acquired a beautiful black forest cuckoo clock. I was told it was brought back from Germany about 15 yrs. ago, problem is I don’t know how it works, it has a 2 carved birds with nest with 2 baby birds & large carved bird at top some big leaves & 4 dancing German people, 3 large heavy cone weights, the chains hang very long with the weight hooks near top, the chains don’t pull and seem stuck, I was really never given info on the clock on how it works, but was told it worked perfectly, I figured it was easy. can you help? thanks trish

  52. I have just inherited a ~40+ year old German Cuckoo clock (it has W.Germany on the clock face). It is a classic design, with the leaves on the front and a bird and leaf topper. It has both a cuckoo and a music player so it is a 3 cone clock. It does not have an off switch. There is only one place I could place the clock, which was in my living room, but the problem is that my 2 Cockatiel birds live there too. So I wanted to shut it off at night so the birds would get a decent night’s sleep. When I hung the clock and the pinecones, I noticed that the music and cuckoo only worked when the cones were hung. So I have currently been removing the 2 pinecones at night and putting them back on in the day. Is it okay to do this? The clock always resets itself to the correct time on the hour, but I did not know if there would be any lasting repurcussions of me doing this. Please advise me if what I have been doing to silence it at night is okay to continue to do?
    Thank You

    • I took the back off and it has a stamp FH on the inside case and the number “5” as well as a “5” on the inside of the back cover. The weights have “420 BU” on them. But I could not see any sticker indicating it is a Certified Black Forest clock. So I assume it might be a knockoff from the post WWII West Germany??? Or could the sticker have since fallen off? I know it isn’t a high end clock, but for my own knowledge, it would be nice to understand some of the history so when i pass it on to my son, he will have the history. I have spent hours searching on the internet, including some of the resources you mentioned on your site, but cannot find out anything about this clock. Thank You.

    • Hi Yvonne, I don’t know if anyone has ever tested it long term but I don’t think it would do a significant damage. But the cuckoo and music won’t match unless you put them back on 12 hours later.

      • Thank you for replying. So are you saying, if I put the cones back on 13 hours later, it will not reset? But if I put them back on within the 12 hours it will reset? I am glad I am not doing any permanent damage. It does seem to be such an easy way to control the music/cuckoo, I am surprised there are no other posts anywhere on the web that addresses this way to turn it off. I am sad that I can’t find anything about this clock and that it isn’t a genuine black forest clock. The only thing I know is that it was made since WWII and before 1989.

        • No, I’m saying that if the weights are not on, the function will not advance. However, it will be that time again 12 hours later as mechanical cuckoo clocks don’t have an AM and PM. Most cuckoo clocks have an automatic night shutoff of a manual shutoff function. If yours does not, then you have to be creative.

          • Thank you for taking the time to reply. I just wanted to leave one last piece of information. Actually, the clock has been resetting itself one hour after I put the weights back on. IE if I put the cones on at 0825, the cuckoo and music will be off at 0830 (cuckooing 12 times), but will reset itself and be correct by 0900 (cuckooing only 9 times and correctly for the rest of the day). If I put the weights back on at 0900, the cuckoo and music will be be incorrect for that time (cuckooing 11 or 12 times), but be correct by 1000 (and cuckoo 10 times). Today I accidentally forgot about it and did not put the weights back on till 1330 (they were off for more than 13 hours), and by 1400, the cuckoo had corrected itself (cuckooed twice)….So perhaps my clock is some sort of exception? Anyway, no, my clock does not have a manual or automatic night shut off that I can find and this has been a good creative solution. Thank you for all of your information and help.

          • I think I understand now. The number of cuckoos is determined by a rake falling into a notch on a wheel or gear and that can advance as the time moves. So in that instance it would be correct.

  53. Hi, My cuckoo Clock recently started hitting the large spring on the backdoor of the clock. What is the purpose of this spring and can I remove it without hurting my clock? ( I don’t like the sound when it cuckoos and tings on the springs.)
    Many thanks,

    • Hi Sheri, That is for the gong that usually is struck during the cuckoo call. It is part of the cuckoo clock. If you really don’t like it, I would put a piece of felt or something over the place that it strikes to remove the sound without actually altering the clock.

  54. I ordered a cuckoo clock in January (2014) but for some reason my credit card number was omitted. I cannot locate the information pertinent to the sale, so I’m not certain of the details, including whom I placed the order to. I did receive a phone message, however, the phone number was undecipherable. Are you the correct “ If so, I’d like to hear from you. Thank-you Buzz Garraffa

  55. We recently visited Switzerland and bought 2 Cuckoo clocks that were from the black forest in a small shop in Bern.
    We put one together and it works perfectly when it is daytime but when it is very dark, the clock stops.
    It is supposed to only stop making noise at night, not stop completely.
    Can you help us? We are in the US and do not know if we did something wrong.

  56. We have a Black Forest cuckoo-clock from 1953, one of the chains is pulled too far through so that we cannot put the weight on the end. How can we fix this without damaging the clock?’ Thank you.

    • Hi Judy, It sounds like the chain needs to be put back on the wheel. While it is a relatively simple fix, it is still a recommended repair for a service center.

  57. While in Triberg last year I bought a clock with a Regula 34 movement and had it shipped to the States. Upon setup, it keeps perfect time but strikes and cuckoos exactly once on the hour instead of counting the hours.

