Maintenance & Repairs

My cuckoo clock is not working properly – right out of the box.

Make sure all inner packing is removed including the clips for the bellows and that the cuckoo bird’s door is not latched shut from the outside. If you do not remove all the packing materials from the interior of the clock, it will not function correctly.

What maintenance does my cuckoo clock need?

For the most part, just occasional dusting. It is recommended that you use a paint brush for the exterior to avoid moving the clock from being flush and plumb. For clocks that have dancers, you can spray the interior gently with some canned air.

My cuckoo clock is running too fast or too slow.

This is easily fixed. The pendulum weight will either slide up and down or vertically with a screw.  If the clock is running fast, move the pendulum weight down.  If the clock is running slow, move the pendulum weight up.  It is important to note that 1 millimeter of movement = 10 minutes.  For a slide pendulum, it is advisable to mark the back each time you move it.  The back of the pendulum is not visible during normal operation and it will save you time if you ever need to adjust the clock again. After adjusting the pendulum, you must let the clock run for a full 24 hours to see if the time is adjusted correctly. If at that point it is still fast or slow, repeat the process.

Do I need to oil the gears or chains?

You will likely never need to.  When a clock is oiled, only the gears are oiled, the oil then transfers to the chains. The special clock mineral oil molecularly binds itself to the metal and can last for decades. One important note about the oil – never hang your clock over or adjacent to a working fireplace.  The heat can burn or evaporate the oil from the gears over time, lessening its lifespan. In the end, you should never do anything to the inside of a cuckoo clock without consulting a professional.

The pendulum on my cuckoo clock keeps stopping.

There are several reasons why this might be the case.  The first two (and easiest to fix) are that the clock is either not flush or not plumb.  If the clock is not flush, the pendulum may hit the case, the weights or the chains as it swings.  This will cause it to stop.  If the clock is not plumb, the pendulum will not tick evenly which may also cause it stop. Similarly, having the clock significantly off flush or plumb will cause the chains to hang incorrectly which can affect the performance of the cuckoo and music.  If it is neither of these two scenarios, something is working incorrectly on the inside of the clock, possibly because the chains were pulled too hard or the hour hand was moved. In this instance, do not try to fix it yourself and consult a clock master.

What if a chain comes off?

If the chain has fallen off, you will need to have a clock master repair it.  Never attempt to re-thread a chain yourself as you risk permanent damage.

My cuckoo clock plays music at the wrong time.

If the cuckoo call or music play at the wrong time, it most likely indicates that the hour hand was moved somehow. This sometimes can happen when setting the clock using the minute hand. As general rule, never move the hour hand. To resolve this issue, moving the hour hand will be necessary.
The steps are as follows:

1. Move the minute hand to the hour and see how many times the cuckoo calls.  If you move the clock to 3, and he cuckoos 4 times, you will have to move the hour hand to 4.

2. With your fingers or a pair of needle nose pliers, very gently pull the hour hand towards you by grasping the base.  When it becomes loose, you will be able to move it to the desired position.

3. Once it is set correctly, gently press the hour hand back in towards the dial. Do not push it until it touches the dial, just until you feel resistance.

4. After you are finished, when you move the hands to the next hour (via the minute hand only) the cuckoo should call the matching number of times.  The music plays in response to the cuckoo, so as long as the cuckoo is correct, the music will be correct.

How do I resolve the cuckoo door staying open?

Usually this will be due to the clock not being flush and plumb. If that is not the issue, then it will require professional servicing.

My clock keeps stopping.

The clock will only stop if the pendulum stops swinging. If the pendulum is swinging the clock is running. See the sections on fixing the pendulum and winding the clock.

Why don’t I hear the cuckoo sound?

This can usually be resolved in one of two easy ways. There will be a small wire by the cuckoo bird door that can be moved to block the door and prevent it from opening during shipment. If you do not move the wire so that the door can open, your cuckoo will not emerge and thus not trigger the bellows. The other reason that the clock will not cuckoo could be that you have the night shut off valve set to the “Off” position. Typically the lever moved up is “Off”, and down is “On”. There should be a sticker by the lever that will tell you the settings.

The cuckoo call sounds funny.

If the cuckoo call does not sound as it once did and nothing else has changed, it is possible the paper on the bellows needs to be replaced. This is rare and usually only applicable to very old clocks.

How long will a cuckoo clock last?

With proper care, your clock can last for generations. If you dust it semi-regularly and treat it with a reasonable amount of delicacy, your cuckoo clock will continue to operate long into the future. When you are ready for a new cuckoo clock, we offer a wide selection of quality, authentic cuckoo clocks at our online store.

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  1. Hi, I have just brought a my first cukoo clock from Germany. We have moved houses so the clock was put back in its box and I got it out today to finally put on the wall. And the pendulum doesn’t keep going it stops less then two mintues of me restarting the clock. It has three weighs. And one of them is not moving down.
    I am still in Germany is there anything I can do to fix it or do I have to bring it to the clock master over here?

    • Hi Rebecca – It sounds like a balancing issue which is minor but if the clock master is the one you got it from I would definitely take it back and have him look at it.There can be several issues, most of them minor that can cause issues. The weight is probably for the time and not moving down if the pendulum isn’t swinging.

  2. I just put new bellows in a clock that I am giving my grandson. It works great with one exception. It has a coil chime on the back wall and makes more of a light thud rather than chime. Any idea how to adjust it?

    • Hello Karl, it sounds like it is not hitting in the right place. You can carefully adjust the hammer or bring the coil away from the door slightly if necessary. If you can manually make the chime, then it is where the hammer is striking.

  3. Hi There,

    I puchased a Black Forest cuckoo Clock while overseas, the clock has been fine but now I have an issue with the hour hand not gripping the shaft of the spindle. The hour hand just falls to the 6 o clock point, I tried pushing it back onto the spindle but it seems like it will not tighten to the shaft. There are no cracks in the hour hand arm and looks fine.
    Not sure how to fix.
    Thanks Brad, Sydney Australia

    • Hello Brad – Usually it is a compression fit like you tried. If it cannot go back further, look from the side and see if you can see any broken or missing pieces. Or on the back of the hour hand circle any dried glue. Sometimes it is attached and if it separates it would need to be reapplied.

  4. My three weight cuckoo clock works properly except the music plays full time. It used to play only on the hour and half hour. Now as long as the weight is pulled to the top, it will play constantly until the weight bottoms out. Can i fix this or do i need to take it in for repair?

    thank you.

  5. In 1987 purchased a cuckoo clock in the black forest, Germany. Never had a problem with until now. What happens
    the bird co coo’s perfect on the time but when the dancers start to go around ,slow is the word (drags) if I push the
    dancers with my finger, or pull on the chain it plays fine. What could it be??
    Iam 84 years of age and the memories of this clock are ever lasting.
    Can you help

    • Hi Christine, It sounds like it only needs to be oiled, but it should really be looked at by a repair center. Don’t pull the chain or move the dancers in the meantime.

  6. can u put a silence lever on a cookco clock withat has the hole for it and they forgot to put in

    • Hi Eric, They probably did not forget but used the same casing as one that has a lever. You cannot easily add on in at this point. It would probably be cheaper to just replace it if you are taking it to a repair center to do the work.

  7. A kid accidentally pulled the chains of my cuckoo clock. Now the pendulum is moving but the clock is not. The needles stopped. Please let me know if i can repair it myself or must i send to a specialist. Thank you

  8. Greetings, we bought our cuckoo clock a little over a year ago and in the past week or so it has changed its tune. Also, the cuckoo seems a bit raspy like the day after a night out drinking. Everything else remains the same. Any thoughts?

    • Hello Bud – Please clarify what you mean by “changed its tune”. Are you saying it’s a different song? Or songs have reversed? Or that it just doesn’t sound as good? Also, is it more difficult to wind the clock now?

  9. Purchased our two-weight coo coo at auction. All appears fine (to this novice) except the coo coo’s door is missing. The time-keeping chain was off of the sprocket, but I easily fixed that. Only problem is pendulum will not keep swinging and stops after about ten tick-tocks. I tried bending the pendulum’s wire one way and then the other as a video suggested, but this did not help. I notice that if I pull down on the time-keeping weight, the pendulum will continue to swing and the clock has a healthy tick-tock sound. But once I let go of the weight, the pendulum soon stops swinging. Any clues?

  10. Hi there. I have an old cuckoo clock and have had it for several years now and I bought it at a used store. The clock itself works great and it cuckoos nicely, but on some of the hours when it cuckoos, it sounds off 15 times. Is there an easy way to fix this without bringing it to a repair shop?
    Thanks for any info you can give me 🙂

  11. I purchased a cuckoo clock 2 months back. It was working perfectly fine until last few days. Now the cuckoo door remains open after the cuckoo sound stops. The door can be easily closed with a gentle touch. However next time the cuckoo sings the door remains open again. I must mention that, sometime the door closes on its own but most of time it remains open over the last few days. I did an online search and noticed that if the lever that pushes the cuckoo up and down during singing is above the cuckoo tail the door can be blocked. In my case the lever is below the cuckoos tail. Is there something i can do to fix it. Please help. Thanks.

  12. I have a Schneider cuckoo clock which was running find until the little man stopped lifting his beer mug up so I looked and found a wire had become detached. I soldered it back but now the light sensor is not working properly. Will only work if I shine a bright flashlight right at it. The minute I remove the light it stops everything except the time which still is keeping perfect time. Is there a sensitivity adjustment for this? Any help would be appreciated.

    • Hello John – If it is a battery clock with a light sensor then there isn’t much you can do for that. It’s an electronics issue. Also, in all my years a customer has never had to have a piece soldered back in place from normal use on any brand clock.

  13. I bought a 3 weight music box chalet style cuckoo clock and the pendulum is missing. How do I know which size/weight to buy?

    • Hello Michael – Take a look at some of the pictures from our online cuckoo clock store. You can get an estimate of the ratio of the clock height to the pendulum length and then pick something of similar size comparison after measuring your clock. Having an exact length or weight isn’t necessary but you will need to adjust the pendulum to sync it. The harder part is usually matching the color and style of the clock.

  14. I just received my clock from the manufacturer a couple of days ago and set up according to the instructions. At the half & hour mark, it makes a click noise but no action – NOTHING at all! I have tried all of the suggestions I could find online to correct this problem, but nothing has worked. The night silencer is not on, I’ve removed all of the shipping wires and paper, and still nothing. This was a pretty expensive purchase I made while over there and now I am starting to get a little worried.
    It has run one complete cycle on the chain (24 hours) The middle acorn weight appears as if it has not lowered at all. The left one has gone all the way down, and the right one has moved about an inch.
    Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!

    • Hello Ryan – Let me start by saying if you just received the clock and it isn’t perfect you should call the place you got it from. You have 3 weights which would indicate it plays music. So 1 weight should drop to manage the time, one for music and one for the cuckoo and movements. There is no way to know without looking at it but if the night shutoff isn’t the issue (it might have 3 settings) then something isn’t right in the mechanism. You can watch these 4 videos for a clue, but it is hopefully under warranty and I wouldn’t start messing with it until you call the seller.

  15. Hello,

    My cuckoo clock was working find until a few weeks ago. Whenever the music played, it sounded starchy and gravelly. I didn’t notice it at first, but the weird sound got worse and started to worry me. My clock has the option to push in this little hook which keeps the music from playing. So, for the past few weeks, I’ve had that little hook pushed in the keep the music and cuckoo from sounding. I just got a new job, so I can afford a repair now, if that’s needed, but I wanted to know what the problem may be. I’ve looked it up online but haven’t been able to find anything conclusive.


    • Hello Ariel – I’m not sure what sound you are hearing, but the first 2 things I would check if looking at the clock would be if there is any accumulation of dust or other material in the music box area or (more likely) that the clock needs to be oiled and the process is just not smooth enough. How much effort is needed to wind that chain will give you some indication.

  16. Hello, I just received my cuckoo clock today via DHL. Everything is fine except that the cuckoo bird doesn’t nod its head when it cuckoos. How can I fix it? Thank you.

  17. We bought our mother a cuckoo clock in the 1990’s, after she passed away I went to pack it and dropped it. A top of the front of the roof broke which I might have been able to fix that as I have the 2 pieces but dropped the smallest piece in the clock and I am sure the inside needs to be worked on. I’m trying to find someone to repair it. Please let me know is you can do it. It was not a cheap clock, it was purchased in Newtown, PA. I’ll be looking forward to hearing form you.

  18. Every thing in my clock is ok:(the peduluem,the sound ,fixing,musical)
    But my clock stopped every one hour two hour when it reach near to 12

    • Hello Nzar – You would need to have it looked at most likely especially if it is around the 5 minute to the hour mark. That is when the mechanism sets to run the cuckoo call.

  19. Got the old clock running and doing everything right except it stops at 5 till the hour every hour. Ideas?

    • Hello Dale – this will probably need to be serviced. At 5 til the hour the mechanism is setting to call the correct number of cuckoos, then music if applicable. If it just stops, that function is out of alignment somehow and causing the issue. You can watch inside for anything obvious, but it is usually a tricky issue.

  20. my mother just was given a clock and she asked me to see if it works – first thing i noticed was its missing the wieghts. ive seen a pict that looks just like it on your page but the dimentions are smaller.its a two weight but there are no names or numbers on or in the clock that i can find other than made in germany. If or isnt this one of your clocks could you give me a weight range to start with and how to fine tune to correct?

    • Hello Jeff – The important thing to determine is if it is a 1-day or 8-day clock. Is there someone you can ask that used it before? What is the similar SKU that is on our website?

      • the previous owner passed away .The sku of the one that is very similiar is 811ex and the dimensions are very close now that i remeasured it.

        • The best way to find out without taking it somewhere would be to attach some weight to the chain and see how it runs. Try using 1-lb and 3-lb. If it runs better with 3 then it is likely an 8-day clock and you would need a heavier weight. 1500 grams is usually in the middle of the range. Otherwise it is probably a 1-day and you are looking for 320-350 gram weights likely. This assumes there is nothing else wrong with the clock of course.

        • ok ive got the clock running with about 7 lbs of weight – seems kinda high to me but ive never worked with a clock like this before. could it need cleaning and oiling? If so how is the best way to go about that and what type of oil?
          Thank you for your time.

          • It would need to be closer to 1 or 3 pounds. It probably needs to be oiled first with clock oil. A professional would know all the places on the mechanism to hit though.

  21. I have Gula 25/1-M GM 1884288/1892176 with three weight 320ET (320Gram) but now when i would the clock only run for 12 hours. Maybe my weigh 320ET are too heavy. Please advise us correct weight of my cockuu clock

    • Hi Tran – It most likely isn’t the weights. If the clock is 6-7 feet off the ground and it runs out of chain in 12 hours, then it would most likely bee that the chain is too short either at manufacture or if it was modified later. Also, it should be “regula” that is on the mechanism.

  22. I just bought a carved coo coo clock with dancers. I set it up and it seems to run fine but the music and the dancers continue to go around for 20 minutes and then it stops. I tried to adjust the setting arm on the side. It has 3 positions and it did not have any affect. How long are the dancers supposed to go and is there a way to get them not to continuously run until the chain runs all the way out?

  23. I am having problem with my cuckoo clock. It keeps perfect time but the music always play stopped in the half way .It’s a one day Black Forest Cockoo Clock. I have seen the clock inside, it seems like the wire have some problem.

  24. My friend has this Hubert Herr Chalet Cuckoo .The Clock runs fine as the chain is pulled all the way up .But as the weights drop midway the clock starts running slower and halts when the weight drops all the way down. What to do ?

    • Hello Roy – the clock will always stop when it reaches the end. But it shouldn’t slow down midway. Best case is that it just needs to be oiled or the chain is damaged. But if the problem isn’t obvious you will need to have it professionally serviced.

  25. My quartz cuckoo clock tells the hour with music correctly but does it at 15 minutes passed the hour not exactly on the hour

  26. We purchased a clock in 2012.It’s been boxed up since that time. Now we are using it and facing issue that every time it sounds only once. My clock should cuckoo on the hour and on the half hour. If it 12 O’clock or 1 o’clock it sounds only once.

    • Hello Rasmi – You might need to get it serviced. It sounds as if the rack isn’t falling into place. You can try gently shaking it or slapping the side. If if falls into place it should resolve the issue – that is if everything else is already working correctly.

  27. I have a one day cuckoo clock with three weights. The cuckoo works fine but when the music starts after the cuckoo the music door (which is open) closes when the music is half done, then it opens before the music ends and stays open after the music finishes. When the music door stays open I cannot close the door, it is tight and I don’t want to cause any damage. What should I look for on the inside?

    • Hello Steve – I cannot really tell without looking at it, but adjustments need to be made inside the clock and I would recommend getting it serviced by a cuckoo specialist.