    I’ve consulted your “maintenance and repairs: ‘My cuckoo clock plays music at the wrong time.’” section but don’t find any relevant suggestions there. Can you suggest what to try next? (I have no inhibitions about removing the movement from the case to get at its front if that be necessary.)


  58. I have a ?. Is there a difference in the chain wheels on a 1 day & an 8 day cuckoo clock? Or is the difference in the chain? I have a beautiful cuckoo clock no music, it has the chain of a 1 day but it will not run without the 8 day weights.. Is there a book I can buy to help me repair my cuckoo clocks? I have 29 cuckoo clocks. I enjoy them all! I am not a business, I am a lady who likes to repair different things. I have 8 day 1 day & several musicals. I rescue all I can , I have no more wall space. I would appreciate your help. Thank you ; Jean in Ga. U S A.

    • Hello Jean, it’s definitely possible depending on the model as they need to be strong enough to hold the 8-day weights. If a 1-day clock needs the heavier weights to run though, it probably needs to be oiled – including in the mechanism. I apologize, but I do not know of any cuckoo clock repair books.

  59. I have a 24 hour clock and it used to play Edelweiss on the hour and The Happy Wanderer on the half hour. Now they have switched positions. It really only matters around 1:00, because we can’t tell by the song if it is 1:00 or 1:30 because the songs have switched. Do you know how I can switch them back? Thank you 🙂

    • Hi Debra, The best way to switch the songs would be to put on the night shutoff so that the music does not play on the hour (or half hour). The when it passes the same song that would have played is still set to be the next one and you’ve changed the order so to speak.

  60. I have cuckoo clock with an 8 day Regula 34 movement and it is new.
    It coo coos just fine until it gets to 10 o’clock and then it strikes 11 and when it is 11 it strikes 12 and when it is 12 it strikes 12. it appears that the problem is sat 10 & 11 o’clock hours.

    • Hi Jerry, If the clock is new, I would return it. It does not make sense that this would only occur late on Saturday nights unless there is another variable in the mix somewhere.

  61. After adjusting my Fehrenback clock for daylight savings time, the time and cuckoo are no longer in sync. I’m short one cuckoo on the hour (Example: 9am cuckoo’s only 8 times). How can I get the number of cuckoo’s to correspond to the hour? Thank you advance for your assistance.

  62. I purchased what appears to be a black forest cuckoo clock , the serial number on the movements are 1884288 1892176. can you tell me the year it was made? it is a Thorens movements made in Switzerland . The clock its self has a stags head on top and a rabbit and a pheasant on the front facing down.

    • Hello Allen, Unfortunately that describes many cuckoo clocks. To get an accurate date you would probably need to know the manufacturer. Most cuckoo clocks from the last 100 years have more sentimental value than antique value though.

    • Hello Patty, there is a piece inside the mechanism that is not falling into place that stops the cuckoo on the correct number after it sets. You can try very carefully tilting the clock side to side to see if it just got stuck, but long term it may need to be serviced.

  63. Hi
    I have a cuckoo clock from Kandern in Germany. I have had it for years and it has worked fine until today… the cuckoo’s door is half off and I can’t figure out how it happened and how I can fix it. Any ideas? Thank you so much.

    • Hi Christine, Without knowing the clock it sounds like a small piece of hardware is missing. There should be a small metal loop that holds the door at the top and bottom. Is one missing? If the cuckoo door is only shutting halfway that is a different issue.

  64. Hello! I have recently inherited a cuckoo clock from my grandmother. It is exactly like the one pictured here: /worthopedia/large-owl-wolf-german-cuckoo-clock-150371876

    The wolf’s tail is missing. Do you think there is any way to repair the wolf so he has his tail again?

    Thank you for providing so much helpful information on your site.

    • Hello Jen, If it’s wood, you can always repair it. Basically there are 3 choices: repair it yourself, pay someone who is a craftsperson wood carver to make it match really well or if you can identify who the manufacturer is either from the model number on the box or something on the clock, there is a decent chance you can get a replacemet wolf – even if it’s an older model.

      • Thank you so much! It was made by Cuckoo Clock Mfg Co Inc. I believe the model number is 420. Where do you advise that I begin my search for a replacement part?

        Again, thank you for all your help.

  65. I have a 24 hours winding cuckoo clock purshased in 2008 at Black Forest. This year the clock fell down and had disintegratesd. I have ben able to re-asseble . It is working fine except for gong spiral. he hammer strikes the spiral but sound is not produced. It appears the spiral is touching the bellow boxes. What shoud be the gap between the back cover and the spiral so that it does NOT touch the bellow boxes?

    • Hello Vinod, The spiral should be fairly close to the back cover but without touching it or resting on it. The distance between should only be enough to slip maybe a couple of pieces of paper between. It isn’t an exact measurement and it does not need to be the same exactly at every point, but very close back cover on most clocks. Certainly not deep inside the clock. It should also be flat.

  66. I have a Swiss made cuckoo clock chalet style 1 day with 3 weights It says on the back Swiss made, romance (Sainte Croix Switzerland)and Der frohlleche Wanderer Edelweiss by R. Rodgers. I watched the troubleshooting videos on your site but my clock looks different on the inside. My trouble is that every once in a while the minute hand gets stuck right before it is time to cuckoo on the hour. The clock still runs but the minute hand does not move. If I reset the hands they work again. I feels like something is preventing the minute hand from moving , because when I try to adjust the time you can feel the minute hand stiffen right before the hour. Is there a way to fix this?

    • Hello Brian, All of our information is based on German made cuckoo clocks. The Swiss cuckoos seem to have a lot of issues. This would need to be professionally serviced, but the most likely fix would be lubricating the inside of the clock mechanism which would be a fairly easy repair.

  67. I have a cuckoo clock made by the Cuckoo Clock Manufacturing Co. Im pressed on the back plate of the movement is the name Mangen. What may/should that tell me about the clock, its age and so forth?

  68. i have a coco clock battery operated with elec eye and the pendlum has stopped won’t start i placed new batteries in clock it ran about two mos. and stopped would appreciate a local repair shop in the area.

    • Hello Lloyd, I am not sure where your local area is, but for the most part, repair centers do not service battery clocks. There just aren’t that many accessible moving parts. You should check with the manufacturer or the place you purchased it from. If the time is not running either, it is probably a battery issue. If the time works ok but not the pendulum it might need to be replaced.

  69. We have inherited a Schneider cuckoo clock from the Black Forest. The hands were off the block – there are 4 parts – the minute hand, hour hand, small flat washer and screw that apparently holds the hands onto the clock. How are these arranged on the clock? hour hand first, then the washer, then the minute hand and finally the screw to be tightened? I cannot seem to get the flat washer to work between the two hands.

    Pls Advise!!

    • Hello Carol, Is it possible there is a piece missing? Depending on the Schneider cuckoo clock it could vary in the set up. Is the screw separate from the clock or do you mean the nut? Anyway, in most cases the screw post should already be attached to the inside of the clock. Then the hour hand should be put on and gently pushed forward so that is is slightly tight. Then there should be about 1/4″ gap and then another piece for the minute hand to rest on. Then the minute hand, then the washer facing downward, them the nut. You can try posting a photo on our cuckoo clock Facebook page if you like.

  70. Hi,

    My cuckoo clock has a problem with its left side chain mechanism. When wound the weight drops freely as there is no resistance unlike the right side weight. I pulled out the mechanism to have a closer look but unable to detect the problem. Appreciate your advise. Thanks

  71. Can I pull the chains down on my cuckoo clock before the weights reach the bottom? I’m not always home when the weights reach the bottom.
    Thank you

  72. In October of 1975, my grandfather, Paul J. Froelich of Paul J. Froelich Jewelers in Defiance, OH gave my parents a cuckoo clock made by the Black Forest of Germany craftsmen. My grandfather died in 1976. My mother passed away in May of 2013 and left me the cuckoo clock. It is missing the attachments on the roof. I seem to remember they were leaves but there could have been a bird also. How can I purchase the additional carvings for this? I can send you a picture of it if you need it. I would really appreciate hearing from you.
    Thank you,

    • Hello Marilyn, the best case scenario would be to identify the maker and model, then you could get the exact piece Saving that. you would need to get the dimensions of the clock, especially the width and width between the screws on the back. Although they could be moved if necessary.

  73. I have a Dold cuckoo clock and the small cuckoo bird is missing — where can I get a replacement? Thanks.

    • Hi Mark, I would contact the manufacturer for service center as they would have the correct part and be able to install it. That said, most cuckoo repair facilities would have something workable.

  74. Hi, I inherited a black forrest cuckoo clock from my mother. I only wind the chains once a week. The time is correct but the cuckoo is not. Whether its on the hour or on the half hour, it always cuckoos at leat ten minutes late. The amount of times it chimes is correct, its just happening late. Can you please help me with this??

  75. The chain slipped off the gear and I need to know if it’s possible to put it back on myself without having a repair person to pay to do this for me and if so, what can can be used to slip the chain back onto the gear? Thank you.

  76. How can I find information about a specific cuckoo clock? I have one in a box that I was given to my parents some time (I think) in the 1970’s. But I could be wrong about that (long story).
    The box has a circular logo printed saying: “SCHWARZWALDER * UHREN”
    And also “Black-Forest cuckoo clocks with 1-day chain movement” in German, English, French and Spanish.
    There is a sticker on the box also that says:
    STOCK NUMBER: 910-07-099

    I’d like to find out when it was made, where, who made it, etc.
    I have not opened the back.


  77. I have a Linden, Black Forest, Bird Song Alarm, Cuckoo Clock, that was Made in Germany. I’ve been doing research and I have seen none like it. It’s not in mint
    condition, but it is very restorable. How much is it worth ???

    • Hi Thomas, We do not have antique values here for cuckoo clocks, but because they last so long, unless its very old or rare they usually don’t have a premium. If you realy think it is rare, I would visit

  78. Hello-

    We bought a clock last summer and there seems to be a problem with it. The music and dancers used to just work on the hour, now they play on
    the half hour and the hour. The weight controlling the music and dancers
    goes down faster than the other weights. This just started happening 3 weeks ago. Is there anything we can do to fix this problem ourselves? We would just like the music to play on the hour.

    Thank you!


  79. My cuckoo clock works find as long as I add a significant weight to the pine cone weight controlling the pendulum motion. Without the extra weight the pendulum stops moving. Any suggestions on how to fix the clock will be very much appreciated.