  28. Does a one weight cuckoo clock only chirp once on the hour and half-hour regardless of the hour? Thank you.

    • Hi Karen, There should be at least 2 weights – one for the time and one for the cuckoo. The cuckoo should call the number of times of the hour and once only on the half hour.

  29. Hi,
    I have an elderly relative that has a 20 year old German Cuckoo clock and the Cuckoo calls continually. They took the weight off so it would stop. Is this an easy adjustment or should I just bring it in to a repair shop? Thank you.

  30. I am trying to repair/maintenance on a Antique Black forest with the Thorens musical (3-weights). A child had pulled the weights and caused it to fall. I have cleaned and oiled and purchased new chains and installed. I also had to rebuild the Bellows. I have successful reassembled, but do not remember how to connect the short wire with a bend in it at the bottom of the bird and the musical man (that come out the two doors at the top of the dial). It is the style that has a deer head at the top and an upside down rabbit on the left and an upside down bird on the right. I assume the wire from each of these attach to each other so that when the Cuckoo comes out, it triggers the musical (man) to come out next. I’ve tried attaching them to each other, but probably am not doing it right. If I remove the wires, the cuckoo works fine. Any diagrams or pics showing the two wires and how they are attached?
    thanks, Chas.

    • Hello Charles – I do not have a diagram but it should not be attached to the bird. It should be attached to the music box or mechanism. This works similar to when a clock has moving dancers that spin. The music man function should be simultaneous with the music and begin once the cuckoo is done.

      • I don’t readily see how to attach to the musical box, is it possible you could attach a pic of the diagram and Email me. This is being done at no charge for my adopted Grand Mother (a friend through our church) whose Birthday is 7-18-2015, she will be 95. I am striving to complete by then. It was given to her by her deceased son approx. 30 years ago. Thanks a lot and God bless.
        I am just a DIY (do it your self) and not really qualified to do what I have already done, God must be with me (and help from good folks on the WEB).

      • Sorry, I guess I read your response with too much hope, I was thinking you said you had a diagram.
        If you have anything that will help me, let me know, otherwise I’ll assume you don’t.
        Thanks so much.
        p.s. FYI,This wonderful lady fell today and broke her hip, she is presently in CCU at the hospital.
        Unsure if she will make it at this time. She is what we at the Church call a “Prayer Warrior”.
        She has folks calling her all the time and requesting prayer for various reasons.
        If you are a praying person, please pray for her.
        Thanks and God bless.

  31. I have a German clock that worked great for years. Suddenly on day my maid called me at work and said that the cucko had sounded for over 1 hour and she thought I would want to know that. I went home and the weight was on the floor. I tried to wind the clock but the cucko started all over again. I shut it down and want to know if there is anything I can do to fix it.

  32. I am having problem with my cuckoo clock. It keeps perfect time but sometimes the music does not play when the cuckoo sounds. I have a eight day Black Forest Cockoo Clock. I can run the clock around with my fingers and the music always plays when it’s suppose to. How can my clock be fixed to play music like it’s suppose to? I have only had the clock less than a year.

    • Hi Vicky – If it is under a year it should probably be under warranty and I would contact where you got it from. This isn’t a terrible problem but it would usually need a professional to repair it. It probably requires a an adjustment to the music box or a wire near the music box. You can watch this cuckoo clock music video here, but you shouldn’t really need to do this yourself.

  33. When I tried to set the time on the clock, the hands seemed very tight. I didn’t want to force the hands. They have only ever been turned in the clockwise direction. The pendulum won’t maintain the swing (tick).
    What should I try?

    • Hello Lana – As a general rule, you should only move the minute hand forward and the hour hand not at all, unless you have adjusted the hands or hardware first. The issue really depends on if the cuckoos match the hour. If they do, you should just be able to switch the time. If necessary you can unscrew the nut on the hands to more exactly position the minute hand. But if the pendulum doesn’t keep, that is a different issue and you should watch cuckoo video #4 here.

  34. I received my cuckoo clock in Dec, 09. No problems until recently we discovered no music, etc. From YouTube video we’ve got music playing again but plays on 1/2 hour as well as hour but biggest issue it that it doesn’t finish the tune. It plays all but the last two notes which plays the next time. Any suggestions are appreciated!

    • Hi Janet, my absolute best recommendation is that since you just got the cuckoo clock you should contact the place you purchased it from. There is always a warranty from a reputable manufacturer or seller.

  35. I have an 8 day 3 weight clock. It was running perfectly and then I packed it away to move. I received my stuff a year later and opened the clock box and started the clock back up. It ran perfect until day 3. I pulled the music chain to wind the music box and all of a sudden the weight dropped quickly (I stopped it before it hit the floor). I didn’t think to have a pro look at it (Rob can do everything).I found that the chain gear had come loose and only needed to be tightened. Unfortunately I took the music box out to find this out and perform the repairs. Problem now is that the people dancing and men drinking beer perform 6 iterations prior to the bird chirping, the lady hitting her man on the head with her roller pin and the gong ringing. In fact the beer drinking starts about 3 minutes early and keeps going for a few seconds after the gong, lady and bird chirping sequence finishes. I’m wondering if there is anything I can do. I’m thinking I should send it back to Germany to have the timing synchronized. What is your prognosis?

  36. Help, I don’t seem to be able to find any info on this matter. I have a Germany clock, 3 weight. This was an old clock that hung in my parent’s house for years, my inheritance. The door opens, the bird pops out, but the beak does not move. I have seen post regarding a wire that should be under the tail to cause this action, I don’t have this wire. Where should this wire be hooked to, and where should it terminate? Any help would be greatly appreciated. FYI everything else seems to work.

  37. I have bought a cuckoo clock from black forest in 2009 and it has always worked perfectly. Now, the cuckoo and the music weights are fine but the ‘time’ weight is stuck and so is the pendulum so it is not showing the time. Can you please help?

    • Hello Jennifer, If I understand correctly, the pendulum is stuck also? Without knowing more, I would recommend a service center unless you see an obvious jam that can be released. Sometimes if you pull gently on the weight it will resolve a kinked chain. For a cuckoo clock repair facility this is likely an easy fix. Be careful not to turn it into a big repair..

  38. I have an old West German cuckoo clock that belonged to my grandmother. I have been attempting to get it running for a while now, but I think some gears are out of place due to its long time in storage. The clock hasn’t been moved, and has stayed in the same house for all of it’s time in my grandmother’s possession.
    In my attempts to fix the clock, I have opened the back and observed the mechanisms, especially for a problem concerning the pendulum. It swings, but I don’t think all of the gears are touching anymore. Is this a problem I can fix, or will I have to find a specialist?

    • Hi Nicole, I couldn’t answer that without seeing it or knowing more, but unless the clock was poorly handled I would be surprised if things were out of place just from sitting a long time. I would say that if it has sentimental value then find a specialist. I’ll link to some below. If you are just trying to get it working for fun, watch these videos as if it’s a new clock and try and identify the issues one by one starting with the pendulum which could just be the clock not being balanced.

      Cuckoo Clock repair centers

  39. My cuckoo is not coming out, not singing as per time, like for 2 O”Clock it makes sound for more

  40. I have a 3 weight Black Forest Clock, that I bought off a friend a few years ago. It has always run very nicely, but now all of a sudden the music no longer plays. Any thoughts?

    • Hi Sandy, It depends on if the cuckoo still makes its sound. If not, then it is probably the night shutoff. If the cuckoo is making its call, then it could be a couple of different things and it would probably need to be looked at it by a clock repair professional. If the chain is stuck that would be a good indication it needs to be serviced.

  41. Hello and good day,

    My cuckoo runs perfect since I bought it in 2012, but it stop last month. No matter what I did, it refuse to run.
    I try many many methods that I searched from the web, I can’t make it move again.
    Two days ago, I try to tight 300 more grams to its original 1200 grams weight, it works again.
    Can you tell me what’s the possibilities of this?

    Many thanks.

    • Hello TS – First thing is, remove the extra weight before you cause damage or unnecessary wear to the cuckoo clock. It could be a couple of things, but without looking at it, my guess would be that if it works in every way with the additional weight then it probably just needs to be oiled. This could mean more than just the chains but the actual gears as well. If it is difficult to pull the chains than that would be a giveaway.

  42. My 45 year old Black Forest cuckoo clock’s left weight is stuck..What kind of oil should I TRY to buy to clean the dirty black grease from the cog? or wheel?. Would Silicone be OK?

    • Hello Norma – A synthetic oil made for clocks would be most recommended. That said, many things could cause a weight to be not moving including a kink or the night shutoff being “on”. I have to at least suggest having a cuckoo repair facility look at it before you go too far into it.

  43. I have an 8-day cuckoo clock but my wife and I will soon be leaving for a 2 week vacation. Do I need to manually stop the clock before we leave? If so, how do I do this?


    • Hello Gray – Yes you do, other wise it will stop on its own anyway once the weights hit the floor. The best thing to do is to wind the clock all the way up and stop the pendulum. Then when you return, set it to the correct time and start the pendulum again.

  44. Hello and good day,

    We have a West German cuckoo clock that runs well, keeps time, and cuckoos as it should. Then, the clock fell off the wall. No structural damage is evident, and it still runs well. The clock still keeps time and runs normally with the exception that it no longer strikes the hours. It strikes only once on the hour and once on the half hour. Any chance I can reposition a wire or something, and make it work, or is it clock shop bound?

    Thank you so very much.


  45. I had bought a three weight weekly winding cuckoo clock from Drubba Black Forest during our Europe tour. But recently the cuckoo has started striking once at 12 (every hour) and the hourly strike at 6 ( every half hour). Pls help me to reset the same. Thanks.

  46. Hello Bernd,
    I bought a chalat style clock from a family who’s mother past and she’s owned it for at least 25 years. The clock works well but, the issue is it cuckoo’s 20 minutes before the hour. What can I do to resolve this’d problem on my own?

  47. Hi
    My grandmother has just given me a cuckoo clock which is over 60 years old – it is wonderful.

    When we put it on the wall the clock worked immediately, which surprised us as it is showing signs of age but the hands stop at the hour and half hour mark and won’t move any further. We have opened the back and everything looks in good order but I can’t get the mechanism out (not that I would know what to do with it when it’s out!) as the centre piece above the hands is quite corroded and I’m frightened if I pull too hard it will break.
    Is this repairable? Our local (and only) clock repairer wanted in excess of £200 just to look at it so I don’t want to spend all that if it cannot be repaired.
    You can make the cuckoo come out manually and the bellows looks fine but if you move the hands past the hour mark then the door will open but he doesn’t sound.
    Many thanks

  48. I purchased a Schneider clock last February while in Germany 2014
    I night switch arm has come off recently
    Is this something that I can repair myself or can you tell me where to send or take
    I am located in Baltimore Maryland USA



  49. I have an 8 day cuckoo clock from the Black Forest which was purchased in Germany in 1980. I have had it boxed up for several years and recently decided to up it on the wall again. It is flush to the wall and the weights are working but I am trying to adjust the pendulum to keep proper time but there are 4 weights with the clock and only 3 chains!!! Three of the weights are 1500 and the fourth is 1600. Do I use the 1500 on each chain? If not, which chain should the 1600 weight go on? Also what mechanism does each chain work? Thanks for any advice you may offer.

    • Hello Janet – It only needs 3 weights. I would use all of the 1500 but it probably wouldn’t matter much. Usually the time chain is in the middle, but not always. Try moving the pendulum weight around 1mm for each 10 minutes and give it 2 hours after each adjustment.

  50. I have a Black Forest chalet type clock that we purchased in Germany in the mid-1990’s. When winding, I got two of the three weights right up against the bottom of the “floor” of the chalet. The middle weight is fine. The other two are stuck. Time is being kept, but no music, no cuckooing and the man and his dog are no longer going around.

    What can I do myself? My husband is furious that I messed this up for the first time in twenty years of ownership. Please help.

    • Hello Grail, Is there any chance you have the night shutoff set to “on”? There is usually a guard on the chain so that you can only pull the weights up so high.

      • That setting is fine. There did not seem to be anything to stop the weights from going all the way up. The middle one is fine (Clock tells time), but the right and left weights are all the way up…..and stuck.

  51. Hi I have a Black forest cuckoo clock and the wheel the people characters is on has stopped moving, the music still plays after the cuckoo bird is done but no more movement is taking place. What is usually the problem here? Thanks so much for your help!

    • Hello Jeff, If the music is still playing, I will assume that the weight keeps moving. That chain usually goes up and around a wheel beneath the dancers. It is hard to tell without looking at it and it may need to be professionally serviced, but the issue is probably right at the dancer level. See if you can see anything jamming it or the gears not lined up or too far apart right under the dancer platform.

  52. Hi, I have a Schneider 1 day clock with leaves and squirrels. I purchased it new in 1987; since then it went through a house fire. It works fine after cleaning, bellows are intact (including tops), but I’m sure the clock used to cuckoo the hour time, i.e. 2 cuckoos at 2 o’clock. It only cuckoos once on the hour and the half hour. Any suggestions. Thanks so much.

  53. I have a black forest clock and it the cuckoo started sounding with like a reverberating spring sound after each cuckoo. Was it over wound and can I fix it?

    • Hi Chris, I’m not sure I understand. Did the cuckoo call sound correct? It sounds like an adjustment needs to be made to the gong on the back door. There is a little metal hammer type piece that hits the straight part of the gong. Make sure there is about a 1 mm space between the hammer and the wire when it is at rest. If necessary bend the wire down slightly.

  54. Wonder if you can help. I have a Hettich Log Chopper cuckoo clock with music. The music starts to play before the cuckoos have finished? It has not always done this.
    I have recently had it serviced and oiled as it stopped all together and although now working perfectly, the above is happening. Is this something I can fix?

  55. What is the large spring on the back of a cuckoo clock ?
    There is an arm pointing towards it with a type of “catch” that makes me think that it would attach it to the spring, but no way to put it to that arm.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  56. I have a problem with the music playing. It will slow down and stop and I have to jiggle the weight to start it. Then it will play for a few hours and then stop. Adjustments don’t seem to help

    • Hello Gerald, If the chain is difficult to move then it may need to just be oiled. Otherwise an adjustment inside the clock would need to be made, probably by a professional.

  57. Hi. i have a clock that was my fathers. i had it repaired and cleaned and all. When we got it home it was on the wrong time. I moved the hands and put it on the right time and the minute hand went loose and just hangs there, does not move. Is there a simple way to tighten this hand. it chimes the different times every hour but the clock is on 6:00 every hour, since the minute hand does not move. Hope you can give me some good advice. I read in one comment never to move the hour hand, I probably did…. thank you.

  58. Hi, a few years ago we purchased from Germany a Black Forest Cuckoo clock. Unfortunately it had a squeak that drove my husband mad, so he oiled it each time the squeak came back. Now I can not get the clock to go for more than a few minutes. i have cleaned up few of the gears gently using a cotton bud, but it still does not work.

    • Hello Lorraine, It sounds like he used the wrong type of oil and maybe in the wrong places. If the chains are difficult to move then it would need to be cleaned in some manner, probably by a professional. If the chains are moving ok, but the pendulum just stops after a few minutes then it might be an easier, mounting/balancing issue.

  59. My cuckoo clock stops @ every 09′ O clock when it is coming for second time.
    Example :
    I am starting the clock at 07’O clock. First time , it runs good and crossed 09’O clock . During next time coming @ 09’O clock it is not running . I have 08 days Mechanical clock .

    Please help to solve the issue .
    Thank You !

  60. I took my clock to a repairman because it was striking too many times and on the way to his shop or at his shop the horn below the dial was lost. How can I get another horn for?
    Item No. 30-8t-mt285/9

  61. I moved from one apartment to another and just tried to get my cuckoo clock to begin ticking. The pendulum does not want to keep going. What can I do to fix this situation. Do I have to take it to a clock master to get it going? I was careful when we packaged it to move and kept it up right during the move.

  62. Hi,

    My cuckoo come out and cuckoos very fast suddenly. It does it like that all the time How can I fix it?

    Thank you,


      • Hallo Bernd. I just bought a second hand cuckoo clock but it sounds like it is on steroids. The cuckoo chimes at the right time but way too fast. What can I to?

        • Hello Elke, It could be several things but the first thing that comes to mind since it is second hand is whether it has the correct size weights. Usually it’s ok to vary somewhat but if they are too heavy, like 8-day weights on a 1-day clock it can cause this.

    • Hi
      My black Forrest cuckoo clock has been unused for some years. When I tried to start it The pendulum stops after a few swings regardless of where the balance weight is positioned on the shaft. ( it will continue to run if gentle downward pull is applied to on the chain weight). If I take the pendulum off altogether the clock runs on its own for the duration of the weight drop but clearly at a ridiculously fast pace.
      Can you tell me what is wrong and how to fix it? (It was inherited from a family member and is probably about 60 yrs old)

      • Hello Chris, If the pendulum stops it is usually either impeded or the clock is not balanced. It also sounds like the rack isn’t dropping and maybe it needs to be oiled. Your best bet would be to get it professionally serviced because all of these functions work together.