  80. Hi Bernd, I recently bought a cuckoo clock and did not realize it was a quartz clock until I got it home. Is there any way that the quartz mechanism could be replaced with a mechanical mechanism?

    • Hi Daniel, There is no good way to do it really. You would need to buy a proper mechanism to fit and then have it completely modified. IF possible, it wouldn’t be worth the time and expense.

  81. Hello Bernd,
    I am Namrata from India, I am really so glad that I found your website over internet.
    I love cuckoo clocks, and this might sound a little different from the questions which you might be receiving on regular basis, but I want to learn, how to make a cuckoo clock ? In fact i love all kinds of woodwork and love to learn those. Can you suggest, whether I can find a paid apprenticeship in your country or somewhere else you might know of?
    your reply will be highly appreciated.

    Greetings from India
    Namrata Saxena

    • Hello Namrata, Carving in our family goes back 5 generations and that’s usually how people learn. I don’t know of any place to refer you to, but if your serious then back your bags and set out for the Black Forest!

  82. Hallo, Back in May I purchased a black forest cuckoo clock hunter from an antique shop, When i bought it they said that one of the bellows were not working, I decided to take it to a clock and watch menders in Uxbridge middx, this was June 14th 2013, she said that the bellows will be £40, but it also needs servicing, £180 she quoted, well as it is very old and traditional, I went along with leaving it, over the last 5 months she hadn’t contacted me once but every time I called she maintained there was something else wrong, then the weights were not the right ones she said, last Sat. 5 months on I went and picked it up £200 bill, she said that the door opens first then it will shut and then the door opens with the cuckoo, we feel sure she may have changed some of the mechanicum , I had put the clock up, at 2 the cuckoo only went once and so on, I tried to call sat afternoon without joy, Please how can we find out it all the arrigenal , would you know of a phone number to which we can speak to someone, we have spoken to trading standards, also, from Jacqueline Diamond.

    • Hi Jacqueline, we are located in the U.S. and don’t know anything about these people, but it sounds like you took it to the wrong place. It’s going to be very difficult to determine which parts are original without taking it to a cuckoo clock specialist.

  83. Hi! Do you know anyone in Ramstein/Kaiserslautern, Germany area that is a professional cuckoo clock repair person? We purchased our cuckoo clock in the House of Clocks here. The owner of the store repaired our clock once, but after one week, the problem started all over again. We need someone that we can really trust in repairing cuckoo clocks. I love my cuckoo clock, I miss hearing all the songs and the bird’s cuckoo. 🙁
    Thank you.


  84. Hey, can you tell me some interesting information about my cuckoo clock I bought.

    They have dancers, and seems like 3 different music every 1/2 hour and 1hour… On a middle of the clock there this “Swiss cross” like red and white…

    Kuckuckswalzer Schweizerländler


  85. Hi
    could you please let me know in Switzerland where i will get black forest cookcoo watch?

    It would be great if you can help me with that info.At present i am staying in Zurich Switzerland.

  86. I have purchased a battery cuckoo clock from Black forest Germany, I have mounted it on a wall, It runs for one hour and then stops, Once again I adjust it the same process that it stops after one hour or one and half hour.
    Please advise me


    • Hello Prasad, Battery clocks are a whole different subject because they are electronic. There is no good reason for that behavior. Make sure you put in fresh batteries and make extra sure they touch the contacts well. If the time doesn’t stop but just the cuckoo and music, make sure there is enough light in the room and that there is not night shutoff set.

  87. Hello! I just bought a cuckoo from a garage sale without pine cone weights…how do I know which grams to get? I believe it’s a 2 weight. thanks E

  88. I have an older cuckoo clock from the 70’s (I think) that my parents gave me. It has been well but now will require a complete overhaul to be fully operational. Since the cost is between $225-$275 for this, I am thinking a new one would be a better choice for me. What brands should I look for? Probably a simple 1 day with leaves and no music, between 9 and 12″ tall, and not quartz controlled. 8 day would be nice but probably out of price range. Any guidance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Shawn, That is often what we tell people that come into our store. If a clock has family heirloom value, than it might be worth fixing, but if there isn’t a lot of sentimental value then it usually makes more sense to replace it. In our store and online shop we carry mostly Hönes and Anton Schneider which are very good brands. There are a few 8-Day cuckoo clocks that are smaller without music and dancers that are in the price range of the 1-day cuckoo clocks.

  89. I have a cuckoo clock I purchased at an estate sale one of the chains is stuck and won’t come down, how can I fix it?

    • Hi Emma, You can try pulling down slightly on the corresponding weight. Otherwise, its likely you will need to take it to a cuckoo repair place. It may be something as basic as oiling.

  90. My cuckoo clock stops at approximately 5 minutes to the hour – just before it is supposed to release the mechanism to make the clock cuckoo & then play music. If I push the minute hand forward toward the hour, it unlocks the mechanism, cuckoos & plays music on the hour, and continues to work until it reaches 5 minutes to the next hour. This does not happen if I set the sound switch to off position. How can I fix this?

    • Hi PunKH, This is not an issue that can be resolved without going inside the clock to the mechanism. As you have probably surmised, the action of preparing the clock to strike is having an unwanted secondary effect – otherwise it would be happening regardless of how the night shutoff was set. As you know, this happens at about 5 minutes before the hour. I would really recommend having a clock specialist look at it.

  91. I have moved the leaf to the very bottom of the pendulum but still my cuckoo clock gains time. Can you please suggest another way to correct the time? Thank you very much.
    Best wishes,

  92. Simple question,cooko works on the hour and half hour but the pendlum will not keep swinging. Left weight is all the way up and right weight is about 6 inches away from clock in side of clock is veryclean .

      • It will swing for a short time, less than a minute. I don’t notice a change when moving the minute hand.

        • You have to determine what is impeding the pendulum. If it is nothing that you can see, then it is likely inside the cuckoo clock mechanism and would need to be serviced. You can try very gently pulling on the weight too, but that probably isn’t the issue.

  93. Bernd Fehrenbach.

    Plase be kind to help me to solve the little alteration in my cuckoo clock is the model 21″ Bier Garten by Schnaider.

    Thae problem is when finish all the movements after calls ,the girld that carrie 4 mugs of beer,she does not arrive to place that is i thing 2 centimeters before and the main door is not closed at all.

    I hope Bernard can you help me with a guided drawing or a video.

    Isaac S

  94. Hello, My niece purchases a Quartz cuckoo Clock in Switzerland and I put it up today. The Clock will only strike at 37 minutes past the hour. It strikes the correct our but not on the hour. HOW and can this be fixed. Thank you so much

    • Hi Becky, you might have to check with the place you bought it from. For some German battery cuckoo clocks, you can wait until the 37 minute mark and then set the time by the number of cuckoos. To do this you can just move the hands to the correct time. You may need to push down lightly on the piece that holds the hands in place.

  95. Recently I for a Cuckoo clock as gift from my sister in law. I set it up and its running as expected. Its a 12hr clock I guess, because the weight on the left almost touches the ground and the clock stops unless I wind it up all the way up. The only thing that is troubling me, the clock chimes only once for the hours i.e be it 3 or 4 or 7, it cuckoos only ONCE. For half hour it cockoo’s fine. Any possible fix for this?

    • Hi Suresh, Usually the clock should cuckoo the number of times of the hour and only once on each half hour. It’s probably a 1-day clock. You need to carfully adjust the time on the clock to the correct hour/minute. Then it should work correctly.

      • I tried moving the minute hand anti clock wise direction till hour hand points to 6 and minute hand points to 12 [6 clock]. The clock strikes only once. Next I move the hour hand to 1 [leaving the minute hand at 12] and gently press the hour hand. Then I reset the clock to correct time.

        But still at 2 clock or 3 clock or thereafter it strikes only once.

        Can you please tell me how to fix the problem?

  96. 2 weeks ago i bought cuckoo clock from lugano switzerland, seller said its from black forest germany… it has 2 weights … problem is that the time is always 7- 1o mins behind…if its 4:10, cuckoo clock will show 4:00… i correct the time twice a day but after every 3-4 hours it stays behind… plz tell me how to fix it…

    • Hi bibi, If you are able to get it to the real correct time (the hour matches the number of cuckoos) then your solution is probably to adjust the pendulum. Try moving it up 1mm, set the time and see where it is after 24 hours.

  97. Hello Mr Bernd Fehrenbach
    Im from Iran. I love cuckoo clocks. Specially yours.
    I make things by wood, but I have never been able to produce cuckoo clock.
    Is it possible to send an e-mail some photo from your cuckoo clocks?
    thanks a lot

  98. Hello. I plan on taking a cuckoo clock with me as a gift by airplane. It’s a big clock, 24inches tall x 20inches wide x 12inches wide. Can you give me any advice on how to package it without damage during flight and if it should go in my luggage since it cannot go in the cabin?

    • Hello J, The only thing I can tell you is to make sure the chains are pulled to the top first, to turn it side to side if you need to flip it over rather than tip to toe and close the latch on the cuckoo door. Ideally, you have the clips still for the bellows and the paper for the gong you can put back in. If it’s new in the box still, you should be ok.

  99. Have two old cuckoo clocks that have rusted chains, how do you clean the chains?
    Thanks for any help

    • Hi Doug, The chains shouldn’t be rusted. If they are more tarnished and dry, you can get some oil made for clocks and place a small amount on the chains and then wind the clock. Or a clock specialist can do it and hit a few of the inner parts at the same time. If they are truly rusted from water damage, you would likely need to replace them before they fragment or break within the mechanism.

  100. Hello

    We bought a cuckoo clock about a month ago in Triberg and it was shipped to us in South Africa. We installed it on Wednesday the 10th of July and found it keeps losing time and the pendulum is already as short as it can be. Can you maybe help us?

    • Hi Ruan, Is the pendulum moving noticeably fast? How much time are you losing over 24 hours? Any chance you have the wrong weights or even pendulum for the clock for the clock?

  101. Bernd hello, I have a cuckoo clock that will not operate at all and discovered it is missing the pendulum. It has a tag on the side that reads Cuendet Waggiserlied Schweizerlandier 686-88. On the inside it has G.M. 1884288 1892176. Further down it has A 25-82 and says it is made in West-Germany. Can you please tel me where I could find more information about this clock.