  63. I have a Hubert Herr Chalet with music. The clock is beautiful and keeps great time and the little man comes out at the top of the hour. The other day I when to wind the musical weight chain and it seemed to “strip”. In other words, I can move the chain back and forth and it is not catching. I can manually make the music work and I see some kind of screw at the end of the sprocket where the gear for the chain is loose and aliowing it move free either way without rewinding the weight. Does that screw at the end of the gear sprocket need to be tightened? Is it suppose to hold fast to the sprocket right next to it?

  64. I bought a 8 days cuckoo-clock in 2013 and I only assembled it today. It seems that everything is fine, but, the cuckoo is always playing only once, doesn’t matter the hour. I mean, when it´s 1 o’clock the cuckoo plays once, but when it’s 9 o’clock the cuckoo plays also only one time. It’s also playing once every half hour. Would it be a problem or there are cuckoos that work like this? If it’s a problem, how should I procedure? Many thanks!!

  65. Hi – my Black Forest clock chimes the correct number of chimes for the given hour, but it does the “top of the hour music” at 15 minutes past the hour, and then does the 30 min. chime at 45 minutes past the hour. Your section on “my clock plays music at the wrong time” seems to only address the wrong music for the wrong hour. Do I need to pull the minute hand slightly loose and move it to the proper position?

  66. Our clock stopped when we were out for a few hours and when we returned and pulled the weights up and tried to move the minute hand to reset the time the coco bird door did not open and the bird did not sound. The coco door was not locked and everything else seems fine.

    It has stopped before and we reset and started with out any issues, but not this time.


      • We were given a cuckoo clock awhile back that did not work, It has been stored away. Just recently we purchased 3 different antique clocks and I was intrigued to pull out the old cuckoo clock to see if I could get it running. With the help of a few different U-Tube videos I was able to put the chains back on, make a new set of bellows and oil and clean the clock. The clock is running and cuckooing as it should, the only thing is that the door does not open when it cuckoos, and the gong is not working, there is no silent switch and the door is not locked. What is it that I can do to remedy these problems.

  67. Hello,
    I recently purchased a used Disney cuckoo clock. I put it up and the clock works perfectly but one of the weights (the right on when looking at the front of the clock) won’t stop dropping down. It continues to fall with the cuckoo sound until it hitd the floor. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  68. I have a quartz cuckoo clock, small, but keeps good time. It was about $300+. The pendulum won’t swing any longer. The battery became corroded and I cleaned the terminal very well and replaced with fresh battery, but, the pendulum still won’t swing. I’ve tried straightening the clock from one side or another and that doesn’t seem to help either. The clock is sitting flush to the wall. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you.

    • Unfortunately, no. With a quartz cuckoo clock everything internal is electronic and mostly encased in plastic. If you can move the pendulum by hand, meaning nothing is blocking it and fresh batteries are in correctly then it might just be broken. In that case the whole internal piece would get replaced.

  69. Our cuckoo clock was purchased about 19 years ago in Germany and has worked perfectly until the last time we moved house. It still keeps perfect time but the music begins prematurely–about 2 minutes before the hour and goes continuously,over and over between both songs, until the cuckoo cuckoos the hour. After the cuckoo, it plays one song as it should then stops. It works perfectly on the half hour. Any suggestions please?

  70. We have a Black Forest cuckoo clock purchased from Germany in the 1970’s that keeps excellent time and cuckoos on the 1/2 hour and hour. My issue (not even a major problem) is the chain runs out in only 12 hours. The chains could be resting on the floor if I let it go 12 hours with little remaining at the top.

    • Hello Diane, This is either because a function is running more than normal or that the manufacturer just used too short of a chain. If it’s the latter, a repair facility could put in a longer chain.

      • The clock is already more than 6 almost 7 feet off the floor and the chain Just reaches the floor. I don’t believe the clock could be any higher on wall allowing for a longer chain! So if it’s a function do I just need to continue to accept the fact I have a twelve hour click?

        • Well, there is always a fix available but the cost and effort probably wouldn’t be worth converting the clock if it really is 12 hours. You could take it into a cuckoo specialist but I can’t imagine it being a minor charge and being quickly resolved. You could always check first, but someone would need to open it up and investigate.

  71. Hello, my cuckoo clock works fine but seems to have trouble playing one of the two songs “Edelweiss”. Music and dancers start, but seem to move slow and stop. If I gently pull the music weight or wind the clock, music and dancers continue until edelweiss theme completed. Is there anything I can do? Thank you

    • Hello Spyros, This sounds like it needs to be oiled. But the other song would be off too. If the other song is ok, then it could be the music box. Don’t pull down on the weight if at all possible.

      • Since this clock is brand new, I suppose that oiling is out of the question. If its the music box, I suppose I should return it (cannot do something myself). Thank you for your attention

        • I also had this issue with a brand new Schneider 8 day clock. One of the melodies always played completely and the other always stopped before completing. I also noticed if you gently touched the weight the melody would complete.
          I just happened to check the position of the night time manual shut off and found it was not completely disengaged from the off position. I adjusted it to the complete on position and now the melody always plays thru. Has been working without fail for three months.
          This was a purely accidental fix but maybe something worth trying if you still are having the problem.

  72. I have a german cuckoo clock with two weights on it one of the weights isn’t moving is there anything I can do to repair it on my own?

  73. Hello
    I bought a German cuckoo clock to india from Germany,it’s hour hand falls down automatically at 6’o clock position ,what can be done at home manually,please suggest me I will be really thankful to you

    • Hello Shashi, It depends on the set up. If you don’t see any glue residue, then the hour hand probably just needs to be pushed forward slightly, a compression fit and then the nut tightened for the hour hand. Sometimes it is glued and you should see where it was on both sides. This is also dependent on you having not lost any parts.

  74. Hi I bought clock in black forest 3 months before and I just put it on . Cuckoo is not sounding properly. sometime it stops before finishing and leaving door open. Then i had to pull weight slightly to finish sound.
    Can I fix it ?

    • Hi Steve, If it just drops instantly to the floor then the chain is likely off the wheel and a repair center would have to put it back on. That would be a relatively simple repair.

    • Hello Steven, They should really be the same size. The speculation is that it is a 1-day clock and someone added a bigger weight or even a much bigger 8-day weight to fix it at some point rather than fix it properly. If that is the case, it would have been added to the side that needed more weight. If one chain is harder to pull or seems sluggish with the smaller weight that is probably the one that needs more weight on it. A professional service center could address the real issue in the mechanism.

  75. I have bought a cuckoo clock last year when i was touring to daughter unknowingly to adjust time made the hour hand to move in anti-clockwise direction.and its not working now.may i kniw what to do?

  76. I have a 3 year old Black Forest clock. It runs great but lately it seems that the chains are hard to pull when I need to wind the clock. They do pull, but I need to use more force than I remember using. Do you know that the problem is and can I fix it at home? Thank you!

    • Usually that means the clock needs to be oiled. A professional will be able to hit all the right spots in the clock. You can use clock oil yourself on the chains which may help somewhat. If it’s only 3 years old, make note of the conditions near where it is hung.

  77. I recently pulled the weights up to wind it for the next day and it just didn’t feel quit right. Now one of the weights will not move down, the chain and weight may have gotten stuck , this has never happened before. Will gravity eventually allow the weight and chain to work again? Can I do something to this Black Forest clock to activate the weight again? Or do I need to take it to a shop. I am so sad. Love this clock. It now has been 2 days since I pulled a little too long and hard.

    • Hello Kerin, I don’t believe gravity will fix it. It may need professional servicing but it probably is minor and the best case scenario is a kink in the chain. Try pulling down (with restraint) the weight on that chain. Maybe jiggle it a little. It’s possible something broke in the mechanism but I would say that is less likely.

  78. Hello,
    My Cuckoo clock keeps time but the cuckoo does not sound. The right weight doesn’t descend and the door doesn’t open.

  79. I have a “Schneider” black forest cuckoo, one day movement, 125 double weights, that my dad gave to me for Christmas before he passed away 12 yrs ago. I’m hoping this is an easy fix. Read all your posts but didnt see anything that relates to my issue,

    When the pendulum swings, it doesnt make the connection so I can “hear the tick-tock”, it swings silently until it comes to a stop. Worked perfectly for years until this recently started happening.

    Really dont want to purhcase a new one, as this gift is pretty much all I have to remember him by.


    No tick tock in NH

    • Hi Debbie, You wouldn’t have to buy a new clock, but you would definitely need to take it in for professional repair. Something is either loose or broken in the mechanism. It’s possible it could need a new mechanism, but not necessarily. Here is a list of Black Forest recommended service centers. The one in NJ is an authorized Schneider cuckoo clock repair facility.

  80. My Cuckoo clock will “Cu” right before (about 5 minutes before) the hour or half hour and then “Ckoo” when it reaches the hour or half hour. it makes the correct number of cuckoos on the hour and half hour, but the first cuckoo sound is split in half by about 5 minutes.

  81. Hello,

    I just unpacked after a few years a Coo Coo clock I got my parents from the Black Forest in the 70’s and hung up. It was working find at their home. I made it level and plumb best I know how , (it looks good). I can’t seem to have the pendulum work for more than a few minutes at a time. If I remove the pendulum wood hanger and just let the wire hoop loose is swings and works fine, of course doesn’t keep correct time. As soon as I add the weight of the wooden pendulum it stops again. All seems free and level. Any ideas?

      • I have the same problem. It starts ticking & after less than 30 seconds it slows down and stops. Any ideas? I live in the tropics, but all the parts should be brass so the high humidity shouldn’t affect the clock. I love the looks of this clock, and wish it would work. I unpacked it, it worked for one whole night, and then that was the end of it.

  82. I bought a clock in 2011. Recently, we travelled out abd the clock stopped after 24 hours. While roating the hour and minute needles ( on different occassions) to readjust time, both broke off. I think the needles were too brittle. Where can I get the replacements and how should I replace those?
    I live in Pune, India.

  83. Hello,
    I have a wonderful german santa cuckoo clock. Works perfect but the hands are loose and the center dial on the hands no longer tighten the hour hand. help!

    • Hello Katherine, The solutions are different for the hour and minute hands. The minute hand gets tightened and if its loose after being tight, then a piece is missing. But if it is just the hour hand, try pushing it forward very gently, maybe 1/16 of an inch toward the back of the clock. Often there is a compression fit for the hour hand.

  84. We purchased the battery powered clock with night sensor (with cuckoo and music sound) in August 2014. It worked great for couple of days but now the music and cuckoo sound do not stop playing at night. In the beginning the cuckoo and music will not play after 8:00 PM until 8:00 AM but now it does not stop. What should I do to fix this problem?

    • Hello Patel, If you just purchased this clock I would contact the seller. If it is a battery clock, the only real thing you can do is make sure the batteries are fresh, going the right way and touching the contacts well. This solves most problems. You should also do a test first to make sure the room is getting dark enough. Try putting the clock in a closet and see if it still happens.

  85. I have an old cuckoo clock that is in need of restoration and was wondering if you could take a look at it and see if it can be restored..

  86. Hey !!!! I have serious problem with the cuckoo clock I bought from Black Forest , Germany. The Cuckoo comes only once in an hour i.e at 1,2,3 etc. in between it doesnot sound , wat to do ??????? Plz help e out !!! I’m from India

  87. I have an older model 859 three pendulum cuckoo purchased in 1998 in Triberg Germany, it runs geat except that one othe three weights does not move. The cuckoo and chimes function on the hour and half hour work well but the Hummel figurine dancers don’t move and the weight appears stuck, is there anything i can do to try to fix this myself?

    • Hi Ronald, If it has 3 weights, one is for the time, one for the cuckoo (and function if applicable) and one is for the music. If the music and dancers aren’t working and a night shutoff isn’t the issue then you can try to pull gently down on the weight in case there is a kink in the chain. It might need to be professionally serviced.

      • Thank you I have tried to do as you suggested but it didn’t work, looking at the mechanism I can’t see where there is a chain problem, does the music mechanism have it’s own seperate function and could it need replacement or just an adjustment? All the gears are aligned and if I move the wheel where the figurines are it moves about 1/4 inch trying to move the round music cylinder it appears stuck and will not move. Thank you for your assistance.

  88. Here’s a mystery. The cuckoo clock didn’t wqrk for 10 years! One day this week it started up completely on it’s own. The only extrodinary thing in this mystery is that a praying mantis was noticed, sitting on the clock face. Whatever brought this clock back to life?

  89. I have a MI-KEN Cuck-Coo Clock.Ii got at a junk shop ,It has no weights, how do I fine out what sizes weights it takes ?I need 3

    • Hi Bobby, I am not familiar with the MI-KEN models only German cuckoo clocks. If it was a German cuckoo, the weight sizes would be determined by whether it is a 1-day or 8-day cuckoo clock.

  90. Hi there:
    I recently received a cuckoo clock made in 2001. I set it up and the clock keeps good time. The strange issue is the clock coo coo correct number of times on most of the hours EXCEPT 1, 11 and 12 am. On 11 and 12 am, they only coo coo 1 time. Also, on 1 am, it coo coo 11 times. Could you please advise? Thank you very much!!

    • Hello Eddie, Something does not make sense. It should cuckoo once on the half hour and the number of the hour at the other times. There are solutions for all the ways it can be off. If it cuckoos 6 times at 6:00 and 1 time at 6:30 all the time, but it is always off at those 3 hours and in the same way then there is nothing you can do but take it to a repair facility. I would watch again and see if you can determine the pattern.

  91. I have an eight day movement cuckoo clock that plays music on the hour. For some reason when all the weights are together, the music won’t play on the hour. If I happen to notice it after it has chimed the hour and I pull just a little on the weight that operates the music, the music will play. Also, if the music weight is separated from the other two weights, the music will play without problems.

    • Hi Carol, That really would not make sense unless the weights or chains were installed incorrectly. If the weights are easy to pull up then something is happening in the mechanism that would need to be investigated from the inside. Usually a tug on the weight is used alleviate a kink in the chain. Maybe there is an issue along the chain path.

  92. I have 1 day a cuckoo clock from blackforest Germany.i had put it on night shut off for 1 year.Now it cuckooes once in full hour and more in half an hour e.g. once at 4’o clock and 4 times in 4.30.

  93. Hi there, I have a question – my Oma brought me a cuckoo clock when she came for a visit. It is only a year old. I took it off the wall to paint and set it on the table on its back and after the paint dried, put it right back up. Now the cuckoo doesn’t sound the same. It used to “cuckoo” now it “koos”. Is there something I did wrong by laying it on its back? Anything I can take a look at to see if something moved?

    • Hi Jenni, Laying it on its back is not a problem and is actually the correct way to do it. There are 2 bellows inside the clock, that each make part of the cuckoo sound. Try moving the minute hand forward and watch those bellows. It sounds like 1 is impeded in some way that may be visible if you watch it with the back removed. That would be the first step.

  94. Sir, I purchased a blackforest cukoo clock in Aug 2013. I unpacked and st it up recently in Sep 2014. The clock appears to be working fine and is keeping time correctly. However, the cuckoo is struck in open position and has stopped working. I have checked the bellow lever and it is placed correctly under the tail of cuckoo. I have also checked the night shut off lever and its correct position. Nothing wrong there. Further, when I open the backdoor panel and move the star shaped lever/gear the door closes but at the next half hour/hour the cuckoo again gets struck in open position. Please help. Thank you very much.

    • Hello Vin, If it is opening at the correct hour despite getting stuck then the problem lies between the door and the area of the mechanism where the wire to the bellow is located. Sometimes it needs only a very slight adjustment. If you cannot determine the solution it would likely need a cuckoo clock specialist. After 1 year it may very well still be under warranty.

  95. I found these questions really intriguing and am glad I stumbled on to this page. I bought a Black Forest cuckoo clock about a month ago. It is a day long clock with 3 weights (one each for the timepiece, the cuckoo and the dancing figures). For the past week I have noticed that the clock stops when the minute hand reaches 11. It doesn’t matter where the hour hand is. When I physically move the minute hand past 12, the cuckoo calls out, the music plays and the dancers dance. And then for about an hour the clock keeps perfect time. When moving the minute hand I notice that it takes a little more push to move the hand past 11. I am guessing something is preventing the minute hand to move past 11 or the pressure needed is greater than the movement provides. Any suggestions on what could be wrong? I haven’t experimented with opening the back or doing anything else so far.

    • Hello Vivek, My initial thought is to exchange the clock since you just received it. It is standard to hear a click at the 11 mark because the cuckoo clock will set to do it’s cuckoo and music function at 5 minutes before the hour. If it just stops and it is difficult to move forward, something within the function isn’t working correctly as it relates to mechanism at the time it sets. This isn’t something you should fix yourself.