    • Hi Perry, While you can use a different pendulum to operate the clock, I cannot tell you who the original manufacturer of the cuckoo clock is. I believe it is just telling you it has a Swiss music movement. The other numbers I am not familiar with as they would be manufacturer specific.

  102. My husband are traveling from the United States. We are spending the night of August 5h in Schonach. Do you have a store in Schonach? Can we see where the clocks are made? We already have four cuckoo clocks and want to add to our collection while in the Black Forest. We got your name while we were in Peddler’s Village yesterday. Thanks for any help you can give.

    • Hi Susan, While every clock is manufactured in the Black Forest, our only store now is the one in Peddler’s Village. Sometimes we do ship from Germany if we don’t have a clock in the USA. I’m not sure of any place where you can actually see the production. We usually recommend purchasing in your home country anyway so that if there is ever a repair issue the logistics are easier. Enjoy your time in my home town!

  103. Hello! my grandfather has a Quail cuckoo clock, The clock has the quail on the quarter, Half, 3 Quarter, and Hour with the bird telling the hour I have looked up these clocks online and have found none of them have a spring wind up system – Instead of 3 gears this has 3 springs that loosen when winding and tighten and lock when running, I don’t know how to describe it do you have any info on this clock or a year estimate
    Thank you

  104. Good day, I am writing to you from Saudi Arabia, I recently bought a Cuckoo clock from Germany but when I operated I realized that the clock is gaining time ( meaning that it faster than it should be) please advise if that is something normal?

    • Hello Hatem, This can be normal until it is properly adjusted. If the clock is gaining time, try moving the weight down slightly on the pendulum. Move it approximately 1 mm for each 10 minutes it is off. After each time you move it, let it run for 24 hours to see how much it is off. Repeat until perfect.

  105. Dear Sir,

    My Friend had recently procured Cuckoo Clock Q70-10E for me from US. I am facing the following problem with the Cuckoo clock and seek your help.

    I have used C type Duracell prescribed Alkaline batteries however the batteries have dried out in a month’s time. Since yesterday the sound was so different and since today morning only the Cuckoo is coming out and not cuckooing and no
    music plays after that. I just want to know whether we have to replace these batteries every month. Generally these batteries are supposed to last for a year or two right and that’s what I have read in various forums.

    Please advice and guide me. Looking forward to hear from you. Please mail your reply to

    Kind Regards,

    • Hi Raja, This sounds like more of a warranty issue since it’s a battery clock and most of the troubleshooting here is for mechanical clocks. But being familiar with the Q70/10, I will try and assist. The battery life depends on the settings being used, but 6 months-1 year is certainly normal. Try replacing the batteries. It will fix it immediately if that’s the issue and if they drain after 1 month, that’s a separate issue. More likely is that there is a problem with the electronic component. If it’s a Schneider cuckoo clock that was recently purchased, it should be under warranty. Here is a link to their service centers:

      • My question does my cuckoo clock play songs what it is a shut off switch on the side with green sticker with small print
        Also my dad has an old cuckoo clock that cuckoo’s 14 times and 15 times and we took to get fixed and nobody knows why it cuckoos that my times

        • Hi Chris, the green sticker is the instructions for the manual night shut-off. If that is “ON” it won’t cuckoo or play music even though the clock runs. If your cuckoo clock has 3 weights, it should play music. If it has 2, it doesn’t play music. As for your Dad’s issue there is a hammer like mechanism that gets reset as the clock runs so it knows how many times to cuckoo for the hour. Either it is slipping or not resetting properly etc. It is likely 1 of 2 pieces in the mechanism. Unfortunately, that really is a job for a professional cuckoo repair center. If you know the manufacturer, I would recommend going to their website and looking for an authorized service center.

  106. Hello my name is john I have been restoring cuckoo clocks for 25 years I have found a maker that I have never seen before the name is luga have ever seen this makers name before?

  107. Hello All!!

    I dont know if its the right forum but i recently bought a cuckoo clock made by anton schneider from frankfurt airport as a present for my wife. its supposed to be quartz one. The sample the shop keeper showed me worked ok and then she got me packed box from inside. on getting home i opened the box and the instruction paper said open the back to insert batteries. but there is nothing at all at the back where i can see a battery door!! i see a small control panel which has setings like on off and music off etc . the model number is Q70/9 by anton schneider. I am very dissapointed at the very misleading and inadequate instructions. The clock is there but it cant function!!

    My email is

    Thanks in advance for any guidance.

    Warm Regards

    • ok i found it! i had to pry thru a square hole at the back to was such a tight fit that nobody can think that the whole back wall can come

  108. I bought a Linden Black forest Cuckoo clock at our Goodwill shop. It was in the original box that stated ” Genuine Black Forest Cuckoo Clock”. It looked like it was stored in an attic for quite awhile.. Inside, the clock was wrapped in 1969 newspapers. I put the clock together, I had two pull two wire tabs off each bellow. When I turned it back over, the cuckoo popped out-it is one bird/door. The instructions, which are very yellow, mentioned if this happened to leave the door open, the cuckoo will sell adjust when it hits the hour. The clock seems to be keeping time-I started it at 5:30 and at 6 the bird did not cuckoo and remains open? Will this self adjust or is there something I should do? The address on the instructions is “Cuckoo Clock MFG. CO., Inc., 40 West 25th Street, NY, NY 10010. Is this clock from 1969-1970’s? Thank you

  109. hello, my dad bought a cuckoo clock from schonach when he came to visit us in germany over 20 years ago. it has always worked perfectly. the other day it was slow, and he got it back up to speed, but now when the cuckoo pops out, it doesn’t give that bright, quick “cuckoo”. instead, it sounds like it’s in slow motion, almost like it will stop after the noise and not keep going. we took it to a clockmaker who cannot find the problem. have you ever heard this to happen? does the bird mechanism need a new part or something? thanks for your help! tracey snow, vermont

    • Hello Tracey, Schonach is my home town! I would take it to a different clockmaker and you can see some repair places here:

      Most likely, it is one of 2 things. It’s possible that the paper on the bellows needs to be replaced. But more likely is that it needs lubrication and a cuckoo clock repair expert would have the correct oil and know where to put it. One chain and weight are part of the cuckoo function. If the chain is sluggish to move, everything connected will be affected as well.

  110. Hi Bernd,
    Just a quick question….we bought a cuckoo clock in germany when we were there May 2010. it makes sound every hour and every half hour from 7:30am until 8pm. It has been keeping time until lately. Timing is good but the cuckoo sounds 15 minutes before the appointed time. Is there anything we can do about it?

    • Hello Hedy, This one should be a relatively easy fix that you can do yourself. Gently loosen the nut on the clock hands so that you can move the minute hand freely. Then move the minute hand to the correct hour (or half) for the number of cuckoos. Then you can tighten it a little and test it out to make sure it matches up. If not, readjust it. Once it is set correctly, tighten the nut more securely. Avoid moving the hour hand during this procedure.

  111. My mother in law has a cuckoo clock that was bought for her in Germany many years ago. She now wants to sell it as it is packed away in a box. How can I tell if it is a genuine Black Forest clock, and what it might be worth? . It has what appears to be a serial number on the back.

    • Hi Jane, unless it is very old or rare it probably does not have an antique value. There are many cuckoo clocks out there since they last for so long when taken care of. To know if it’s from the Black Forest – look for manufacturer information or anything that is from the VdS which is the Black Forest Clock Association.

  112. Hello Bernd,
    I have recently started a hobby of restoring Cuckoo Clocks and have been able to find most of the replacement parts
    on the Internet. However, please can you possibly tell me where I can purchase the very small dome head tacks for
    fixing the clock numerals to the dial ?.
    Best regards,
    J.A.Barnes (Tony)

  113. hi bernd, recently I came across an old cuckoo clock with the word new jork is this a misspell or is this correct


  114. hello 🙂

    I recently was given a cuckoo clock thats very old in its original box it says on the box Linden Black Forest Cuckoo clock 133. I have been trying to research it and can find nothing on it. It has two doors and three weights with three birds craved on it … I was wondering if you knew any thing about this clock you could tell me??

    • Hi Stacey, I apologize but we don’t get involved with that type of thing. You would need to take it to an antique dealer that specializes in clocks. Because cuckoo clocks hold up so well, even older ones are not necessarily rare though.

  115. Hi, my husband recently bought me a house in Pennsylvania. On the land there is an old verteran house which was condemned. I went in before they tear it down and this clock was surrounded by army pictures and metals; however, it was this clock that tore at my heart….I couldn’t see it be demolished. I was wonder if I sent you a picture you could possibly tell me about it. Its’s all wood except for the real heavy pine cones. On the back it says West Germany 8-76 with “8 day” on it. If you can not I understand…I do don’t do it juctice in its description. Thank you. Kim

  116. Is there a specific weight requirement for a 1 day, two weight cuckoo clock pendulum? if there is, what might that weight be please. The one I carved Just acts to lightweight.

  117. I’m in Ohio, USA. I just had a friend bring me a 1907 Pavone cuckoo clock to fix (I’m sort of the local fix-it guy). What can you tell us about this clock? I can send pictures…
    The case is OK, but dirty from being left in a musty attic. The works are very dirty with signs of rodent life and bugs. A couple bearing holes are well worn.
    I live near Amish country and I know a good clock repair man there. We wonder if it is worth fixing.
    Thank you, Mike
    M&H Restorations

    • Hi Mike, Cuckoo clocks are our business and even we bring them to a clock master sometimes. If the purpose is to restore it, I would bring it to your clock repair man first. As to whether it is worth it, we can’t really help on the antique value, but you might try contacting this guy: or an antique dealer that specializes on clocks.

  118. we purchased a clock from you at the Milwaukee German Fest in July of 2011. The clock we have has 2 AA batteries in it. we had to change the batteries today and now the pendant arm does not swing. Is there something I need to do to get this back working? any help would be great.

  119. I’ve made my own clock and am putting a internal clock piece I bought online in now. What I need to know is, if they make varying lengths for the bird post, because my door is higher than normal. Or is this something I am going to have to create my self? Also, how do I tell if this is a two or three weight mechanism? I only ask, because I need to order weights and I’m not sure which ones to get.
    If you need photos of anything let me know I’ll be happy to provide.
    Thanks for having a page like this.