      • Hi,

        I bought it in Switzerland and I cant send it back there. They do have service centres in India. Let me try those to begin with. Thank you for your input.

        • I wanted to provide a strange update. The problem I faced (of the hands being stuck at 11) vanished mysteriously. The clock is keeping perfect time and the cuckoo/dancers are behaving themselves. The only thing that has changed is the weather. I am guessing many of the brass parts of the clock expand in the heat creating issues within the clock. These clocks were made for cooler climates and I don’t think anyone thought about India’s heat wave in April through September. Perhaps this is something for watch makers to look into.

  96. My cuckoo clock had a problem covered in your maintenance/repairs section: the number of “cuckoos” did not correspond to the correct hour. Unfortunately, before reading your advice, I pulled on the hour hand and tried to push it back toward the dial, perhaps not gently enough. The hour hand won’t stay put, as directed at a certain hour, and falls loose. Is there a way to fix this?

    • Hi Chris, Unless you broke something, either the clock or dial it should stay firm if you push it forward on the clock as if you’re gently pushing toward the wall. It is a compression fit.

  97. I inherited an old coo coo clock some months back, it worked Ok for a while, but I now have an odd problem.

    Every so often, the clock will “skip” a half hour. An example, It will coo coo at 8 (eight times) then immediately it will coo coo one more time. (now the clock thinks it’s 8:30). This is purely random. It could happen at 1 O’clock, or any other hour. But it is happening more and more often.



  98. Hi, my cuckoo clock was doing fine, but now it cuckoos 20 minutes after the hour but also at the wrong hour. Ex. it should be 2p but it may cuckoo for the 10p hour. It also does the one sound that’s supposed to be at the half hour but does it at 15 min before the hour. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  99. I am having issues with my chains. I have 3 chains and when I run it only 1 of the chains drops, the other 2 stay at the top and don’t drop.

  100. i have a 1 day cuckoo clock that I’ve only had for about a month. Normally if I forget to pull the chains and have to reset the time, I turn the minute hand around and pause after each hour waiting for the cuckoo to chime the correct amount of times. Well I was in a hurry one day and wasn’t thinking and I just started turning the minute hand and not waiting for the cuckoo to chime. Now the pendulum is stuck and will not swing. Is there anything i can do personally to get it working again?

    • Hi Debbie, The pendulum issue is probably unrelated to what you did. Try and look from underneath to see if there is any obstruction – maybe even remove the back and look. In the future, if you have a manual night shutoff on your clock, you can turn it to “off” move the minute hand all the way around so that its on the right time and then turn it back to “on”.

  101. We just bought a Hones 8580t cuckoo clock. We removed the bellow stop that was marked to remove. We moved the wire in front of the door. Upon hanging the first weight, it played the music. It has done nothing sense. You can here it click on the hour, but nothing happens. It keeps time fine and is plumb and level. We have even checked the night/day switch in all three positions and still nothing.

    • Hi Mark, Usually this is resolved by a small adjustment in the mechanism, but it could be one of several. This is a job for a clock repair person. If you just got it, I would contact the place you bought it from for a return or maybe they want to attempt to do it over the phone. The music staring when you put on the weight is normal and this is probably not a problem that you caused.

  102. Hi Bernd:

    I have a 8 day cuckoo clock that cuckoos one cuckoo on the 1/4 hour and cuckoos the incorrect hour on the 3/4 hour. as an example at a quarter to 6 it cuckooed 11 times.



  103. Hi, I have a 1-day, 3 pine cone weight clock. Two of the weights are 320 and one is 275. Is this normal or should they all be the same weight? The clock was left to me/ Thanks.

    • Hello Rance, Usually they would all be the same weight. One was probably lost and replaced at some point. However, in most cases it should still operate properly.

  104. Hello Bernd,
    Four years ago I bought a 8-day cuckoo-clock. Suddenly, the music has begun playing slowly.
    Now, the music does not play every hour. Or, when it plays, it is slow and incomplete, and the last notes are played at the half hour.
    From the answers I have read here and since last winter (and even this summer) was extremely wet (at least, in my country, Portugal), I suspect that the clock needs some oil.
    Am I correct? If so, should I look for a special kind of oil? And where should I apply it? On the chains or on the music box mechanism?
    Thank you for your kind attention.

    • Hello Raquel, The clock needing to be oiled would be the best case scenario. To begin with I must state that it would be best to have a clock repair expert see it first. I would also ask if the weights are difficult to pull up. While not impossible, it would be unusual for a clock to need to be oiled after only 4 years.

  105. My cuckoo clock chimes at the hour 3-4 times in a row. Is there a way to stop it from doing this? Thank you!

  106. My son (the mechanically minded one in the family) and I took our new Hones clock out of the box and followed the directions and set it up. The dancers never stop dancing so we removed the left weight of the three weights. It is an eight day clock with three weights. The clock is also losing 2-3 minutes of time per day. We found one small spring, loose in the packing box, that we cannot tell where it goes using the directions. Is there a place in or near Kansas City where we can get warranty work done? It is just a couple of weeks removed from the box.

    Thank you,

    • Hello Claude, Other than needing to adjust the pendulum if the clock is slow, none of this should be happening with a new cuckoo clock, especially a Hones. I would contact the place you purchased it from right away to find out about the warranty.

    • I have a cuckoo clock I bought 15 years ago in Germany. I can’t get it to place music or cuckoo or keep the pendulum moving. What should I do.

      • Hi Lesa, It could be a lot of things going on. You may need to take it to a service center or replace it. The cuckoo/music easy answer would be if the night shutoff was on. The easy answer for pendulum would be the clock not being balanced. However there may be other stuff going on that is causing the whole operation to shut down.

  107. We just received our “souvenir” 8-day Hone cuckoo clock from Germany. It has a side lever for sound–marked manual, automatic and off. We have set it on each of the settings and can only get the sound turned off for night on the “off” setting. Which should be the correct setting to turn off the night cuckoos and what should we do if we can’t get this to work? I appreciate your time in responding.

    • Hello Brenda, Since the cuckoo clock is mechanical, it does not actually know if it is AM or PM. You need to “program” the clock so that it is set correctly to use the automatic night shutoff. Those steps will be in the instructions that came with your Hones cuckoo clock.

  108. I’ve had my Black Forest for about a year now. It is an 8 day that I have double up the chain so it is now on a 4 day schedule. I’m always letting it reach the bottom and having to reset it. Lately when I reset, and give the pendulum a push it only runs about 10 minutes before it stops. I’ve looked and it is not hitting the chains or anything else. It has not been moved at all so I know it is still flush. What could be causing this, and how can I fix it?

    • Hi Angie, The amount of time here is important. Are you sure it is 10 minutes? Usually that would be for an older clock that needs oiling or cleaning or some external force like a fan blowing the pendulum. If it is closer to 1-2 minutes, watch cuckoo clock video #4 here. If it’s only a year old, it is likely still under warranty and I would check with the place you purchased it from.

  109. Hi Bernd Fehrenbach,
    I have a Germany 3 weights coukoo clock and the middle chain is on the gear but when I pull up it does not stay up
    and falls back, could you suggest what the problem could be to enable it to be fixed.
    Thanking you and look forward to your reply.
    Khalid Shad.

    • Hello Khalid, It can’t be on correctly if it is dropping. This would require you to get inside to fix it. I would recommend taking it to a professional with experience working with cuckoo clocks. For them, it should be an easy fix.

  110. My daughter bought me a black forest cuckoo clock on her visit to Germany. It worked fine for a few weeks. Now whenever the bird is to come out and cuckoo the clock stops. It works fine as long as I have it set so the bird does not come out and cuckoo. What can I do to fix this? Thank You

    • Hello Kim, My first thought is to contact the place it was purchased from if you just got it. This should not be happening on a new clock and it should be under warranty. Short of that, I think it would need a more thorough investigation. Does the clock “click” at 5 minutes before the hour? Is the cuckoo door unlatched? What stops when the cuckoo comes out – and is it before, during or after the call?

      • Hi! It does click 5 minutes before the hour, The cuckoo door is unlatched. I believe it stops right before the cuckoo because it doesn’t come out and the door stops. It is under warranty, however my daughter bought it for me on a visit to Germany. She lives in England and I live in America. I am afraid the shipping charges would be way too high to mail it back and forth! The clock works fine, other than it just doesn’t cuckoo!!!! Do you think if I emailed the place she bought it they could direct me to somewhere in the United States where I could have it fixed?

        • Hi Kim, Usually these 2 items wouldn’t be related. You can also check out the last 3 videos here. I think it does need professional service. The charges would likely be $30-$100 via USPS International. First, I would check with the manufacturer or place she bought it and see if they have a USA service center.

  111. Hi, we have a cuckoo clock that we were given as a gift, we have now set it up, everything works fine apart from the fact that one weight and chain is moving quicker than the other, after working for 6 days it is near the bottom but the other one is only 1/4 of the way down, it’s an 8 day clock, any advice appreciated! Thank you

  112. Sir,
    We have a Drubba Black Forrest clock with a loose hour hand. It is inside the minute hand and does not rotate.

  113. Hi.. Bernd
    I purchased Cuckooclock two years ago, it’s running well till few weeks ago, the short needle getting lose and would not go to the correct number , it keep fall down due to gravity, what should we do ?

  114. Hello! I have an 8 day, 3 weighted, chalet style cuckoo clock that is working well. I will be moving in a few weeks, and I was wondering if you had any tips or suggestions on the best and safest way to move my clock? I still have the original packaging and am able to transport it in my vehicle. Thanks!

    • Hi Katie, The best thing to do would be to wind it so that the weights are at the top, then remove the weights and keep it flat on it’s back. Ideally if you had the wire that came with it or another, you could thread it through the top chain links which helps prevent the chains from coming off of the wheel. Latch the cuckoo door too. Mostly just be careful!

  115. The pendulum for our clock was lost in a move. Where can this be replaced? Thanks so much.

    • Hi Jamie, You can use any similarly sized pendulum. However, the perfect solution would be to identify the manufacturer and then get an authorized service station. They would likely be able to get the exact match.

  116. Hi,
    I have a 4 month old Hurbet Herr clock purchased in Germany. It has been working perfectly until a few weeks ago when it has stopped playing the last note of the music and isn’t finishing the movement (dancing), On the quarter hr it then plays the last note and finishes dancing. If you pull on the chain of the music, it will play this note and dance. It happens more on one particular song but doesn’t happen all the time.
    Thank you

    • Hello Lee, – I would contact the place you got it from right away. You should not be having issues like that with a new clock. This isn’t something you could fix yourself. Best of luck.

  117. I have a cuckoo clock purchased at Drubba in Black Forest. When pulling the chain, it sounded like the chain got unattached inside and then just fell to the floor. Where is a reliable repair store. Drubba used to have a place in Massachusetts. Does it still exist? Where in or near Connecticut can I take it?

    • Hi Michele, Unfortunately I don’t have a place to recommend in that area, but it sounds like only the chain is off the wheel. If that’s the case it would be a relatively easy fix for a local person who has worked on cuckoo clocks before.

  118. We bought a Black forest Cuckoo clock only last month in Germany and brought it back home safely in the original packaging. We assembled it as per instructions. However, from day 1 , the cuckoo has only been chiming once for the hour instead of the chiming as per the hour. We contacted the outlet where we bought the clock, who in turn, put us in touch with the manufacturer.
    He firstly advised us to take the clock off the hook, hold it firmly and bang it on the top. That did not help. Next, he advised us to move the switch on the side, on and off several times. That did not work too.
    We are very disappointed, as we were so keen to have this special souvenir back from our holiday. Now we have ended up with something that is more a problem than a pleasure! Can you help fix this problem, without having to courier it back to an authorised service agent. Thank you for your help. Manohar.

        • There is a lever inside we call a rake that sometimes doesn’t fall into place. Sometimes if you (gently) tap or shake the clock it will fall into place. But if it doesn’t you would need to move it manually and it is difficult to see from the back of the clock with the door removed.

  119. Hi,
    I purchased a cuckoo clock from Germany last month. It was working fine till yesterday, but it stopped working somewhere in the night. When I try to run it, pendulum stops exactly after 1 min. Could you please suggest something on this?
    It seems the min chain is not coming out and is stuck. I have not changed the position of the clock as it was working fine for around 15 days in same position. I have not tried anything yet to fix this myself. Can it be fixed at home?


    • Hello Vaibhav, I’m not sure if it can be fixed at home. The pendulum stopping and the chain not moving could possibly be 2 separate issues. The first things to try are to tug (gently) down on the weight of the stuck chain and see if there is a kink that you can free. Also, watch the pendulum to see if it swings freely. You can also watch video 4 here.

  120. I have a old cookoo clock that has a lot of oil & grim on the gears. What can i use to clean & desolve the oil & grim off the gears?

    • Hi Louis, While there are things to clean grime you could put on the chains or gears, my recommendation would be only to wipe them down well and have clock oil applied.

  121. My cuckoo clock is almost 6 years old, now a days the cuckoo comes out as per its choice and keep sounds wrongly, e.g at 3 sounds for 10 etc, I have corrected several time but after 2-3 hrs it again De-synchornised.
    Any suggestion.

      • Hi–I have the same problem. We bought a nice ($200) 3-weight cuckoo in the Black Forest in 1990 –it works perfectly but it quit playing the music on the hour & half-hour. When I take the back off, I can’t see how it’s connected to the the 3rd weight. When I pull on the weight, it WILL play. I’ve added a bit more weight to it, but that didn’t fix if. Don’t want to add more weight. Has to be an oiling problem–we live in the humid Louisiana climate.

  122. Hi,
    i bought a new house and we recently shifted there.One of my aunts who had been to Germany got me a cuckoo clock.I am not sure about the date of purchase.The issue is that the cuckoo always chimes once.Even for 10 pm,it always chimes once instead of 10 times.At 10.30 also,it is the same [which is expected].The clock as such works pretty well.It does not stop nor is it fast or slow.But the chime is an issue.Can some one help me with this.

    • Hello Amitha, My first suggestion is to check and see if she just got it or it is under warranty still. There is an adjustment that needs to be made inside the mechanism but it should be done at a professional repair center.

      • Hello Amitha,
        Have you found any repairer? I have one cuckoo clock, which is not working and I am looking for someone, who can fix it. I am from Mumbai
        Please reply

  123. Our 8 day Chalet cuckoo clock cuckoos and plays music on the hour at he same time. Help.

  124. Hi
    I have just repaired my cuckoo clock. I have a disc that I’m presuming is a weight for something that I pulled out of the back. I’m not sure where it’s come from. It’s an old model, I think like a Black Forest one, that works of two weights.
    Hope you can help.


  125. Iam currantly repairing an old cuckoo perhaps early twentieth century. Every time the cuckoo comes out the door opens AE if it’s ten o’clock it opens and closes ten times, if I hold the door open it will operate normaly.Is this a normal operation for an old clock?

  126. Hi, I have an 8 day chalet cuckoo and its supposed to dance only on the randomly dances on the half hour … works great on the stand but when moved it acts up. it worked great and accordingly for at least a week until I put the back back on. now it dances on the hour and sometimes dances on the half hour…any thoughts?

  127. Hi,
    my cuckoo clock is 2 yrs old. it sounds about 7-8 minutes after the minute hand is past 12. what can be the reason.
    -Swara (Pune, India)

  128. Clock 5 years old. Clock coo coos just find and right number, but the music will not play… thought at first maybe pulled up the 3rd chain to high. Now left two chains working fine but third does not move..and no music and people do not move around ..

      • Hi im having the same issue. I tried tugging gently. This makes the music play. But it stops playing as soon as i release the music chain. Help!

        • Hi Jolaina, the most likely fix is to have it professionally serviced where they will oil the chains and parts of the mechanism. If it is hard to wind now, you can try to use a little clock oil (or mineral oil in a pinch) and see if it improves at all. If so, it would need a real oiling at some point.

  129. Hi there

    My clock has stopped after I wound it up. When I swing the pendulum, it works for about 3-4 minutes and then stops. I am really upset and want to get it mended but can’t seem to locate a clock repairer in the Norwich area (UK). Is there something I can do myself? I fear I may have wound it up too much

  130. Hi: We bought a blackforest cukoowatch(quartz type) with 12 music playing 4 months ago, and that worked very good without any problems until 4 days ago , which stopped cukoo andplaying music at all. The clock works fine , but there is no sound at all !
    I think there should be an interruption between the batteries and the sound apparatus, but I could not find any problem in the wires which go from batterycase to the sound-part .
    What can I do? Should I send it to a service center( with regards of that fact we should have a warranty)? If so , is there any center in Denmark( we live in Denmark of course!)

    • Hello Arezoo, A couple of things here. First, make sure there are all fresh batteries and they are in correctly and that they are touching the contacts well. Then make sure you don’t have a night shutoff set to “On”. Also – if it has a light sensor, make sure that the battery cuckoo clock isn’t in an area that is too dark. If all of those things resolve, I would guess that it is defective and you should contact the place you got it from. There is probably a manufacturer warranty too, but that would depend on which company made it. I don’t know of any cuckoo clock repair in Denmark, but the manufacturer may have one.

  131. About 6 years ago our son gave us a Black Forest Cuckoo Clock. Lately it has been stopping every morning & evening at the same time every day. It will do this for several day’s or week’s then it may run right for a while & then it will do it again.
    We have blown the dust out of it but it didn’t help it any.
    Is there something we can do to fix it?
    Thank you.

      • Hi Bernd,

        My cockoo clock is stopping at 5 mins to the hour about every other hour. Is their something I can do to fix this. P.S. My clock had a cleaning and repair about 5 months ago. $ 400.00.
        Thanks for your help, Laurie

        • Hi Laurie, You should probably contact that repair place again. That service charge isn’t unheard of but not cheap either and the clock should be running smoothly. Usually at the 5 minute of mark, the clock is setting itself to do it’s function on the hour (or half). It sounds like something is not happening properly at that time and it is an internal repair.

      • It’s stops around 9:30 morning & night until I rewind it, then it may stop at a different time morning & night.
        Right it is running just fine & has been for a couple of weeks. I never know when it may stop.
        Thanks, Vernon

  132. Hi, i bought cuckoo clock on line through a website. But it didn’t work properly. i get cuckoo sound when minute hand comes to 5 (i.e. 8.25) instead of 12. i couldn’t able to resolve. Please advice to set it up properly.

  133. I bought black forest cuckoo clock from Germany last year during our visit to UK. But we fixed the clock here in India now. The time is running slow for 20 minutes. How to solve this problem? How to move the pendulam from the stem up and down for the correct time?
    Thank U for this reply.

    Nancy Ponraja
    2nd March 2014

    • Hello Nancy, If the time is running slow, slide the weight on the pendulum up a small amount. Maybe 2-3 mm. Then watch it after 24 hours and see where it’s at. You may have to move it a few times until it’s spot on, giving 24 hours after each adjustment.

  134. Hi, I have a cuckoo clock Ive had for two years. Right at this moment the cuckoo door stays open and the left weight won’t stay up and the right chain won’t come down. Ive always been really careful and I wind it slow. What can I do to fix this??

    Thank you,

    • Hi Sue, You should probably have it looked at by a clock repair center while it is still a minor issue. It sounds like the chains may have come off of the wheels. You can try pulling very lightly on the weight on the right in case there is a kink in the chain, but that probably isn’t the issue. This happens often if people move the clock, turn it over etc. when the chains aren’t wound.

  135. we had a cottage cuckoo clock hanging in our kitchen/living room for about 2 years when the pendulum became increasingly reluctant to move and finally stopped altogether. We then had another and 2 years passed and the same thing has happened. It doesn’t appear to be dirty inside but is that the problem?
    Thank you,

    • Hi Joanna, It would be impossible to know without looking at the clock but I wouldn’t think that the clock being dirty is the issue. Is the only issue that the pendulum does not want to swing freely? Are the chains difficult to wind? Is the pendulum stuck in place?

  136. I purchased a Black Forest 1day wind cuckoo clock last September 2013. It plays 2 songs. When we 1st hung the clock it played Happy Wanderer on the hour and Idleweiss on the half hour. A few months ago I noticed the songs reversed and it played Idleweiss on the hour and Happy Wanderer on the half. Just yesterday, it reversed and went back to playing Happy Wanderer on the hour and Idleweiss on the half. When this 1st happened I called the dealer (longtime jeweler, fine china & clocks) he couldn’t explain it. Now that it has happened again, I’m very curious to know why this happens. Thank you Beth

    • Hi Beth, You can change it the way you want but it probably won’t be worth the hassle. The issue is likely because of the night shut-off. If Happy Wanderer is next on deck and you turn it off then when you turn it on again it should still be next. Try it yourself – at :45 turn on the night shut-off and then turn it off at the next :15. It should reverse where it is now.

      • Hello, I have never touched the night shut off. ???? how did this happen all on it’s own?
        Thank you.

          • Sir, you would not believe this.. this morning I came down stairs, decided to wind my clock (1 day), the hones were getting close to the floor. So I stopped the pendulum, wound the clock, started the pendulum. About an hour or so later I realized the music had reversed again. My husband says it’s my mother. I really can’t figure this out. Can you?
            Thank you.
            Allyson Beth Baptiste

  137. The clock I have is not working. I suspect it is either wound too tight and/or the hour hand was forcibly moved causing it jamb-up. If it is either of these I’d like to know what it would cost to repair.

    • Hi Jeff, That really depends on what the repairman finds and if parts need to be replaced and their rates. Can you be more specific on the issue? Is it just dead/not working at all?

  138. hello,
    I bought a second hand cuckoo clock. It works fine but the bird cuckoos too fast. Do you have any ideas to slow the bird down? thanks a lot

    • Hello nga, For the most part the speed of the cuckoo is set at the time of manufacture and that is it. Some are faster than others. If it is really too fast, to where you thing something is wrong, the first thing to check is that the proper weights are on the clock.

  139. I have just received my clock and been installed this week. It is running perfectly although one of the weights is moving much faster than the other 2. it is an 8 day one. Can I pull the chain before the 8 days? If so do I pull all three at the same time or just the one that needs it? Thank you

    • Hello Lee, It is ok if one moves more often and thus “faster”. Usually that is the way. You can pull the weights whenever you want and you can do any or all of them. Basically, everything will work normally as long as they don’t reach the end, in which case it will work normal once that one is pulled again. One weight is for the time, 1 for the cuckoo and 1 for the music. So based on the activity, the weights will move as they need to only.

  140. Hi Bernd,

    My 1-day clock bought from Titisee is about 3-months old. It has been working fine. But recently, the pendulum keep stopping every once in a while even though the weights are up. Should I try adjusting by tilting the cottage slightly? If this is a positional problem, I don’t think a repair man can help, right?

    • Hi Su, It’s hard to diagnose like this, but probably yes. First make sure the clock is flush and plumb and balanced on the wall. The pendulum should swing freely and not be impeded by the weights, chains or wall where the wire comes down. Try tilting the cottage as well to see if you can get it to keep working. If so, you may need to adjust the wire. Watch video 4 here:
      Also – always consider the possibility that something like a draft could be occasionaly moving the pendulum into contact with something.

  141. Hi, we bought a cuckoo clock 6 months back; was working perfectly fine..till we went for vacation for 4 weeks..after coming back; the clock time & cuckoo works well; but the music is like a sore throat..the dancers are dancing slowly and the music is also getting slower n slower..all the more I can hear the chain on the windings/wheels when the dancers are dancing and it is a harsh noise – never heard it before..
    Is this due to extreme cold (while we were away for 4 weeks)? We are in toronto…
    What can I do to rectify this problem?
    Thanks in advance!!

    • Hi Nirav, A lot of questions here. It would have to have been almost frozen to have that much of an issue. I’m assuming it was inside with at least some amount of heat? This sounds more like an issue with the lubrication on the chains or mechanism or another mechanical issue. I would take it to a service center if you cannot see an obvious obstruction when looking in the back.

  142. I have a German made 1 day (?) cuckoo that belonged to my grandparents. It runs fast and when I researched it I discovered it was missing the bob on the pendulum. Can I replace the bob or do I need to replace the whole pendulum and how do I know what kind to order?

    • Hi Amanda, In theory you could replace the bob but it might not be balanced and I don’t know anyone that sells just the bob. Replacing the pendulum as a whole probably makes more sense – and they aren’t that pricey. You have to match the style, color and to some degree the size. The first 2 are based on what you are willing to live with. For the size, just match the length of the pendulum stick you have now. The bob that comes with it should be appropriate already.

  143. Hello, if I am going on a long trip (about a week) and I won’t be able to wind my one day cuckoo clock, do I need to hire someone to come and wind it while I am away? I don’t want the weights to drop to the floor and have the chain fall off, because I live in a remote country with no maintenance shops. What should I do?

    • Hello Icn, No need to hire anyone! When you are ready to go, just stop the pendulum and then wind the weights to the top. When you return set the to the correct time using the minute hand and then tap the pendulum again to get it going. It also helps to put the night shut-off on first so you don’t have to wait every half hour or hour for the cuckoo (or movement) when resetting the time.

  144. Hello Mr. Fehrenbach,

    Can you tell me the best place to find bolt style pendulums for my clocks? I have an assortment of them, and Im only aware that different size clocks need different lengths of rod. I’m sure that my family would appreciate adjusting them with a little more ease and precision. Thank you.

  145. I have an 8 day cuckoo clock that is 55+ years old. It came with a string to pull to generate the cuckoo chime. With my kids and now my grand kids wanting to see and hear the bird, this string wore out and I took the clock apart to replace it. Now the clock strikes an odd number of times (always less) than the hour it is on. If I pull on the new string, it chimes the right number of times. Any suggestions?

  146. HI,

    Have a Schneider cuckoo clock where everything works perfectly, but sometimes the music will randomly play on the half hour. It still cuckoos the appropriate number times on the various hours along with the music. Not sure what is wrong. Also, I was told that when adjusting the time if you don’t let it do its chimes on the hour and half you can damage it. I just slowly rotate minute hand until I have the appropriate time. Thanks for the help.


    • Hi Matt, it is true that you should let the clock complete its music and functions before winding it or moving the minute hand to the next half or hour. Still, it is odd that it would be doing that intermittently. Does it always play the same song? Does it cuckoo 1 time on the half?

  147. I have a cuckoo clock, bought at Innsbruck in May 2013, which has stopped working. I am from New Delhi, India and would like to know if I could get it repaired somewhere in this city. Regards

    • Dear Dr. Bhaduri,
      I am from Kerala and I am now almost an expert when it comes to recovering a 1 day cuckoo clock. If you may need, I can help you with fixing it. Please drop me an email.

      • Dear Anand, I’m Raja from Bangalore. I’ve a cuckoo clock that has been working well for last seven years, recently I had to repair because something was broken inside and it works perfectly fine except that the cuckoo calls too fast. It’s almost twice as fast as it was before. Do you know what could be the issue and how to fix it? Many Thanks.

        • Hi Raja, Is it possible that it is moving the right speed now and was too slow before because it needed service? Otherwise it was an adjustment that was made in service and you should check with the provider as to what was done.

  148. we bought a cuckoo clock from was working fine for the last 6 months,now on full hour it chimes like half hourly only//kindly advice some suggestion.

  149. Hello Bernd,

    I have a German made Cuckoo Clock purchased from Lausanne in 2008. Accidently one of the chains came out from the gear, I could reload the chain by putting clock upside down and with few attempts, however the gear does not move. It is a mechanical clock. Can you please suggest possible solution?

  150. I bought a cuckoo clock in the Black Forest this last summer. It has recently started to cuckoo 1 , 2 or occasionally 3 times on the half hour. Hours seem to be correct.
    any suggestions please???
    Many Thanks
    Peter Corbett

    • Hi Peter, it will have to be professionally serviced. Some clocks cuckoo as a matter of course 1 time on the half hour but it should not be multiple times. It isn’t a difficult repair but one I wouldn’t suggest tackling yourself.

  151. hello, I hope you can help me. My cuckoo cuckoos on the hour and half hour. However, it always cuckoos eleven times (as in 11:00) each hour. The half hour is okay – only one cuckoo. What do I need to do. Thanks, Lilburn

  152. Hello,
    I hope you can help me. Why does only one weight drop and the other is still at the top not moving down at all? The weight that drops is for time and so the clock keeps perfect timing.

    But the cuckoo has not come out even once and it will not play.

    Please do help me.

    Thank you,


    • Hello Sophie, The most likely solution is that the night shut-off is on. One weight is for the time and the other for the cuckoo. If it is on, it won’t make a sound and the weight won’t drop. Also. make sure the wire in front of the cuckoo door is moved and the bellow clips inside the clock have been removed.

  153. Hi Bernd,
    A merry christmas and happy new year to you.
    Hope you would be able to help me with the repair of my cuckoo clock. We have a One day Black Forest cuckoo clock which we got from Germany recently. When I was trying to adjust the time, the minute and hour hands seem to have separated and now the hour hand does not move along with the minute hand when the clock is set to work. Can you please suggest a way to repair this?

    Many thanks

    • Hello Sapna, Usually on cuckoo clocks you can gently (very gently) push the hour hand a little further in. Do this at the center not the tip. That is if it hangs loose now. The hardware can also be removed in front of the minute hand if need be. If I’m not understanding your situation correctly than you would want to have it professionally serviced.

  154. Hello. I have read through the post and cannot find my issue. I have an 8 day clock with two weights. I moved it to paint my wall and have not been able to get it to work since. The pendulum will swing for a short time then stop. I think the time weight may be pulled too far up, it never moves down at all. I love the sound the clock makes and miss it a lot. Can you help me. I have a smaller clock as well with no ID on the back and it always starts back up but requires the weights pulled up about twice a day. The 8 day last a lot longer.

    • Hi Allen, it may be 2 separate issues you are describing. The first thing I would check is if the pendulum wire has been bent or is impeded at all. Also would check to see if the chain is off the wheel. If the clock is hung up and you turn the minute hand around does the weight drop? Does it make sound?

  155. We moved from Germany to the US and stored our cuckoo clock in our home for 4 years. Today I put it up and everything works. The cuckoo and music sound really slow (like a record being played on slow speed). Is there anything I can do to fix this? Thank you

    • Hi Suzette, If everything works it probably just needs to be oiled after being stored in the wrong environment. However, if it is something else it would need to be determined by a professional looking inside the clock.

  156. I have a 7 day cuckoo clock. The center weight will not pull up easily like the left and right weight. I did not want to force it. Do you think the weight has come off the sprocket OR the sprocket needs to be cleaned and oiled like the local dealer is suggesting ? thank you so much, Manuela

    • Hi Manuela, If it does pull up, albeit not easily than having it oiled is the most likely solution. Don’t force it! Also, for 8-day cuckoos it’s good practice to support the weights underneath when pulling them up to put less stress on the clock.

  157. Hello,
    I hope you can help me. Why does only one weight drop and the other is still at the top not moving down at all?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Robin, that could be multiple issues but my first guess would be that the weight that drops is for the time and you have the night shutoff set to “ON”. Is it making noise?

  158. I have a 8 day coco clock, 2 weights underneath, but there is a heavy string to the left that goes thru a third hole, when pulled the clock coco’s, i don’t know what this string is for, also is there a special way to set the time on this type of clock? any info would be appreciated. Thanks Mike

    • Hello Michael, There should be no special way to set the time. That third hole would usually be for music and have its own chain and weights. It sounds like someone “fixed” the clock in some manner. There should be no string. Usually there are 2 or 3 weights. One is for the time and one is for the cuckoo. A third would be for music.

  159. I recently received my mechanical clock. It has worked great for the first few weeks but occasionally one of the chimes will sound odd as if it is somehow striking twice as if the mechanism contacting the chime hits it on both the forward and recoil of the stroke, any thoughts in what this might be or how to fix it?

    • Hi Jordan, if you purchased your clock from us, please give us a call. If not, it might need to be professionally repaired. It would be odd if the chime only sounds strange occasionally. Unfortunately it is going to need to viewed in action to determine the issue.

  160. Our new Hones cuckoo clock works mostly perfect, except for one think. My sounds and dancers are three minutes late every time.

    Please advise, thanks in advance!

  161. Hi, we have a small Scheider mechanical cuckoo clock. Lately is has been calling one call short only the hours of 4 thru 7. When the minute hand is taken through all 12 hours the calls are correct. It is only wrong when left to run on its own and only wrong 4 thru 7 oclock. I think from what I’ve read so far that this probably has to be professionally fixed, and we can’t see anything obviously wrong when we open the back. But could you please explain what probably happened, because wondering about it is driving me nuts! Thanks!

  162. Greetings Bernd! I have a rather simple cuckoo clock. The music chain works just fine. The time chain however is giving me fits. The weight pulls the chain down just fine and the time keeps beatifully. But when it’s time to pull the chain and raise the weight, the chain will not budge. Any suggestions on a fix would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  163. Hi Brend,
    I bought a one day lotscher swiss cuckoo clock in in Geneva in June this year and just bought it home now opened the package to install. . I have followed all instructions of installation. But no luck. I can insert only two weights on two hooks but though the third chain exists i cannot see the third chain coming out ? So what do i do? Can you help Please !!

  164. we have a one day cuckoo clock. the cuckoo works fine the music works sometime when it does it keeps playing till it runs down what can I do to fix it. JOHN

  165. I have a black forest one with 7 maple leaves and 3 birds. i got it as a gift out of box, so i dont know what kind it is. Their is two doors ( 1 on each side) on the side of the clock. i was just wondering what they where for.