    • Hi Michael, You may have to make your own, based on how high the door actually is. You are probably going to be locked in to whichever size comes with the mechanism you are purchasing. If it is a music cuckoo clock, there should be “wheels” for 3 chains. You also need to know if you have a 1-day or 8-day cuckoo clock for the size (weight) of the weights to get. You can post photos anytime on our cuckoo Facebook wall:

      • Thank You for the help. I just inserted an inch and a half piece in and brazed it in, seems like it’s going to do it. Just have to adjust the angle of the pin to perch.
        No music. two wheels. one day, time piece. 275 gram?

  120. Of course I have an old Cuckoo Clock from around the 50s, the sad thing is, one ear ant both antlers broke off during a move. I retrieved one antler and one ear is still intact with the head, is there anyway I can get the deer repaired and parts recarved to match? In other words restored?

    • Hi LL, If you know the original cuckoo clock manufacturer, you may be able to get replacement parts that match exactly. Other than that, you would need to seek out a local craftsman to have them custom made for you.

  121. I have a 2001 Black Forest Cuckoo Clock Model #910-023. It was purchased when my parents visited Germany on May 20th of that year. The clock has never been out of the original box and has remained sealed until I opened it up to take pictures of it to hopefully find out the value of this mint condition cuckoo clock. Would you have any idea what the value of this clock might be?

    • Hello Michael – It would be worth somewhat less than the original retail price. I do not recognize that model number, but either way it would be subjective as to what the resale value would be now.

  122. I would like to know the value of a clock i found in my closet.It was made in Germany about 40 years ago.It has Blua Donau Walzer.G`schichten Wienerwald printed on the side.It is a cuckoo clock with a deer head on top.It has other designs on sides.

    • Hi Ric, for something like that, you would need to contact an antique dealer, preferably someone who specializes in clocks for an appraisal. Only rare clocks usually have a collector’s value.

  123. My mother in law used to live in Germany and bought the large deer grandgather cuckoo clock that also has the dancers… her move home somehow the pendelum got lost…..can one be carved again for it…..the numbers on the back of the movement is “72Pl4Q029”

    • Hi Sarah, you can buy a new pendulum that will work for the clock, it doesn’t have to be specially made. If you wanted the exact match for the original cuckoo clock, you would need to know the clock model and contact the manufacturer.

  124. I have a 1930 hand carved German cukoo clock that was handed down to me. I am trying to find out more information about it as we’ll as value. Would you be able to help shed some light on my cukoo clock?

  125. Hi I have recently obtained a Black Forest cuckoo clock in a house lot I bought. I have made sure the clock is level and plumb on the wall it runs to beat the band until I put the pendulum on then it goes for about twenty seconds then stops I’ve adjusted the leaf up and down all the way with no avail please help thanks.david

    • Hi David – when the pendulum swings, can you see any interference such as the leaf brushing up against the weights or maybe the metal piece that holds the pendulum scraping against the wall from where it drops down from inside the clock?

  126. Do you fix cuckoo clocks? We have one that the music is not working. I think the bellows has a small hole in it.

    thank you

  127. i need a large picture of how the 72PQ goes together especially the pendulum , the instructions that come with it are to small for me to see and i don’t want to break the clock before i get to enjoy. someone sent me a video on my first message request and it was for the large clocks ….help me please just blown up a picture of the pendulum and how it hooks on the clock… sorry to be a bother but i don’t want to break it.

    • Hello Diana – you should be able to call the merchant you purchased the battery cuckoo clock from for assistance. As for the 72PQ, the instructions are in several languages and English is on one of the lines. All you need to do for that cuckoo clock is to put in the batteries, set the time and put the “hook” of the pendulum on the very bottom rung of the black plastic piece that hangs from the bottom of the clock. Hope this helps!

  128. I have a question regarding the traditional style cuckoo clocks. I’ve noticed there’s those with a bird at the peak of the roof and those with a deer head. Do each of them have their own name to distinguish them one from the other? My mother got her mother a cuckoo clock about 40+ years ago and I’ve found it in pictures that’ve been packed away, but only the chains and weights are showing. And I remember seeing it in person, which is the first time I ever saw a cuckoo clock. Anyway, it’s since gone so am trying to find an exact or near perfect copy of it. The one problem I’m having is that my mother seems to think it had a deer head and a gun on either side of the clock face, standing upright. Are/were there any like that ever made of are there only ones made with the guns crossing at the top? Any help appreciated.

    • Hi J.D. – The good news is that there are almost limitless variations of these Black Forest cuckoo clocks. That is also the bad news. The traditional are sometimes broken down between a station house style and a hunter style. It sounds like you had a hunter style cuckoo clock. Sometimes those depict hunting with dead animals and guns and others more reflect nature with depictions of live animals, leaves, trees etc. There are no specific names commonly used to distinguish between the animal types. I’m guessing the kind you described was made and is still made in some variation. By looking at the weights, you can determine if the clock played music and if it was a 1-day or 8-day cuckoo clock. Here is a link to our online store where you can see some of the traditional ones we carry. Maybe one will spark your memory.

  129. I have a cuckoo clock made sometime around the 1950s. It was given to my wife’s parents by her uncle for a wedding present (year 1952). He was in the U.S. Army stationed in Germany at the time. How can I identify it? I can not find any identifying marks. It has a music box made by Thorens. A man (sitting) on the left and a cuckoo on the right are the two figures behind the doors. I can send pictures.

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