  166. Hello Mr Brend,

    I have read all the posts on your website and felt to contact you. We are the AUTHORISED SERVICE AGENTS for Cuckoo clock in BANGALORE , INDIA. We are officially Authorised by DRUBBA, TRENKLE, ANTON SCHNEIDER, AND HONES. Our name is also there in the WORLD WIDE LIST OF SERVICE CETNRES IN THE WEBSITE OF ASSOICATION OF BLACK FOREST

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  167. i have a American Cuckoo Bird clock. the gear box is all apart and i wanted to get it fixed. do you repair them or can you recomend someone to fix it?

    thanks bill

  168. Hoping for some help ,I have a one day swiss cookoo clock .It has worked perfectly for many yrs .We move It to another place in the room .It now chimes 14 times every hour but on the half hour it cookoos just the once as it should .It keeps good time and runs well .We have moved it back to where it was made no difference Dave

      • yes it cookoos once on the half hour and every hour it i cookoos fourteen times .no mater what the time is

          • I have managed to get the clock to cookoo at the right amount for the time .It was all to do with the chime I have moved the chime wire out of the way .No longer chimes but cookoos at correct time and number of cookoos .Very strange but will do for now .clock keeps perfect time and now the cookoo works too.This may be of help if anyone has this odd problem .Thanks for your replies Dave

  169. I bought an 8 day kucoo clock in Germany last year. Recently the music on the hour will not stop. How can I adjust to correct this problem?

    We don’t have a kucoo clock repair shop in Shenyang China. Could you give me some hints so that I can do it by myself at home?



  170. my blackforest cocukoo clock was working fine but l believe the weight hit the floor and the door stayed opened l worked gently on closing it because this happened once before but this time was harder to close it finally did but then noticed that the bird came disconnected from the door. l wasn’t sure how to reconnect but l did not done correctly l guess because it doesn’t work. How would l do it correctly? Thank-you for your help.

    • Hi Gail, it depends on the model of the clock and also if something was broken or just disconnected – which should not happen. It sound like you forced it closed? Someone would probably have to see the clock.

  171. I have recently had a cuckoo clock serviced & chains replaced prior to moving from Malaysia to UK. When we arrived here we hung the cuckoo clock & it functioned perfectly. However over the last 10 days or so the cuckoo is behaving totally erratically sometimes chiming up to 44 times on the hour & anything between 2 & 15 times on the half hour. Very occasionaly it chimes correctly.
    Is there anything we can do to correct this ? We paid approx £160 for the service & hope we can fix this problem without having to pay out a lot more money.

    • Hi Christine, Is the clock cuckooing (is that word?) until it runs out of chain or does it stop on its own and continue to run? Does everything else work correctly? It may not be a serious repair but it will probably be a professional repair or adjustment.

  172. I bought a 1-day chalet cuckoo clock in Germany last month and had it shipped home to the U.S. It worked perfectly when i bought it. It just arrived yesterday. I followed all of the unpacking and hanging instructions very precisely, and just managed to get the clock to tick evenly and keep running. But in spite of the fact that the bellows clips have been removed and the paper has been removed from gong coil, it doesn’t cuckoo and the music doesn’t play. Also, after reading a lot of the posts on your site, it seems that the timing is a little off: I hear a click at about 2 minutes after the hour and half hour. Obviously, since I hear the click, the night switch is in the ‘on’ position, which is supposed to allow the clock to cuckoo. I looked at some videos and checked everything on the inside that I felt comfortable that I wouldn’t inadvertently break, and everything seems to be in order, so now I’m stumped. What do you suppose could be the problem? After spending 500€ on this clock, I hardly want to have to pack it up and drive it 2 hours to the nearest cuckoo clock repair shop! I would appreciate any ideas you might have.

    • Hi Jeri, It sounds like you have done everything correctly. You can also pull slightly on the chains to make sure there are no kinks. Have you moved the wire from in front of the cuckoo door?

  173. I have an 8 day cuckoo clock about 7 years old. The chains have gradually become more difficult to wind to the point I do not want to force them. The middle weight, which I believe is the heaviest, is the hardest to pull up. The local dealer indicated the clock just needs to be cleaned and oiled. Is this something with a little bit of skill, I can do myself ? Thank you. Manuela

    • Hi Manuela, This is a loaded question. You could oil the chains yourself with clock oil. However a clock repair canter would be able to oil places you would not be able to reach – if necessary. Usually, all 3 weights would be the same and its best to support the weight from the bottom when winding on 8-day clocks. You can try oiling the chain first and if there is no improvement it may need more service to reach the inner mechanism.

  174. I have a unique problem with an old black forest clock. I now have to keep the clock at a slight angle of the top to the left as you look at it on the wall to keep it running. What could be causing this? Other than this it still works perfectly and would love to get it back to being able to be hung level.

    • I should have stated this is a traditional 1-day clock with cuckoo, music, and coil chime; all are still working correctly as is the clock other than having to be left at the mentioned angle.

      • Hi Gretchen, It could be a few things – but the first (easy) question would be if the pendulum wire has been bent so that when it is in the flush/balanced position the wire or pendulum comes into contact with something rather than swing freely?

  175. I have an eight day movement cuckoo clock. The minute hand swings down to the six when I try to move the minute hand to achieve the correct time and the hour hand is in between numbers. Also the pendulum stops after a few ticks. I just got it back from repair. Why is the nut that holds the hands in place loose?

    • Hi Judith, These sound like questions for the repair center you took it to. If the nut is loose, that is probably the reason that the minute hand is dropping. Make sure you don’t loose any of those pieces!

  176. Hello Bernd, Just a quick question. Last week I purchased a beautiful new cuckoo clock which I immediately hung on the wall. All of the elements work as expected save for one. The clock drops roughly 7 minutes every hour. Naturally I adjusted the bob, raising it higher up the post. This didn’t seem to have much effect. I have adjusted it several times at this point, to the extent that the bob is raised as high as it can be and still swing unimpeded. The clock still looses time. Any ideas will be appreciated……Thanks.

    • Hello Eric, My best guess without seeing the clock is that the pendulum is too small for the clock and not the original one. That is assuming that it is a mechanical cuckoo clock and not a battery cuckoo clock.

  177. I have a beautiful Black Forest cuckoo clock that is missing all the weights, the pendulum, and one of the three chains. How do I determine what size/weight/length pendulum is proper, how do I determine what size weights to use (and where if they are unequal), and how do I find as well as install the right chain?

    • Hello James, I would highly recommend taking it to a professional clock repair facility for the chain. Depending on some factors and cost I might recommend just replacing the clock. To answer your question, you can try for parts. Sometimes you can find them on Amazon. If it has 3 chains, it’s an 8-day clock and it should have 3 weights of equal weight (around 1200-1500 grams). The pendulum size would depend on the clock size.

  178. Hello, I have a cuckoo clock that my husband and I bought in the German Black Forest (2003). He recently started becoming a light sleeper and wants to turn off the cuckoo sound. I don’t think ours has a night switch (the outside of the clock has a slit on the side but there is no lever so I assume, the housing was made with a slot but the mechanism inside was not made for it to have a silent mode option). Can I 1. remove the weight on the chain for the cuckoo sound or 2. close the bird’s door with the wire? Will doing either one of these damage the clock? What is the proper way to turn off the cuckoo sound if I don’t have the night mode switch?

    • Hi Perry, I’m going to guess that you are exactly right and that the same housing was used. There isn’t really a proper way and we would normally suggest someone replace the clock with one that has the night shutoff feature. To better answer your question, don’t shut the cuckoo door, that would be rougher on the mechanism. The better option would be removing the weight. The next morning, it should immediately cuckoo 12 times and then be correct on the next hour. You will still hear it click at around 5 minutes to the hour but it will be quieter. You can also stop the pendulum at bed time which will stop the clock completely and then use the minute hand to fix the time the next morning and then start the pendulum again.

  179. Hi there,

    My wife and I just received a coo coo clock that has been hanging up and not run for more than 25 years. The movement does appear to be in very good condition. we Hung it up and plumbed it out and it seem to keep good time, However the coo coo will not function on it’s own. It seems that if you add a little extra weight to the weight for the coo coo it will work ok. They are the origional weights that came with the clock. From what I have been reading I am thinking it may need to be oiled to have it function propperly. I also read about an off/on switch, But with this one there isn’t one externally. I did find a lever on the front of the movement that is related to the coo coo mechinism but not sure if it is an off / on switch. Are there clocks that have this switch internally on the front of the movement? Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance,


    • Hello Eric, Most of the time if the function can be completed with extra weight than the solution is to have the cuckoo clock oiled. If there is a night shutoff, it should be outside of the clock and very visible. I’m not sure what are you looking at, but if its inside near the mechanism, it isn’t meant as an on/off to be used regularly.

      • Is it possible the gears are worn? We have had our clock over 20 years, and even though it’s been regularly serviced and looks ‘new’, the gears were worn and loss of the Cuckoo bird was the first clue.

  180. I am trying to figure out how I hook up the wires that raise the bellows in my cuckoo clock. I have to install new whole bellows and the posts they sit on. Do you have a picture? Thank you,
    Tim O

  181. I have an 8 day musical chalet cuckoo clock. I recently had it serviced because the music chain jumped the track, and the musical dancers were getting stuck/hanging up. My clock is back on the wall and working ‘fine’. However, it is now playing music on the hour AND the half-hour. I do not want it to play music on the half hour…..just want the single cuckoo, as it did before it was serviced. Do you know how to correct this? Thank you!!!!!

  182. hi i have a musical cuckoo clock I set the time as need be for the number of cuckoos and the musical guy comes out and plays his flute any it seem to be Ok for awhile but them in several hours the clock goes crazy and might ring 4 oclock when its 1 oclock ,or at other times it will ring 3 oclock when its really 6 oclock these are some crazy examples of the rings after all the crazy rings happen I take the hand off and set to the right time again in accordance to the amout of right that were sounded Oh the clock keeps great time in a 24 hour period in may loose a few minutes .
    anyway what should I look for in this crazy situation thank you Blair

    • Hi Blair, I think you are going to have it professionally repaired. It sounds like the strike mechanism needs to be oiled or adjusted or repaired. It looks kind of like a rake with small notches that drops with the cuckoo call. But depending on your clock, it may be very difficult to see without removing the mechanism. Tread lightly!

  183. Hello
    I have a unused Cuckoo Clock that has been in the original box for 12 years. Today I went to hang it on the wall, but it stops ticking after a few minutes. When I pull down on the weight – it seems to tick fine. I called a repair guy and he said it needed to be oiled and wanted $225 for that. I thought that was outrageous. Do you think that’s what it needs? He said that the oil has dried out from it sitting so long. Do you agree? If so – is this something I can do myself? I just ordered the cuckoo clock oil off ebay.
    Thank you for your time. Pj

    • Hi Prentice, It’s hard to say without looking at it. A lot of times if it stops ticking after a few minutes its because of an obstruction to the pendulum or a mounting problem. I guess its possible that the oil has dried but not a definite. You can oil the chains and in turn the parts that come in contact with the chains, but a cuckoo clock service center would be able to get to other parts of the mechanism. You could attempt that too but you could be taking a risk on messing something up. My recommendation would be to oil the chains first since you already ordered the oil and then see if the chains move easily and if it affects the operation at all – and then go from there.

  184. My father bought a cuckoo clock from Germany and brought it to Indonesia about a month ago. He assembled it and worked fine except for one problem. At 1 am/pm, the clock chimes 12 times! For the rest of the hours, it chimes correctly. Any idea how to fix the problem?

  185. I recently purchased my cuckoo clock from Germany and used for a week only and my pendulum is making some noise. Could you please let me know the reason? My clock is working fine but this noise is coming with pendulum sound.

    Thanks in advance

  186. Just received an antique cuckoo clock from my husband and one of the weights does not stay up. I believe it is for the music box because it has not played music since I received it. He bought it in Germany and worked fine before shipping. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Shawn, it sounds like the chain is off of the wheel. If it is old you might be able to open the back and see where it is off, but unless your very handy I would recommend having a clock repairman fix it.

  187. Bernd,

    I was given a one day cuckoo with threes weights. It runs good on the 325 weights. It is in great condition. The only problem is that the cuckoo would keep cooing until the weight would hit the floor. On a whim after reading online I took the weight off and hooked the loop end of a 3/4 inch wrench on the chain. It weighs less but I do not know how much. The cuckoo coos much slower and seems to coo the right number of times on the hour and half hour. Why would the weight required on the clock change like this? How come the old weight is now too heavy? Any thoughts? The music weight works fine.


    • Hi Matt, Assuming the weights are the one that came with the clock, I don’t think the weight is the issue. Certainly 325g would be in the range for a 1-day clock. There is a piece within the mechanism that is supposed to “set” which limits the number of cuckoos to the correct amount for the hour. It’s not a totally uncommon issue. Does it happen every time?

  188. I have a 40 year old cuckoo clock with a Hubert Herr 8 day movement. Clock will operate for about a minute and then stops. Extra weight keeps the clock running longer.

    • Hi Brett, my first thought is that it needs to be properly oiled by a clock repair center. Unless something else is impeding the pendulum and extra weight is just a coincidence and not really effecting it.

  189. I have a Black Forest clock dated 3/77. My parents had it buried in a garage and I resurrected it. My father in law has been cleaning it up and bring it back to life. It is truly a beautiful clock. He has it keeping perfect time but it will not cuckoo on as part of the normal time cycle. If you move the minute hand manually, it will cuckoo one time on the half hour and then the correct amount of times at each hour. If you keep moving it manually, it will work every time. It you let it go on its own, it will still keep perfect time but never cuckoo.

  190. Hi Bernd – I have recently installed my new cuckoo clock, which is working just fine. The concern I have, is that when I come to wind the clock up, the right hand chain glides very smoothly, but the left hand chain seems to have resistance and feels tight. Is this normal? Look forward to your response. Thanks

    • Hi Garry, This would not be normal if you just purchased a new clock. If it is previously owned or displayed it would make more sense. The clock needs to be oiled somewhere with clock oil, maybe just the chain, but maybe in the mechanism. I would call the place you got it right away. If it isn’t new from the box a clock repairman could resolve this easily.

      • Thanks for your reply Bernd. It was actually a gift from someone, who’d had it stored away for a couple of years. Unfortunately, “not in the box!” So your comments would make sense. I will take it to a clock repairman, to be olied. Thanks again for your advice.


  191. After 25 years of repairing clocks…we have over 400 clocks in our home…..I have a 8 day cuckoo that has the movement replaced with a spanking brand new one. The clock will run fine without the pendulum attached… soon as I attach the pendulum the clock stops. It is level…in beat….has been cleaned and fresh clock oil. this one has me stumped… rubbing anywhere on the cabinet….any ideas?


    • Hello Mike, 400 clocks?!? That’s more than our store!To answer your question, based on the information there should be nothing to cause that especially anything minor that you wouldn’t have noticed given your long experience repairing clocks. My first 2 questions would be, Is the pendulum an appropriate size/weight for the clock? and Does it struggle to move or just stop dead in its tracks?

      • Yes, 400 clocks…..another 140 or so in the garage for parts. The pendulum is the one that came with the clock. When attached it might run 30 seconds…or 4 minutes. I think it might be that the 4 nuts that hold the 2 plates together are somewhat tight. I will back them off just a hair. It does have good endshake though.. The movement is new…….puzzles me……..Mike

  192. We purchased an original black forest cuckoo clock this past summer and finally hung it on the wall. It worked great until I accidently pulled the chain that controls the cuckoo too tight as the cone is no longer dropping on that side. It still keeps time but it will no longer make any noise. Is there a small latch or key that holds the cone in place so it will not cuckoo that maybe I engaged? Thanks.

    • Hi Debi, Try gently pulling down on the weight, but don’t force it. Cuckoo chains usually have guards that prevent the chain from going up too far. I’m assuming it hasn’t passed that point. Also make sure the night shut-off isn’t on.

      • Our cuckoo clock was working fine I accidently pulled the chain that controls the cuckoo too tight as the cone is no longer dropping on that side. It still keeps time but it will no longer make any noise. Please help and advise what needs to be done. Thanks.

        • Hi Soni, It MAY have to be professionally serviced, but there is a safety mechanism to stop the chain. Try very carefully pulling down on the weight a small amount and see if it resolves the issue.

  193. Hello Bernd,
    I got new haven cuckoo clock just yesterday, I fixed it with new AA batteries still the pendulam is not moving or moving very very slow for that reason cuckoo also not moving its head back and forth ?
    do not know why and how its happened, this gift is very precious to me,
    kindly let me know how to solve the problem

    with regards/Koushik

    • Hi Koushik, This is site is mostly for mechanical cuckoo clocks because except for a few small things, there isn’t much to do on battery cuckoo clocks. The most likely problem other than mechanical defect is that either the batteries are no good or that they are not installed properly. In some models of battery clocks you have to really make sure they are in straight and touching the contacts. In any case, since you just received it I would suggest exchanging it for a new one if the battery change isn’t effective.

  194. I have a Black Forest cuckoo clock but the weights are missing, how do I know which weights to buy?

    • Hi Carole, If you know what type of clock it is (1-day vs 8-day) that will give you a great starting point. 1 day weights are in the 300g range and 8-days are in the 1000g range. To be exact, you would need to know the manufacturer and model of the clock – but you do not need to be exact.

  195. I had purchased a mechanical cuckoo clock in 2008. It was running fine. but one day i found the hour hand dangling down. the minute hand is working fine and the cuckoo call is also fine. How can one fix it.

    • Hi swati, The real question is if you still have all the hardware. Assuming you do and it’s secure on the front of the dial, put the hour hand to the correct hour and (very) gently push it forward and see if it sits correctly. Don’t force it!

  196. Hi Bernd,
    Have you ever heard of a clock that the music switched i.e. It use to play
    Edelweiss on the hour and The Wonder on the half.Now they are reversed?
    Other wise it works great.

  197. My cuckoo clock chimes correctly on the hour but does not chime on the quarter hour. It worked fine prior to some room remodeling, but when I put it up yesterday the aforementioned happened. Any suggestions?

    • Hi dick, There is really no good reason for that. In most cases, if it did not work on the half or quarter hour the problem would effect the function on the hour as well. I’m also making assumptions on the type of clock you most likely are talking about.

  198. I plan on giving an 8 day musical chalet clock to a friend who lives in a hot, tropical climate, the average day is 90degrees farenheit. How will this heat affect the clock and musical movements? Will the oil dry out sooner? Will it need to be oiled more frequently?

    Thank you for your time and advice.

    • Hello, It will probably have a minimal effect at 90 degrees. Usually, chains tend to dry out when they are near a fireplace or something similar. I guess the humidity could cause a greater chance of rusting the mechanism over a long period of time, but probably not too much of an issue. It may need need to oiled a little more frequently, you will now if the chains get harder to pull up over time. Just invest in some clock oil and you should be fine for years. Also, always support the weight underneath as you wind an 8-day cuckoo clock.

  199. Hello, I’m hoping you can help. We have a cuckoo clock that is a family heirloom and it has started cuckooing three extra times and at 10 minutes past the hour and instead of at the bottom of the hour it cuckoos at 40 minutes past the hour. Suggestions? Would you know of a place in southwest Florida that is reputable and can service the clock?

  200. I have a cuckoo clock that my husband purchased me approx 10 years ago. it has been unused for several years…..when we went to restart it the chains are a little rusty/corroded. I had to put extra weight on the time chain to get it to work….I’ve oiled the chain several times with WD40 and still have extra weight to pull it through mechanism. can I spray something in the back to help lube the gears? Works fine with extra weight…..but when extra is removed pendulum stops.

    • Hi Sandy, My official answer is to have it professionally serviced while it is still an simple procedure. A clock repair specialist will have the right oil and be able to reach the more difficult areas, both to lubricate and clean out if necessary. WD40 is not recommended for cuckoo clocks and can gunk up the insides. Saving that, you could try and clean the chains and any areas you can easily reach with a soft cloth and then apply some clock oil to just the chains.

  201. I have a cuckoo clock problem that I can find no reference to anywhere on the internet. If I move the minute hand of my clock manually while setting the time, when the clock reaches each hour mark it correctly cuckoo’s the expected number of hours. Once set and left for the movement to take the hands around it will only cuckoo once on each hour. Can you think of any problem that would explain this strange behavior?

      • Thanks for the response. This is unfortunate since I inherited the clock I’m not sure I want to spend a fortune to get it fixed. It actually works great except for this small problem. Do you recall any details about the problem that causes this issue?

        • Unfortunately no. Your starting to get into a deeper realm of the clock mechanism function with this. I would at least get a quote before trying to fix it yourself. Cuckoo clocks can last a very long time, over 100 years in some case, but if they are damaged it is often more cost effective to replace them.

  202. I recently bought an old cuckoo clock (looks 1960’s) from a car boot sale in the UK for just a few pounds.
    The guy who sold it to me said it was in full working condition, but I just couldn’t get the pendulum to keep going.
    I carefully oiled both chains with sewing machine oil and bingo it was up running 🙂
    I quick adjustment of the pendulum weight (as you also detailed) and it’s keeping time perfectly.
    Thank you for the useful tips 😀

    • Hi Chris – glad everything worked! I’m not familiar with sewing machine oil, but you can find cuckoo clock oil online (not from us) if necessary. Usually if you keep it away from stoves, fireplaces or a furnace it won’t dry out.

  203. I have a Shatz eight day cuckoo thats going cuckoo, It keeps perfect time but when it cuckoo’s you never know what your gonna get. Sometimes it cuckoo’s over thirty times.Any idea’s?

    • Hi Tim – you may need to take it to a repair station. Sometimes the rack strike movement that limits the cuckoo call doesn’t drop all the way and it will continue but that usually isn’t intermittent. If it was constant, I would suggest moving that piece into position with your finger or even shaking the whole clock slightly just to drop it into place.

  204. Hi,
    I purchased a cockoo clock in june 2013 in black forest.I set the clock .it is working nicely. but when I put second weight the cuckoo door remains open .and cuckoo doesn’t call .the clock stops at every hour when the side sleeping switch put on . but works when the switch put off.

    • Hi Smita, I’m not 100% sure what you’re describing, maybe you can clarify? When the night switch is off, it should not cuckoo at all and the cuckoo bird should not come out or have the door open. If the door does not close, that is a separate issue. If the clock “stops at every hour” meaning the time halts, that would be a considerable issue. If you just purchased it, you might want to contact the seller.

    • Hi Bernd,
      I will clarify some more.The cuckoo door remains open .closes only when second weight is removed. I think the cuckoo got stucked so that it is not able come out .so that when the sleeping switch is put on every hour because of the cuckoo stucked it is not comming out ,does’nt call and the clock stops. can you please explain what is the right position of cuckoo .

      • If the the night switch is on, the door should not open, the cuckoo should stay inside and there should be no call. If it is off, the door should open, the cuckoo should come out, call the number of times for the hour and then go back in with the door automatically shutting at the end. Music, if that function is on the clock would be on or off as well. If that is not how it is operating and you just bought it, I would contact the cuckoo clock seller.

  205. Question. I have a Black Forest a friend gave me. The dancers do no move when it hits the hour. Also, the cuckoo’s door remains open all the time. It is flush and plumb on the wall, does cuckoo and tells time correctly. It is the 24 hour clock with the three weights. Any suggestions?
    Thank you,

    • Hi Richard, it probably would need to be seen by a cuckoo clock specialist. It’s possible that it only needs to be oiled but it sounds like more. You have a music cuckoo clock – does it play the music on the hour? Can you shut the cuckoo’s door by gently moving it?

  206. Hello Bernd, only one of the weights move on my cuckoo clock…it’s only about a month old. Any ideas why and how I can fix it? Thanks!

    • Hello Agnes, Well the first thing I would say is to return it if it’s only a month old – if it cannot be easily fixed. If you got it from our store, please contact us here first: If not, you should call the place where you bought it from. The only simple solution I would guess for your cuckoo clock would be that the 1 weight moving is for the time and you have the cuckoo and possibly music off via the night shut-off. Check that first, usually on the side or bottom of the clock.

  207. Hi,

    I have inherited a cuckoo clock from my grandparents. My grandfather purchased it new as a gift for my grandmother in, oh perhaps the 1940s. It has significant sentimental value to me as I grew up running to the clock to watch the dancers each hour.

    The clock has been stored for a number of years and prior to that it was not working properly. It kept stopping (pendulum) and initially I was able to restart it at Gran’s house by adjusting the clock itself and how it was hanging on the wall. After some time, I was no longer able to do this.

    The dancers’ music box is worn out. They dance to “Lili Marleen” and the song is as special to me as the clock itself, as I identify that song with the clock.

    Years ago when my grandparents had it maintenanced or repaired, the music was beginning to wear and they were told a replacement could be done but it would not be the same song. They declined and it has since pretty much worn to the point of an unrecognizable song.

    I am hoping to find a person who specializes in cuckoo clock repair to get my clock working again, hopefully replace the music box with the same song, and also do some minor repairs such as fix some broken numbers on the front.

    Any input is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • Hi Kristen, I’m not sure what the possibility is of getting the same song, but the other fixes are certainly attainable. Often with cuckoo clocks it is more cost effective to replace the whole thing – but of course that doesn’t work when it’s a sentimental item. Usually, if you take your cuckoo clock to a local repair specialist they will have their own source for parts including music boxes. The song has quite a history, but I think you will have a better chance of finding someone to repair the music function or maybe a different old clock where the music function could be removed.

    • Hello,
      Check with shops and producers in Black florest-Germany!! They have a really big amount of music boxes! maybe one of them still have the song you look for.

  208. Hi
    Recently I bought a cuckoo clock from Switzerland. Everything is working fine accept the bird does not cuckoo the number of times as per number of hour. Can I do something for this problem?

    • Hello Rupa, On a German clock you could carefully un-tighten the hour hand at the front of the clock and place it at the correct number based on the number of cuckoo calls it is currently doing and then reset the time. For your cuckoo clock, I would check with the manufacturer just in case before proceeding.

  209. Hi
    I have an old traditional cuckoo clock from Switzerland, which has lost the weights, could you tell me what size the weight should be for a traditional clock
    Thank you

    • Hello Hillary, you should contact the manufacturer which I assume is Lötscher if its Swiss made. I can tell you that the size of the weight would be based on the number of days the cuckoo clock is rather than the outside design which you say is a traditional cuckoo clock.

  210. Hi,
    I have a Black Forest cuckoo clock, the only issue i have with it is that the ringing seems very fast.
    For eg – if it has to ring 4 times then instead of ringing 4 times at the rate of one call a second it rings it in 3 seconds.
    is there anything i can do to fix it.
    Thank you.

    • Hi John, Some manufacturers set the speed of individual clocks to be fast. Has it changed speeds or always been like this? I assume you are referring to the cuckoo call and tonfeder.

      • Hi,
        Cuckoo Clock – Bird is calling way too fast.
        It was working fine until I moved it few feet down from its location on the wall, how can I fix that?
        All I did, I placed it down on the table on its back for few second then put it back! the clock is only a month old.
        Thanks for your help.

        • Hi Wessam, this should no happen. The location on the wall does not matter. It is hard to imagine putting it on ots backs briefly caused that issue either. I would contact the place you just got it from.

  211. i have bought a lotscher cuckoo clock (1 day movement with no music and moving goats ) which is no.496 it says on the website that it has a night shut off lever. on the left hand side when looking from the front there should be one. i looked inside the clock at the mechanics and i saw a small button which when i held it pushed down the cuckoo didnt work. another clock i own has the same button but it has a night shut off lever on the side which pushes that button turning off the cuckoo. i would like to know why my clock has no lever even though it is set up for one. i would also like to know if this is a common problem for lotscher products as it cost me a lot of money (250 chf).

    • Hi Oliver – Always buy a German cuckoo clock that is Black Forest certified. You are going to have to contact Lötscher about the specifics on their products.

  212. My husband purchased a clock from you as a gift for my 20th wedding anniversary during the Kutztown Folk Festival. It’s been great and has had no problems. A couple of weeks ago I was trying to set the time because the clock stopped and the hour hand went limp and dangles at 6. I tried setting it in place but it won’t stay. Is there anything I can do?

    • Hi Tiana, The first thing to check is that you didn’t lose any hardware that could have dropped to the floor. If not, you can very carefully push the piece back a tiny bit further and tighten it. If you need to, call our Peddlers’ Village store tomorrow and we can try and assist you.

  213. I purchased Black Forest clock about 2 months ago. I have pulled the chains daily and it has worked great. I forgot to pull the chains for 4 days. I tried to set it by moving the minute hand and allowing it to chime on each hour and half hour but it only chimed the first hour I passed and now
    the door will not close. How can this be fixed and am I damaging it by not pulling the chains on daily schedule? What should I do when I travel and not here to “wind” daily?

    • Halo D, there are 2 questions here. The first is that you are not damaging it by not pulling the chains – the clock will just stop and you will need to fix the time, but no internal damage. When you travel, or any time, you can just gently stop the pendulum. When you are back, you can set the time and then tap the pendulum again to start it. As for the other issue which is probably coincidental, more info is needed. Have you tried very gently shutting the door? Does the clock run and cuckoo otherwise? Is the night shut-off set to “on”?

  214. Hi my cuckoo clock from black forest stoped because I forgot to pull the strings the other day so I just pulled all the strings up and set the time. Then I noticed that the only strong that moves now is the middle one. It’s been a day now since it stoped. Please help. Thanks

    • Hi Morgan – the most likely reason is that the night shutoff is on. If it is set to not cuckoo or play music the weights won’t drop. It won’t hurt the clock if the weights drop to the end.

  215. are there any cuckoo clocks with ethnic people in the animation. can i get a clock made with themes i find interesting to me

    • Hi Dave, I don’t want to say 100% no, but German cuckoo clocks really reflect German people and culture. I can’t recommend anyone that would make a custom clock, your best bet would be to find a smaller manufacturer in the Black Forest.

  216. Hi I have a cuckoo -Germany It has a few problems 1 it has 2 doors one bird right side which comes out on the hour the other a man left side he does not pop out at all.It also has a music box function that doesnt play. When would it play on the hour?Anything I can do to fix it ? Thanks Deb

    • Hi Debbie, A lot of times the guy on the left will have the door open, but he doesn’t actually come out. That could be the design of the mechanism – but the door should open with the music. If the music doesn’t play on the hour (and the clock has 3 weights) than either it needs to be professionally serviced or the night shut-off is set to “on”.

  217. Hi I bought a lotscher swiss cuckoo clock in zurich this weekend. I think it is a 1 day clock but not sure how to tell, I paid about 266chf, anyway the clock only ticks for 12 hours and not 24 if it is a 1 day clock. Is there a setting I need to adjust for 24 hours? Also this is a switch on the side which I think is a night mode but not sure about this. The chains and the dongle looks fine.

    • Hello Nitesh – You can usually tell immediately by the size of the weights. If they are smaller, somewhere around 3 grams it should be a 1 day clock. /you can also run it and if the weights drop to their lowest possible point in 24 hours, there you go. The lever on the side is almost definitely a night shut-off. The clock just stops after 12 hours including the time?

      • Hi the clock and the time stops exactly after 12 hours. I have checked and it is flush against the wall, the time chain drops to its lowest point after 12 hours, I have tried making the clock run slower by moving the pendulum lower but still no luck, any ideas ?

        • If it’s at it lowest point after 12 hours, either the mechanics are off or the chain is too short. You are going to need to take it to a professional – or the place you got it from.

  218. Hi I cannot get the weights to start releasing themselves. They have been pulled to the top and only one weight out of the 3 will release; the other 2 are stuck and don’t come down. Can you please enlighten us> Thanks

    • Hi Ann, Here are your 4 steps in order – 1. Make sure the night shut-off isn’t on. If that’s not it, 2. Turn the time to the next hour and make it cuckoo and if they don’t move still, 3. Pull down, but don’t yank hard on the weight and see if it will move down some. If none of those work it needs to be professionally serviced.

  219. I am looking to buy a used 8 day 3-weight chalet cuckoo clock. The seller say that the cuckoo and time work fine but… the animation figures seem to need a “nudge” to get them to begin their activity. He says the repairman says it needs a new music box (approx. $70) and that will fix the problem. 1) will a new music box really fix the problem and 2) my local clock guy charges $150 for any and all repairs, which includes a complete going over… cleaning, oiling etc.

    • Hello Jim, A cuckoo clock expert would really need to look at the clock to determine if the movement was related to needing to be oiled or some other issue. However, those movements are usually independent of the music box and I don’t think that would solve the issue. I think you will end up needing the $150 service no matter what (and maybe the music box too). A brand new 8-day clock with music could start at around $700.

  220. Please, i want my cuckoo to just have the cuckoo sound and stop the gong sound. What is the best way to do it?

    • Hello Jose, if you bend either the coil or the piece that strikes it, you may never get it back perfectly again. Your clock is meant to have it. You can try taking a soft piece of cloth and putting it on the coil to muffle the sound. It is probably on the back door of the clock and striking the horizontal part in the middle of the coil.

  221. My cuckoo clock was bought by a colleague of mine from Germany & from the day i opened the box my clock is not working at all.i have paid a fortune for the famous cuckoo clock.As of now it is just a showpiece on the wall.Please advise me what am i suppose to do with that wall clock.Do you have any authorized person in Mumbai to do the needful.please help.


  222. Hi
    I wonder if anyone could assist with a problem we have with a clock that was purchased in Switzerland,

    We cannot appear to reset the cuckoo correctly, Each time we reset the clock to the hour – the clock will also strike at 17 minutes passed the hour and then 17 minute past the hour after that – all suggestions welcome

  223. I have a 6 month old clock I purchased in Germany. My 6 year pulled the chains and weight to the top and now it will no longer work. The chain and movements appear stuck. It there anything I can do myself?

  224. Our cuckoo clock only chimes on the half hour on a regular basis. Sometimes, after I raise the weights, the next time it gets to the hour it chimes the correct number of times. When I raise the weights, I sometimes hear a slight chiming sound inside the clock. Thanks for any ideas you have.

      • Yes, the weights both continue to drop. When looking at the clock, the weight on the left, drops much faster than the right side and needs to be raised sooner. Thanks so much.

        • The rate drop is usually different. Given all the information, I would say it needs to be investigated by a cuckoo clock repair person. But before you do that, just make sure that nobody is moving the night shut-off which would effect what you hear.

          • Thanks very much. I guess I’ll take to someone to check it out since I know there isn’t anyone moving the night shut-off.

          • I just wanted to let you know that suddenly, about a week ago, this clock starting chiming the correct number of times on the hour and one on the half hour. I did nothing to it and I call it the magical cuckcoo clock now!!

  225. I bought a Hunter’s series cuckoo clock (Anton Schneider, with 8 days winding and 2 weights) online about 8 months back, it was shipped from Germany to India, it worked well initially but now the pendulum stops approximately after 12 hours. If I swing the pendulum again manually, it would continue to work for close to another 12 hours, then it stops again. Today when i pushed the pendulum, I felt a resistance as if something was blocking its movement, but it started moving again. What do you think is the issue? Is this something that I could fix or should I take it to an authorized service centre here in Bangalore, India?

    • Hi Prabhu, I would think that it would be covered for the repair after only 8 months. From us it would be – so I would check with who you bought it from first. This probably isn’t something you can fix and you should be careful to not damage it further. If it was a simple issue, the pendulum would stop after a minute or so – not 12 hours and there would be no resistance.

  226. my brother bought me a small cuckoo clock from Zurich, the last cuckoo it made was at 4 and it only chimed twice rather than four. Now the door it open and wont shut and the cuckoo wont chime at all. the lever on the side is switched to on. What can i do?

  227. I acquired a coocoo clock with 2 weights and it was from an estate sale and in the box with no instructions. Is there anywhere I could find out if the weights are hung on the hooks on the chains or how are they hung on? And from where does the pendulum hang ??????????? I did learn from this site that the clock must be plumb and level and never touch the hands but I didn’t see anything about the actual hanging of the weights…….. I am asumeing that they are hung on the hooks and the other end is the end to pull to set the clock running.

  228. I purchased a Black Forest cuckoo clock in Germany in 1994; it’s been working great until about a month ago. The time that the ‘cuckoo’ sound and music played became about 3 hours ‘off’ regular time, and then the pendulum finally just quit moving. I found that by adding a small extra weight to 1 of the chains [the one on the left side] (it’s a 3 weight system) that the pendulum would start moving again, but the time was still incorrect. Now, as of yesterday, it has just quit working altogether. Is there anything I can do to fix the problem(s) with this clock or do I have to take it to a professional? Your advice will be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Russell, For starters – don’t use extra weight. You should really take this clock to a repair facility if you want to keep it nice, as they would know exactly what to do. So, yes I would say you have to take it to a professional. The reason the extra weight was working is because the chains need to be oiled and the weight is kind of forcing the chain to move. A cuckoo clock guy would have the correct oil and know where to put it. As for the time, at some point the hour hand was moved and by carefully unscrewing the nut on the clock face you can loosen and then carefully realign the time so that it is correct. If it doesn’t want to cooperate, it could be that it is too loose. Which again could be ideally fixed by a professional. Tread lightly!

  229. Our daughter purchased a Black Forest one day cuckoo for us during her stay in Germany. It calls correctly on the half hour with one call. However it calls only twice on the hour regardless of the time and then occasionally calls the correct number of times for the hour. Why does it only call twice sometimes? The clock is flush and plum. The occasional two-call happens indiscriminately; not on any specific hour.

  230. Hello.
    I bought a lovely cuckoo clock in bruge last year. It was running slow so i pushed the pendulome up and now it is running to fast so i tried to pull the pendulome disk down but it wont move and now i am not sure what to do. The pendulome disk is on a spring.Could you please give some advise please. Thanks. Jenny

    • Hi Jenny, Either the spring is caught on something or there is something else blocking it. If you are unable to free the pendulum so it can adjust, you may need to replace just the pendulum. Maybe the nut needs to be loosened? It should be a fairly basic contraption.

  231. Hi. We purchased a coo coo clock a few years ago in Germany. I have wooden hands on my clock and the hour hand broke. I removed the nuts and bushing to fix the hand a while back. I am trying to put the minute hand back on the clock but I cannot figure out where the bushing go. There are 3 bushings and 2 nuts. The nut that is in the middle is square. In what order do I put the minute hand, bushings, and the 2 nuts? Thank you.

  232. I just purchased a Cuckoo clock second hand and it worked perfectly for 4 days and after turning the lever on in the morning to resume the cuckoos call; it cuckooed the correct number of hours once and then the second time it was supposed to call 8 times it called 14! and now on the top of every hour it’s calling 14 times!. I have shut off the call at night and turned it back on for three days and the silly bird still calls 14 times on the top of every hour. He still calls just once at the bottom.
    Any Ideas???

    • Hi Kimberly, I am not sure and the reason is because usually the clock has a mechanism by which the maximum number of cuckoos is 12, although sometimes it can go until the chain drops fully. You are going to need someone to look inside either way.

  233. I bought a used Black Forest cuckoo clock with 2 doors at an auction. I have attached the weights to the winder chain and the cuckoo chain, and attached the pendulum, and all seems to be working fine, the cuckoo comes out of the right door on the hour and half hour. The left door with a little man and a musical movement does not work. The chain that operates the man and the music is rigid… hook is tight up to the base of the clock and will not move. Any ideas?

  234. I purchased a cuckoo clock last summer in Germany. Until now, it’s worked perfectly. All of a sudden, yesterday the cuckoo started cuckooing really fast – it strikes the right number of times & keeps time OK, but the cuckoo sounds like it’s on a caffeine high. As far as I know, nobody’s touched it except to wind it up. Why would this happen?

  235. Bernd

    We have a cuckoo clock (German, bought by my son-in-law in Switzerland six or seven years ago), it keeps good time but in the last few weeks the cuckoo sounds as though it has a sore throat!
    With care I have opened the back and made sure all the rods etc move OK. The bellows work if I pull each rod. Is there anything I can do or is it a job for a repair shop?
    Thanks for an interesting site and I hope an answer!

    • Hello Mike, It sounds like a repair shop. If the cuckoo is calling correctly and it sounds off, it is possible that the paper on the bellows needs to be replaced or repaired – although it shouldn’t on such a new clock. Did this happen suddenly or gradually?

      • Bernd
        Thanks for your reply. I happened overnight! When I opened it up and made the bellows work with the rods the sound does seem to be OK. The clock also has a bell inside that sounds before each two note cuckoo, and the wheel that make all of them work seems to have trouble ringing the bell, I removed the bell (just unscrewing it) but the cuckoo tone is still slow and muted. Clock still keeps very good time.
        Thanks again, Mike

        • Bernd
          I took another look inside the clock and realised that the hammer that rang the bell was touching the bell before it struck, so I bent the hammer wire slightly and the clock now works as before!
          Could it be a build up of dust on the bell?
          Thanks for your help.

          • Hi Mike, glad you got it working! But the issue was probably not because of an accumulation of dust. What we recommend though is to purchase a can of air like, is used on a computer and spray out the dust occasionally.

  236. Hi, I recently purchased a cuckoo clock from Germany. It works great however on the hour the cuckoo only strikes once on the hour, regardless of which hour it is. It also strikes once at the half hour as it should. It also has a music function as well, which works ok. Is there a problem with the cuckoo or is it only supposed to strike once?

  237. My clock should cuckoo on the hour and on the half hour. It does not. I have unscrewed the little nut where the hour hand and min. hands are and moved the hour hand to the time the clock does cuckoo. It will work for 3 or 4 hour and then it goes off again. The clock also does a little figure that comes out and plays music on the hour and half hour. What should I do.

    Thank you,

      • Hi Bernd,

        I did as you instructed, I unscrewed the little nut that holds the hands in place. I removed the minute hand (large hand) and set it to the the time the clock cuckoo. I moved the small hand to the hour, pressed it back with my two thumbs, put the screws back on. The clock worked from the time I set it at 4 pm until I went to bed at 9:30. When I got up I went to the clock …it was getting ready to cuckoo on the half hour (5:30 am ). I waited to see what would happen. It cuckoo-ed not once as it should have but 7 tjmes… What to do. Please.

        Thanks again,


        • Hi Leonard,

          If it was functioning properly from 4:00-9:30, where it would cuckoo once on the half and the correct number for the hour and the time was correct – and then it changed on its own during the night – I would recommend having it professionally serviced.

  238. Hello! My Black Forest cuckoo clock is working just fine, and I am enjoying it each day. It is a three chained clock with 8 day winding. But, my husband and I are going back to the US for a visit (will be gone around 20 days), so I was wondering what would be the correct way to “store” my clock? I intended to leave it on the wall where it has had no problems to keep it flush and plumb, but should I simply stop the pendulum? Should I do anything with the weights? Is there anything in particular I should do before I start it up again after our trip? Thank you for your help!

    • Hi Katie – Just stop the pendulum and pull the weights to the top when your done. After you return, just use the minute hand to set to the correct time before starting the pendulum again. Make sure to stop and let it play through its actions cuckoo and/or music on the hour or half before continuing with the moving the minute hand.

  239. I have taken my old coo coo clock to a clock repair twice. the bevels were replace however the clock coo’s the wrong number of times on the numbers. I just put it away. Is it fixable?

    • Hi Melanie – Your clock repair guy should have done this. You can first try (carefully) the step “My cuckoo clock plays music at the wrong time” on the Maintenance and Repairs page.

  240. I have an old mechanical Cuckoo clock (about 14 years old) – the one having 5 leaves. Recently, after oiling when I hung it back, the cuckoo came out of its window and kept ringing till its weight touched the ground…I was able to push it back manually, but the problem continues as the cuckoo does not retract back once it starts ringing at 30/60 minutes. Pls. advise if I can correct the problem. There is no problem with the clock ticking.

    • Hi, this is not a major issue, but one I wouldn’t recommend attempting yourself. If there is excess oil, you can try wiping it down well with a clean cloth first. The actual amount of oil should be minimal. Sometimes removing the weight temporarily will resolve the problem as well.

  241. Hello I purchased a cuckoo clock in Germany about two years ago. The clock now chimes at ten minutes after the hour and fourth minutes after the hour. Is there a way to correct this. Thanks for your time.

      • The cuckoo clock chimes once at forty minutes past the hour and the correct number of chimes with regard to the hour, but just ten minutes after the hour

        • The clock should cuckoo once at the half-hour/30 minute mark and at the hour for the number of times of that hour. First try (carefully) the step “My cuckoo clock plays music at the wrong time” on the Maintenance and Repairs page.

  242. We purchased an expensive and intricate cuckoo clock in Germany about 20 months ago in the Black Forest. It has stopped ticking, We start the pendulum when it it is time but it does stay ticking for a few moments then stops. We have avoided moving the hands, just wait till the time stops on comes around to start it. What can we try?

    • Hi Jana, You may need to take it to be serviced if it’s something internal. Most often, this problem is from a clock not being flush and plumb and having the pendulum hitting the weights or chains rather than moving freely – or the metal bar that holds the pendulum hitting the wall where it comes down from the cuckoo mechanism housing. You can freely move the minute hand forward as much as you need to.

  243. Hi Brend, I bought a “New Cuckoo Clock” several years ago..I noticed the hour hand wasn’t quite correctly lined up when the hour struck. So I gently moved it.. I know, hindsight is 20-20, but will it cost much to get the cuckoo clock hour hand realigned again , so I and ( now my wife ) can enjoy the sounds of the cuckoo clock running again?..It’s been boxed up now since before my wife and I got married, just over 5 years ago..For all your readers, If the instructions say “DON’T MOVE THE HOUR HAND, PLEASE FOLLOW THAT ADVICE, AS I DISREGARDED IT AND HAVE PAID THE PRICE OF MISSING THE SOOTHING SOUND OF THE TIC-TOC-OF THE CUCKOO CLOCK….Oh one other thing Brend, The Black Forest Cuckoo clock I have is absolutely out of this world pretty,(right from the- Black Forest Cuckoo Clock Factory in Germany)..

    • Well Bill, it depends on what damage was done. You are right, never move the hour hand without loosening it first and we usually tell people to avoid it altogether. One of the reasons so many people order from us is that we have a 2-year warranty and a store in the USA where we can often resolve these issues. Other than taking it to a cuckoo repair shop, you can try and loosen the nut or tightening function in front of the hands so that they can both move freely, set the correct time and then re-tighten it. That will work if no damage was done previously and it is just out of sync. Good luck!

  244. I have a the smaller coo-coo clock fom Cabelas. It is made in Germany and has given me 12 years of enjoyment and working perfectly. Until recently…. it’s like there is not enough weight on the left “cone” to keep the clock going. We just stopped the “coo-coo” years ago because of our cats, so we never even use that chain. Just recently IF we attach the other cone to the one cone (so 2 on the one chain) it works perfectly. My question is, do we need to oil the clock somewhere inside? We have lost the instructions that came with it. Also, it has been hanging directly over a heater vent for 12 years, so I’m wondering if it’s just too dry of air hitting it in the winter, plus we live in the mountains of Colorado, so it’s very dry. Or should we just blow out all dust (I’m sure after all these years) with one of those air cans? If we don’t put the other “cone” on the left side with the other, it just doesn’t work.

    • Hi Terri, You should probably have the clock professionally serviced. You can look here for a list of service centers:

      To answer your question, the problem most likely came from the dryness of being over the heater vent and maybe to a much lesser degree the climate added to it. You can use the air to blow out dust, but really you need to oil the clock and a cuckoo clock expert will know just where to oil it. If the service cost doesn’t make sense vs the replacement cost, start with a little oil on the chain near the wheel, but tread lightly. If it was expensive or has sentimental value, have a cuckoo clock guy look at it first.

  245. My cuckoo clock keeps stopping at the 5 til the hour. When I reset the time it works until it gets to the 5 til time again. What can I do to fix this?

      • I have a clock hat does this too. It is when the clock is triggering the release for the cuckoo and music actions the clock stops. I’ve noticed on all my cuckoo clocks you can hear the clock get ready for the hourly calls 5 minutes before the hour. But on one of my clocks, it will stop every time as it is getting ready to set the calls.

  246. Hi Bernd,

    I have bought a sourvenir cuckoo clock a few years back when I am touring Germany. Recently, my clock stop moving even though I have changed the battery. The pendulum also stopped swinging despite it is already hanging vertically on the wall. Is there anything wrong with the clock and can it still be repaired?

    • Hello Sally, If you bought a smaller battery cuckoo clock from someone in Germany that long ago, you may be out of luck. It sounds as if the power mechanism is shot. That would power the pendulum as well. Usually the unit would just be replaced rather than fixed.

  247. The small hand on my cuckoo clock (model 11-09) hangs loosely and doesnt seem to be attached to anything.
    Is there a part missing like a spacer that goes between the big hand and the little hand?

    • Hi Bob, I’m hesitant to say anything since I don’t what you have done already. If you just got it and it was like that, I would call or return it. At any point did you change or disassemble that part of the clock?

  248. Ok, I have made sure the chains are on the pully wheels. Check. The wire underneath the bird tail and attached to the bellows is in place.Check. Clock is plumb. Check.

    Appreciate any help.

  249. I recently purchased a 8-day August Schwer clock for my wife. Initially, when I hung the clock plumb, and hung the weights the cuckoo door fixed itself open. The door will only shut when removing the weight. When the hour or half hour strikes, it will cuckoo non-stop. Whats the deal?

  250. My husband just purchased a cuckoo clock from Germany for our 12 year old son. We assembled it and hung it in his bedroom and it works great. However, we can’t determine how to make the cuckoo sound stop when he is sleeping. We can’t find a night shut off valve. Will we damage the clock if we shut the door of the cuckoo bird at night and open during the day?

    • Hi Lori – I don’t believe you would damage the clock (although we do not know which clock it is), however that would not be the ideal solution for multiple reasons. Your best bet, if you do not have the documentation that came with the cuckoo clock, would be to contact the cuckoo clock manufacturer or the cuckoo store you purchased it from. We always recommend for North American customers to purchase authentic Black Forest clocks from a store based in the U.S. in case they ever need service. There should be a real shutoff somewhere on the cuckoo clock though.

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